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Imminent death warnings Rip Asllat. He had just completed his sauna and wanted to learn to swin (0%). Although I know how swimming skill works and should've been more careful, he drowned in just a few turns before I realized he was in danger. Oh the irony ;D

Another, a close call, was during winter when it was cold below game thermometer. Ásllat was sweating, wearing all fur he could make (of elk and reindeer), so I really didn't expect him to be freezing to death while taking a little stroll (<40 meters) outside his kota fire.

Both of these were numb-brained player mistakes. I wasn't paying attention / expecting so sudden danger.

I'm not all too bothered myself, but I do think that because of permadeath (written in icy characters, muahhahah) people can lose a hard-worked-for character a bit too easily. I've actually killed characters off by quitting and not saving when trying to quaff (make hole in the ice? 'yes', then drink) with rapid keypresses and some late-night carelessness and fumbling: Boom! Gone.

So I suggest:

- freezing to death to actually blink continuously when it's on - isn't so disturbing because rarely is 'on' at least for long  :D
- have warning sound effect/pause when freezing (shivering female/male voice would fit here nicely)
- have warning sound effect/pause when freezing to death (intense shivering female/male voice would fit here nicely)
- have sound effect/pause when danger of drowning (gurgling female/male voice would fit here nicely)
- 'q' is a bit too often used a command for both drinking and 'Q'uitting, imho. I use 'Esc' anyways to leave game so I rarely even 'Q'uit.

Maybe have them toggleable in the ini-file

November 13, 2020, 11:47:52 AM
Add Roe deer doe / Roe buck I was going to postpone this until later, but seeing that the elk thread is hot lukewarm I thought this might bring something to that discussion too.

Also yes I anticipate some point out that roe deer is a recent comer (1900s) to Finland but they have just become extinct earlier. After a quick search, Swedish wikipedia says they "returned 8000 years ago to Skandinavia" and Finnish that there's some speculation of it being native based on some old place names. Anyway, being the realism-nerd that I am, on historical perspective, I'd still be happy about them being featured .

What roe deer would bring to the game?
- variety (yea!)
- ungulate with less meat (yea!) (Finally the clichée idea of a hunter carrying a deer carcass back to camp  ;D)
- there is lack for medium sized food game - between a rabbit/capercaillie and a sow/reindeer. Ickyucky predators don't count.  :P
- AI could be like that of reindeer, though less aggessive
- would exist most commonly/mostly in South / river areas
- variety (yea!)

You've been ranting about too much easy meat. What about game difficulty?
- timidness = escape likelihood and distance
- elks and reindeer could be made more timid and less common - at least in some regions
- roe deer would be as timid than their bigger cousins are currently
- roe deer could be more abundant but less easily spotted on overland map
- being lighter and very small feet: less easily tracked
- smaller targets!
- forest reindeers could be made less common in extreme south / and not exist in archipelago

Additional ideas
- what if they could spontaneously die if too harsh a winter? (We have them sometimes here in north of Finland, spreading from warmer areas in North of Norway (even more north but warmer because of the ocean). But they tend to die off during winters - because of too much snow.)

November 15, 2020, 11:14:24 AM
Re: Going nuts! There could be more trees indeed, and we’re expanding that sector of the game at some point. However, I believe we’ll see a bit more common tree species to be added first.
December 26, 2020, 10:12:09 PM
Re: [Brygun] Tuukka
Of course trying to sneak with a big reindeer doe isn’t so easy.

Tuukka laughs.

Coming homeward they pass through the Hand Cliff fields and by the Badger Landing bear trap, still empty. At the cabin Relka is coralled in one of the prepared fenced areas. Before going to sleep a reindeer figurine is carved and placed as a spirit-house in Relka’s coral. This will let Relka still be part of a herd and be protected. A stack of turnips is provided should Relka wish to eat of them.

The next morning the middle sized traps are moved to outside the fence perimeter. Once they had been to guard the cabin. Now they are to guard Relka. Being a carpenter a new wooden tub is fashioned. This becomes how rapid’s water will be provided into Relka’s coral. A thud is heard and a moved trap has caught a bird.

Over a few days the trees for a triple log bear trap are assembled and tied with a fresh rope. This is also near Relka’s pen. The ritual of naked baiting the bear trap is followed. Tuuka is wondering now that all his changes may well mean the pit traps will no longer have animals coming to them. Relka’s presence may actually help calm their fears. It could also be it is a seasonal path and it isn’t the season now.

As if to tease Tuukka the Badger Landing has old elk tracks passing by the pits. Tuukka doesn’t think he led Relka there. So the animals are coming back. Tuukka resets the traps here and at Hand Cliff’s fields. While circling the fields the elk itself is seen. It is quick into a dip then out somewhere. Tuukka skis after it. The chase this time is not productive.

Day 4 of the 4th week before summer season

Tuukka woke up in a panic. Warm rain was falling on his face where he had collapsed. Collapsed skiing on top of the river ice! The rain melting snow and ice! How the angry water spirits could have just reached up to him. Yet he had given sacrifice often to the waters, avoided wasting fish and thought well of the water. His heart was racing for minutes before it calmed down. He must not let himself fall asleep on the river ice. Ever! Even worse in the warming season!

Day 6 of the 4th week before summer season

After stocking fire wood at the Hand Cliff field Tuukka passes into Badger Landing. Finally the elk has put itself into the reset pit trap. A few broad head arrows at short range and the elk has passed away. The weather is still cold enough that on average it can be dried rather than smoked. After bringing in the hide and first load Tuukka brings Relka to pack carry the rest back. The hide, lacking the thicker winter coat, will be de-hair in hopes of better leather. Perhaps as backing for armor once he can gather lake ore again.

<Tuukka almost spring elk 002>>>

January 02, 2021, 05:18:19 AM
Ancient Savo : A new Enormous Elk game in the making Would you like to participate in the making of a new game by Enormous Elk?

The game is called Ancient Savo, and it is a peaceful simulation of a 1200 CE Finnish family who moves to live alone in the woods. Do slash and burn agriculture to grow crops. Hunt and fish. Try to survive hunger, cold, accidents and the scarcity or resources. And in case you accumulate some extra, go visit the annual market to barter for more and better tools. The timescale of the gameplay is weeks - you can see years rolling by, your children growing up, and forest re-taking abandoned fields. Instead of controlling a character you hover on a more abstract 'designer level', a bit like the old SimCity.

Estimated release: Autumn 2021, for PC, Mac and mobile devices

We run a small home-made crowdfunding campaign for January. Become a follower for free - join project Discord channel to read frequent development news. Or donate any sum to become a backer. Backers can participate in the discussion, and have an access to the early development-phase releases. The first development release is scheduled already for this January. (If or when you donate, remember to send Erkka a message at Discord, so that we can connect a donation with your Discord user account!)

During the development phase we will have quick and simple graphics, but graphics and UI will be improved once the simulation and game mechanics are up and running.

For more info see the campaign page

January 06, 2021, 04:35:25 PM
Re: Going nuts! Seasonal harvesting of trees would open up a lot of other options for the game, because its more complex than the herbs we have in the game right now. Right now, the herbs grow to maturity, they have a single product, and you collect the ripened product.

But for things like fruit trees, berry trees, and nut trees, you have several stages where you can harvest a different product. The tree will first grow flowers, and then the flowers will later develop into the ripened fruit, berry or nut. Often the flowers are just as usable as the ripened product, and can be made into things like teas, syrups, and liquors. Besides which, the flowers would make the game prettier and would be a sign of spring.

A long time ago, when I did the herb tile sprites, one of my main interests was bog-myrtle. Its not a tree but grows as a bush; and that goes through stages of development through the year from flowers, to nuts, to fruit, and all of these are usable. So, ideally, you'd want to be able to harvest the flowers in one season, the nuts in another, and the ripe fruits in another. And then you have something similar with roses, too, where you can harvest the flowers for the rose petals to use those in cooking, or wait until the rosehip matures and use the fruit.

Anyway, something like hazelnut is also appealing, even if it will be a less common tree in the game; because something that makes the game enjoyable over a long term is going on long trips hunting down rarer items, either for your own use as a player or for trade purposes. I could collect a bunch of hazelnuts down south and venture up north to trade with villagers who wouldn't normally have access to them.

February 13, 2021, 12:52:43 AM
Re: Going nuts! Crab apple (malus sylvestris) is native to the southern coast of Finland, it would make a nice addition to the turnip heavy diet  :D
February 18, 2021, 11:23:03 PM