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Re: Lost pet with values items. What can I do? Apart from using hacking to locate the dog ('s remains), you ought to follow the elk until you find it, the dog, remains of the dog, or indications of the dog having gotten wounded and fled.

It also ought to be possible to zoom in from each of the world tiles you think the elk/dog might be in/cross through and shout for the dog. Unfortunately, it seems UrW dogs have a poor hearing on par with humans, so if you don't hear it bark back it shouldn't have heard you.
It obviously take longer in UrW time to zoom out move, zoom in... than move on the zoomed in map, but it takes less player time.

December 21, 2019, 05:28:25 PM
Re: Adding marriage - poll about how you find its priority For starters I'd love the marriage thing even just for the fact of having someone always with me, I don't really care if she would help me or not. Will liven up my cabin. Anything else comes as a bonus.
March 11, 2020, 01:33:20 PM
Warning before eating unknown plants My first character was died from deadly poisonous mushroom, since then i finally realise why would there be warning box before eating the unknown mushroom. That’s really great QoL improvement as I always seem to accidentally click and eat something I never want to eat. To my surprise, there’s no warning message before i eat unknown plants and get poisoned again. Luckily this time it is not deadly, but still, it would not be nice if I accidentally kill my character due to my clumsy fingers. I think it would be a nice modification to add such warning box before you eat/ drink anything that’s unknown to you.
July 19, 2020, 02:51:24 PM
Re: Route Points On Wilderness Map Blue for drops (smoking meat in villages, drying meat in the wilderness, lightening load when engaging big game or Njerpez, raft left on waterways)
Red for danger
Yellow for noting village/settlement fine&masterwork goods, sage, animals.
Green for worthy plants (burdock, bear pipes, golden rod and so on)
White for any other notes.

I like that you can F6 in zoom in view, make note, chase game, get kill or not. Get on wilderness view and check where you left your stuff. Super handy when bumping into game blindly.

July 27, 2020, 04:13:43 AM
Hillforts and tribal protected areas It's well established that hillforts were a thing in prehistoric Finland, and I think it'd be a fun addition to have them dotted around the landscape. Maybe with alloted "chiefs" that consider themselves an authority in the area, offering special quests and such. I know that the Driikiläiset fortified cities are kind of this, they are still not a straight representation of this phenomenon, which occured all throughout pre-historic Finland.

It'd be a lot to add, but just a suggestion.

August 19, 2020, 10:25:25 PM
Imminent death warnings Rip Asllat. He had just completed his sauna and wanted to learn to swin (0%). Although I know how swimming skill works and should've been more careful, he drowned in just a few turns before I realized he was in danger. Oh the irony ;D

Another, a close call, was during winter when it was cold below game thermometer. Ásllat was sweating, wearing all fur he could make (of elk and reindeer), so I really didn't expect him to be freezing to death while taking a little stroll (<40 meters) outside his kota fire.

Both of these were numb-brained player mistakes. I wasn't paying attention / expecting so sudden danger.

I'm not all too bothered myself, but I do think that because of permadeath (written in icy characters, muahhahah) people can lose a hard-worked-for character a bit too easily. I've actually killed characters off by quitting and not saving when trying to quaff (make hole in the ice? 'yes', then drink) with rapid keypresses and some late-night carelessness and fumbling: Boom! Gone.

So I suggest:

- freezing to death to actually blink continuously when it's on - isn't so disturbing because rarely is 'on' at least for long  :D
- have warning sound effect/pause when freezing (shivering female/male voice would fit here nicely)
- have warning sound effect/pause when freezing to death (intense shivering female/male voice would fit here nicely)
- have sound effect/pause when danger of drowning (gurgling female/male voice would fit here nicely)
- 'q' is a bit too often used a command for both drinking and 'Q'uitting, imho. I use 'Esc' anyways to leave game so I rarely even 'Q'uit.

Maybe have them toggleable in the ini-file

November 13, 2020, 11:47:52 AM
Re: Hill, cliffs and mountains I've been wondering about that too. On mountains you find the occasional birch, but hills seem to be completely bare.

How'bout giving hills/some cliffs a coat of (young/small?) birches?

Searching "tunturikoivikko" (birch fells) gives a clear picture of what I'm envisioning:

Also a cool feature of the currently "opaque" birch would be that you could see through birches when they are leafless and not when they are dressed in leaves. Would also fit my rl experience of birch-woods.

December 06, 2020, 09:12:30 PM
Re: very new at this game and got things to ask 1. None.

2. Same

3. Learning the basics. Items spawned/given to character (~pike/fishing rod/handaxe/shovel~). And Adv. Adventures has same completion reward.

4. Check the Released Mods sub-forum. (Buoidda’s Crafts, and BAC are popular. Privateer has released various mods with features beyond in-game crafting. Night has released couple tools for hacking/memory access/starting location. And there’s more modders and mods out there)

January 03, 2021, 03:31:00 AM
Raiders of the lost ark Attacked a Njerpez village and killed one of their guys. Took the body and the spoils across the lake. This is what I found when I came back. Reminded me of the Raiders of the lost ark scene. Beautiful, just beautiful...

July 08, 2021, 10:26:48 PM
Re: Things are going pretty well in 3.70b Very nice. I just started playing this again after a long hiatus and made an Owl Tribe character in the spring in the northern Owl Tribe territory, with the "hurt, helpless and afraid" start condition just to see if I could do it. There was a lot of starvation at the beginning to say the least. I started with just a small knife. After days of starvation, I found a village, made torches, traded them for yarn, and then used the yarn to make my own fishing rod with a wooden hook.

I travelled to the northern sea. I had "adequate" fishing skill (it was a little below 40), and I caught enough fish for a while to keep me from starving to death, buying me some time for my injuries to heal, but the fish didn't last long. Soon I ran out of bait and the fish dried up for days on end. I completely forgot to sacrifice any of my fish though. Maybe the spirits were mad at me? I fished all day for several days and got absolutely nothing, and I was starving again.

I gave up on fishing and headed back inland. Owl Tribesmen are hunters after all. After several more days and several failed attempts, eventually my weak, starving character ran down and cornered a reindeer in an open bog and beat it to death with a crude club. After eating my fill, I traded the fur and most of the meat for a northern bow and some arrows. Things are looking up now!

Since then, I've shot and killed a badger and I just ran down a second reindeer. Looks like I'm gonna survive, but where to go from here I'm not sure.

July 10, 2021, 05:33:09 AM