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[Fixed - persists in 3.51] Character Creator Skill Points Bug (3.50 beta) I just got back into Unreal World yesterday after a few years off and on creating a new character I noticed that skills which were at 0% could have 2 skills points applied to them. I'm not sure if it applies to all skills, but it worked for both Agriculture and, I think, timbercraft. Unfortunately I didn't take any screenshots but here is how it worked:

A skill is at 0%

1 skill point is applied to it, boosting it to around 10% and turning the associated letter red - it cannot be boosted further at this point.

That skill point is removed, bringing it back down to 0%

That skill can now have 2 skills points spent on it, but the letter won't change colour until the 2nd one is applied.

This means a skill which starts at 0% can be brought up to around 25-30%, although at the cost of 2 skill points.

February 10, 2018, 01:36:00 PM
3.50 stable version released on Steam and for Lifetime members After quite a long period of balancing and wrestling with glitches in the preceeding beta versions we are now ready to tag version 3.50 stable and...
Version 3.50 (stable) is now released on Steam and for Lifetime members.
Here you can find UnReal World Steam page, and the version is also available for lifetimer members at the designated forums section.
Standalone installer versions at the homepage will be put available some days later.

Here are the fixes/additions since 3.50 beta 2:
Version: 3.50 (stable) changelog

- added: treat bleeding wounds of your pets and companions

It is now possible to try to stop bleeding of the wounds of your pets and companions. The attempt is started by using physician skill, or opening [F7] wounds screen, when facing a bleeding pet or companion. If bleeding wounds are found you'll be asked whether you wish to try to treat them.
The actual wound to treat is then auto selected based on its severity.

The actual game mechanics of applying physician skills to your pets and companions are the same as treating your own wounds. Herbs can be used in the process, the success or failure messages are the familiar ones, and so on.

- added: crash security to overcome creature and item losses when travelling with companions and watercrafts

There's now extra data save added upon each map load to provide crash security and to minimize certain creature and item loss potential. Previously it was quite often the case that the pets and companions you were travelling with would disappear upon a crash. The same sort of crash related disappearence might also happen to the items you were transporting with a watercraft - including the watercraft. This sort of losses should be history now.
Crashes may naturally lose some progress in the game world, but all the creatures and items should stay intact and be available upon returning to post-crash UnReal World.
Finally, let us remind that force quitting seems to be the most usual type of unexpected UnReal World termination and this addition should not in the least to be taken as an encouragement for safer force quitting.

- balanced & fixed: weight of some clothes

Some were found too heavy, and a few were found too light.
The corrections go as follows (with old weight in parenthesis):

* Woollen tunic - now weighs 4.6 lbs (was 5)

* Nettle cloak - now weighs 2.6 lbs (was 6)
* Woollen cloak - now weighs 5.3 lbs (was 6.5)
* Fur cloak - now weighs 11.5 lbs (was 14)

* Woollen overcoat - now weighs 6.3 lbs (was 5.5)
* Fur overcoat - now weighs 13.5 lbs (was 15)

* Leather leggings - now weighs 6.3 lbs (was 2.9)
* Fur leggings - now weighs 7.4 lbs (was 3.5)

- fixed [rare condition]: all too frequent map maintenance with some old characters

- fixed [rare condition]: sages offering the old style teaching of new ritual for some migrated characters

- fixed: triggered traps sometimes appearing as readied and erect

- fixed [rare condition]: too fast melting of ice in the spring

- fixed: animals tied in place with a rope remaining tied even if the rope was destroyed (eg. by a fire)

- fixed [rare condition]: spiritworld related entries cluttering the data stack and causing misleading hoarding warnings

- fixed: animal pens in the villages appearing too close to the western border

The problem was that your dog might end up located in the village animal pen when entering the village from the west.

- fixed: BUTCHER_CONFIRMATION setup option not checking whether the carcass actually could be skinned

Now the confirmation, if enabled, is asked when applicable only if the carcass actually can be skinned.

- fixed: wounded adventurer quest sometimes generating too lightly wounded adventurers

This made the intended quest giver adventurers not speak about their hardships at all even though
the villagers would hint about it.

- fixed: milk from rams and bulls


March 25, 2018, 08:18:47 PM
Re: Choose the starting Culture based on skills I created Skills version 2 in exel with formula sumproduct. I don't know how can i convert excel sheet with formulas to hrml. Look at this picture, i typed "x" in row 17 to select skills i want and it shows which attributes are related to these skills and which culture has the best these skills if these skills related attributes are maximized.

I gave link to xlsx file on Cultures site on unreal world wiki.

September 06, 2018, 09:24:55 AM
Re: Choose the starting Culture based on skills I updated this excel file yesterday, i added table which shows another way to compare cultures. I also added sheets for cultures. I can't upload .xlsx here, it's too big, so this is direct link:
Sami, if you don't like this post which might looks like ad, delete it and send me a message.

September 16, 2018, 10:36:10 PM
A Christmas present to the community by me Sorry if the title sounds a little grandiose. ;D

Since late November, I've been updating the official wiki, on and off.

Mostly just adding categories and structure to the whole thing (though a lot of it was good to begin with, so I had my work cut out for me, in a sense), occassionally uploading some new images for the still missing ones in articles (there are still many), expanding several articles with more detailed information and improved formatting (sections with headings, instead of unbroken paragraphs), and occassionally creating a few new articles (I did one on NPC conversations, a few short ones on terrain types (this I still want to extend), and one article on the types of "pets" the player receives at the start when they select the last starting scenario). Images are now neatly sorted into their own subcategories within an image category, so you'll be able to make sense of the images uploaded to the wiki much, much more easily than before. There's a Healing and medicine subcategory in the equally new Gameplay category, and so on and so forth.

Hope you like the category work in particular. I tried to be as rigorous and logical as possible while expanding upon the already existing categories and adding new ones. Hopefully you'll find the additions useful and quick to work with (making it easier to find inter-related stuff quickly on the wiki). I'm still working on improving some articles or finishing a few of the newer ones, but much of the planned work is done by this point.

Feedback is very welcome !

And if anyone wants to help the visual side of the wiki by providing screenshots of still missing content from the latest release of the game, that would be very welcome. For certain objects and concepts, we still only have images from pre-3.30 versions, and even though those have their historical value, we also need more up-to-date images (3.52 and higher).

As Christmas is nearly here, I'd like to wish everyone a peaceful, healthy and relaxing holiday season. :)

December 20, 2018, 07:50:56 PM
Re: Sami and the Giant Tree (jokes) Just imagine! Fell 6 of those and you can build a section of wall.  ;D

   - Shane

January 09, 2019, 03:53:50 AM
Re: sacrificing dried fish pleases the forest, not the water Hmm. What can I say, except that after some considerations I don't find anything to fix at this point. Sacrifices are something that we don't have a definite rulebook to rely on, and actually trying to comprehend old finnish mythology ie. sacrifices often leaves me with a questions like "How come it's good to sacrifice that in this situation? I'm confused." :)

What I can say, though, is that freshness of the sacrifice is relevant in some cases - and in case of fishing sacrifices, that is pretty much a must. (Like speculated)

So in this case the bug is the "you feel comfortable" message after sacrificing roast meat followed by "you feel unsteady" message after sacrificing raw meat.

I can't pinpoint a bug here either, although the exact order of the events is unknown. 
To mix you guys up even more I can also reveal that roasted meat can be a good and solid sacrifice sometimes, and if the (forest) spirit at the location felt you were in debt it could be happily accepted.

February 02, 2019, 02:53:53 PM
Run Away Slave on Winter (lucky) Surrounded by Njerpet. E'llp ran away as fast as he can to the closest building, rained by arrows. Inside the building E'llp feels great fear, and ready to fight with his rough knife. heard sound of fighting. But nobody enter the building, what he heard only sound of fighting. Seems that there's an arrow hit the other Njerpet, and they're fighting each other. After some moment, it became quiet.

E'llp sneaking carefully, and stunned when he saw dozens of Njerpet Warriors lying dead. E'llp took the spear, bow and arrow, then observe his surrounding. He found only one warrior survive from the chaos. E'llp start to aim and shot the arrow. One and only badly wounded Njerpet instantly dead with one bullet.

E'llp picked up their equipments. Fell down the tree and make big fire, ready to cremate the unbelieveable warriors.

February 14, 2019, 05:03:58 PM
Re: What's Going On In Your Unreal World? Well, three stupid deaths in (never ignore how cold winter gets folks), and I get this cheerful trap line scene.

Guess I won't have to worry about food for a long time! I'm busy using all the bones to make arrows and practice my archery -- running a modified version of BAC's self-sufficiency compilation, which suits me fine.

Once winter ends, I'll plant the little field I have set up, finish up my cabin, and I'm thinking of establishing a fishing camp to the far northwest of my current camp. Then, perhaps I'll do the advanced course just to force myself to move out of this comfortable Driik land.

February 17, 2019, 07:38:15 PM
[Diary entry] Skiing and tracking I guess we haven't seen any lynx related dev's diary entries here at the new forums. The old forums surely had some. So, how about a little picture story from the real world adventures of unreal world developer - with a lynx involved.

I went skiing the other day, and the ski trip then turned into a tracking exercise. Soon after entering the forest I spotted some lynx tracks, but our paths then departed as I went about my own trails.

Later, when returning home, strange curly tracks caught my attention - and sparkled my tracking instinct. I guessed that this might be the same lynx now dragging its kill, and had to confirm the theory.

I scouted the area, found lots of hare tracks, and then the lynx tracks which eventually turned into sneaking tracks as it approached the location.

The hare's last dance with the lynx went to many directions until finally the place where it ended was found, with some hair and (not too old) bloodscape.

There, the lynx had dragged its kill to a more peaceful location for eating it. That was some twenty meters away, among thick young spruce trees. Not much was left of the hare, but a few hairy bits on the snow.

Afterwards, I had to search for my backpack for half an hour as I had left it somewhere on the snow in excitement. I enjoyed the day and I hope you enjoyed this first, but hopefully not the last lynx related diary entry at these new forums.

March 07, 2019, 08:50:45 PM