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Testing ending in poisoning      Hi there everyone.
    I have a character that from the very beggining got interested in Naodi's mushrooms and got experimenting for months.
    Found out that eating them gets him a bit sick and also to vomit. Normally getting a small injury (-3% to -5%) that recovers alone with time.
    Consuming Meadsweet soups along eating them would decrease these episodes. And get the stomach feel way better.
    Furthermore, doing mixed mushrooms soups (Naodi's with Yellowcoat for example) would cause the Naodi's trip effect but without any vomiting nor injury.
    So that was the recreational dosis he used.
    A soup once in a while. And beyond the effects (all getting weird to the sight) nothing has poped-up as different.
    Working (fishing, making logs, contructing, traps, etc) would tend to be exactly the same as if "clean", swimming and climbing as well. I haven't noticed anything different except for the distortion in the sight.
    After some months i ate a Naodi's alone and even if i had Meadsweet to counter the effects, i got poisoned. Serious injury that scalated along time. No Meadsweet could help and now he's trying to heal by a chaman. As far as i can tell, this poisoning it's getting really serious.

    The post was to, after telling this small story, ask you all what kind of contact have you had with Naodi's mushrooms.

April 24, 2018, 11:39:56 PM
Re: Testing ending in poisoning My survivors will seldom eat them if I want to RP a spirit day, perhaps on the day of meeting the spirit of the forest.

I thought the effects might be useful if I was searching for items or perhaps tracks in a spruce infested area, as the effects make items (not sure about tracks) show up on adjacent tiles and might make them easier to see if they would have been hidden behind a tree.

I have never experienced any injury from eating them raw or soups made with them.

In the real world, vomiting out toxins should help to reduce their effects on the body (as with alcohol), so taking with an antiemetic such as meadsweet would increase the danger of eating these mushrooms.  According to Wiki, a fatal dose of amanita muscaria would be 15 caps.

April 25, 2018, 07:57:24 AM
Fishing could use a little love! Bear with me if I'm not up to date. I'm a long time player but I usually don't have internet so I tend to be out of the loop.

The Problem:

Fishing is very basic with little involvement other than a spear or a fishing rod. From my experience, with a spear you starve, with a fishing rod you stand a chance.

Some Ideas/Suggestions for Solutions:

- Add complications and requirements to fishing that makes fishing more involved and easier.

- Fishing could use some bait.
    - Bait in your inventory would automatically be used when fishing is activated. Make fishing rod fishing require bait while spear fishing has the advantage of not requiring it.
    - Make bait from meat? (I shy away from this option because I don't like the idea of having the player stay in one spot)
    - Maybe have a collect fishing bait ability that can be activated from the fishing menu.
         - Have the ability to find different kinds of bait for different biomes? (See below about catching target fish)
             - If activated while standing in shallow the water you catch small crustaceans or bait fish? (bait fish trap?)
             - If activated in certain biomes or around certain objects find certain worms, flies, beetles, moths, etc.
    - Maybe collect bait automatically while moving from square to square? (I shy away from this as it isn't as involved)

- Have some sort of fishing ritual where something is thrown on the water to help encourage a catch. (Again I shy away from this because I want to encourage the player to explore)

- Catching target fish
    - Have certain fish prefer certain bait
    - This would help for people who actually want to smoke and dry lots of one kind of fish (as you spent a couple days catching only one kind)

I don't know for sure, at least this is my two cents. Thanks for all you do Sami! It's a marvelous game!

May 13, 2018, 08:07:40 AM
Build a Tower The Problem:
Certain areas of the world map are bothersome because vision is very limited. This can be a little fatiging when you have to wander some world map squares just to get your bearings/check for mobs and woodland creatures...

The Solution:
Allow the player to build towers or convert trees into hunting stands. When the player enters a world map square with a tower/hunting stand they get a +1 level view of their surroundings.

May 13, 2018, 08:28:10 AM
Re: Build a Tower Building a lookout tower is a desirable target, but it should require a fairly large investment to build it.
Getting an automatic extra view for entering a world tile is a bit too powerful, I think. It ought to require an action on such tiles to climb the tower. Climbing down would happen automatically as part of moving to another tile. If you zoomed in to the tile you'd end up at the top in a similar fashion as when you've climbed a tree, and would have to climb down.
Once a tower has been built, it ought to be possible to climb it on the local map in the same fashion as when you climb a tree, but with no risk of falling.

May 13, 2018, 08:49:56 AM
Re: Build a Tower if biulding a simple small log cabbin takes that long, i wouldn't really get into a watch tower
May 14, 2018, 10:04:49 PM
Earning Village Credit So the idea was inspired by the "odd jobs" quest that I've seen come up and completed and the fact that I don't see why ANYONE (or any village) would want or need 300 fox traps.

The idea is that you would ask a villager if you could help their community in some way. The villager would respond, "Well, we could all use about 40 boards and a couple fox traps. Joe needs some firewood. Bob is always wanting furs. Jill could use a new pot and some wooden bowls. And little Timmy wants a small knife to play with. We are also short on food and weapons. The rye is ready and we could use an extra hand in harvesting it."

You could also have it so that each villager knew what the village needed as a whole but would only tell you what they want specifically.

By fulfilling their needs, either leaving the items in houses or by giving it to the specific villager that wanted the item, they would give you credit or bonus credit depending on the item/difficulty to attain.

If you brought too many of the item they could say they appreciated the gesture but they don't know what to do with 90 boards or 3 pots. And they would selfishly keep them anyway >:D

If you try to walk off with something when low on credit they could say, "Sorry friend, we still need that, maybe after you helped our small community a little more we might be more willing to part with it."

Though similar to a quest and possibly could appear in the quest log it could say something like "The village of Snow-Hoof needs... "
and then list off what the village and the villagers have asked for and it would not end but just be updated.

May 18, 2018, 10:09:48 PM
barry the bull, why you should get at least 1 bull. left my cabin this morning, gathering stones for the paths on my homestead (when finished, i'll Screenshot that to for y'all to see)

anyway, this picture is why you should get a bull, when doing large building projects.

June 05, 2018, 01:24:33 AM
Re: Skill Training Guide I think I'll just dump some data here, feel free to add more!

Carpentry ***
242 poor boards -> poor paddles 0%-> 25%
500 inferior boards -> 453/47 inferior/poor paddles 25% -> 40%
71 inferior boards -> 71 inferior paddles 40% -> 42%
293 decent boards -> 218/75 decent/inferior paddles 42% -> 50%
303 decent boards -> 286/07 decent/inferior paddles 50% -> 55%
51 fine boards + decent cords -> 32/14/5 fine/decent/rough shortbows 55% -> 60%
125 fine boards + decent cords -> 88/32/5 fine/decent/rough shortbows 60% -> 70%
66 fine boards + decent cords -> 49/14/3 fine/decent/rough shortbows 70% -> 71%
217 fine boards + fine cords -> 171/40/6 fine/decent/rough shortbows 71% -> 80%
243 fine boards + fine cords -> 210/25/8 fine/decent/rough shortbows 80% -> 89%

Timbercraft ***
110 trees -> trunks -> 89/702/596/571/242 perfect/.../poor boards 0% -> 82%
57 trees -> trunks -> 147/637/284/72 perfect/.../inferior boards 82% -> 100%

Weatherlore ***
~Seedtime(May) -> Pearl(Feb) ~10 a day(once each hour) 90% -> 100%

Timbercraft ***
128 logs -> 343/1732/374/111 perfect/.../inferior boards 65% -> 100%

June 07, 2018, 04:37:48 PM
Re: Vagabonds Yeah, I usually brutally murder them, usually try to mutilate their arms/legs first so they can't run away and then watch them bleed out...
June 08, 2018, 05:44:06 AM