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Re: Adding marriage - poll about how you find its priority I agree with your agreement that social networks are probably the most important part, and a spouse then becomes a logical icing of that cake. I'd probably start with friends and settlement relations to then go on to apply those structures to a character biological family (that can be opted out of when generating the character), and then add the spouse last, as I'd expect a spouse to bring the family relations of that side into the equation, and if that groundwork has already been done it ought to be reasonably smooth and can focus on the stuff related to an actual family rather than the external networks.
January 11, 2018, 07:48:47 PM
Healing (the bleeding wounds of) your pets and companions Started to add rudimentary (and probably the most important) stage of healing your pets and companions; trying to stop bleeding of their wounds.
More companion/pet healing methods may follow in the future, but we'll start with the most crucial one.

The mechanics of applying physical skill to your companions are the same as applying them to yourself. Herbs can be used in the process, the success or failure messages are the familiar ones, and so on.

How an attempt to heal your companion is started is to face them upon using physician skill. If treatable wounds are found (ie. bleeding wounds) you'll be asked whether you wish to try applying the physician skills to this companion or pet. The wound to treat is then auto selected based on its severity.

January 12, 2018, 03:50:15 PM
Re: Old mods The Njerp Cooking as it looks in my game (I think):

If I recall correctly, I've restored a meat recipe from vanilla UrW to allow for cooking before all the things needed for Hunter's Borsch is available. I've also modified/corrected mushroom and berry drying to allow variable amounts of mushrooms and some kind of management of mixed berries (it was done quite some time ago, so it's from memory only).
I think those are the files involved. I've renamed the vanilla cookery_glossary.txt file to "ORIGINAL cookery_glossary.txt" to retain a non conflicting backup (UrW doesn't care about extensions, so replacing .txt with .org didn't work properly).

Note that I don't have the mod as downloaded, so the link contains what I've collected from my game installation based on what I think was included, and I didn't find any documentation there.

However, the original web page was very nice with drool inspiring descriptions and images, so it would be nice if it was reposted on this forum.

January 14, 2018, 11:48:14 AM
Re: Old mods I have the original Njerpez cooking mod (1.0). There was a readme, but there was nothing really special in it.

Just in case anyone wants it, here's a link.

February 04, 2018, 04:27:47 AM
Re: Choose the starting Culture based on skills

Sure, but every Owl knows to bring a reindeer or two with him when out hunting, and make temporary shelters where to leave it :)

I actually either directly leave the meat to dry where the elk died (so many bogs in the north, no lack of water to make a temporary shelter to process the skin and dry the meat), or even just push it on a tree for later collection.

That, at least for me, is one of the big challenges in playing a pure hunter -- thinking like a nomad. There's absolutely no reason to not go far afield with a reindeer carrying cords and supplies, set up a shelter, a kota frame for drying, and process meat on the spot. Except for remembering to go back and get the dried meat. For some reason, I always get caught in the trap of "gotta get home... gotta get this home... then everything will be good". Sometimes I think the game needs a good built-in scheduling app to remind when things are done drying, when nets should be grabbed, etc. But yes, thinking like a nomad is the challenge and the true pleasure in that kind of character.
this is very true and yes, i struggle with this as well.

i think part of the reason may be that the introductory game course is designed for a sedentary, "safe" lifestyle of a farmer/fisher/trapper/homesteader.  many of the challenges include building homes, planting crops, etc.  not ideal or even logical for a nomad.  the "advanced adventures" game course, however, involves a lot of travel and may actually be easier for a nomad.  so maybe homesteader vs nomad could be partially understood as "beginner vs advanced".  personally, i've never gotten a nomad character off the ground but have always been curious.  i suspect Seal tribe may be best for a pure hunter, and Kuikka for a fisher nomad.  Owl or Kaumo would also be good.

I must say, I have played as Islander several times and I think they are actually much better than people give them credit for, SO LONG AS you live in their native environment, the southwestern archipelago.  The archipelago is mostly quite safe and devoid of dangerous animals and enemies, except for some of the larger islands (which are easily avoided).  This means that weak combat skills are mostly unimportant.    Excellent fishing skills provide all the seafood anyone could ever need, negating the need for trapping or hunting.  And the weather in the islands is relatively balmy, even in winter, providing a carefree and easygoing lifestyle.  really, the only challenge is finding a way to pass the time - which is why I prefer to play Islander characters with mods like Buoidda's installed.  Their boost to carpentry makes them very viable as blacksmiths, weavers, etc.  I've had two very successful Islander characters who lived the life of a peaceful craftsman, covering their islands with gardens and dwelling in a compound at the center where they have full-fledged production facilities for ironmongering, clothesmaking, brewing, cheesemaking, etc.  Then, when the time is right, they set off in a boat across the sea - to trade their wares at the island towns, or head to the Driik coast and up the rivers to the rich towns where all manner of goods may be found.

On the other hand, I have no idea why anyone would want to play as Koivula.  Seems like a "challenge culture".  Driik are also interesting but I've never had much desire to play one.  Seems like you would have to actively hunt with the crossbow, traveling from town to town looking for a chance to use your sword.  Could be fun but I've never had the heart to try.

February 05, 2018, 08:16:34 PM
Re: Insufficient unity Learning new rituals is indeed rather slow (which I don't think is bad). My character is about 4 years in, and there are a fair number of rituals I know exist, but haven't been offered (including two of the spirit ones).

The only way I know of to get quests is to ask people how they are doing. You can occasionally get "lost character" quests in the wilderness by talking to woodsmen, but apart from that you get quests in villages.
Most quests in villages are "public", i.e. when talking to someone in that village they'll direct you to the quest giver, but some are private, i.e. revealed only if you happen to talk to that specific character.

Most quests give mundane rewards in the form of credits for goods (not animals!). Some give training (my second favorite type) in skills, some give spells (my favorite), some provide the location of a treasure, and a couple give specific rewards that seem to be essentially the same for every instance of that quest.

March 21, 2018, 08:27:10 PM
Re: Insufficient unity Once you have enough wealth, start carrying high quality knives and arrows around with you.  I have received three new spells from characters that want to trade them for nice knives or arrows.  These quests won't be known by everyone in the village, but the quest giver will walk right up to you and start talking.
March 21, 2018, 09:11:28 PM
Re: Insufficient unity
Once you have enough wealth, start carrying high quality knives and arrows around with you.  I have received three new spells from characters that want to trade them for nice knives or arrows.  These quests won't be known by everyone in the village, but the quest giver will walk right up to you and start talking.
I've received a few "I like your stuff" quests, but I initiated the conversation in every instance. However, my quest thirsting characters try to speak to everyone (except kids) in the hope of getting a quest (speaking to women is rather pointless as far as I know, as I have yet to find any giving a quest that isn't public, and the single quest I've found with a female quest giver was public. Thus, I speak to the women for role playing reasons).

March 22, 2018, 08:11:47 AM
Skill Training Guide One of the things I've been working on more lately is more consistent skill training, so I thought I'd write up a bit about how to train up skills and how difficult they are.  The general rule is that you can gain at most three percentage points every day, and the day rolls over at about 8:00 AM.  Skills with more stars next to them will be easier to train up, depending on your stats and the stats that help with that skill.

Craft & Lore skills

Agriculture - Train up through planting seeds.  Affects the yields of grown plants.  Difficult to deliberately skill train.
Building - Train up through building things.  Affects the speed of building.  Difficult to deliberately skill train.
Cookery - Train through cooking more difficult recipes.  Roasting meat won't do much, more complex recipes are more likely to train.  Somewhat useful; will affect the trade value of cooked food.
Herblore - Keep unknown plants, mushrooms, and berries in your inventory and use herblore on them every hour or so.  Trains pretty rapidly with a few items to train with.  Useful for identifying edible and medicinal plants.
Fishing - Train through fishing with a tool, pole, or nets.  Difficult to deliberately skill train, but net fishing is probably most effective.
Hideworking - Training with small game is most effective, since they tan faster and each hide gives you the same number of possible skill ups regardless of side.  Very useful for getting higher quality clothing and cords.
Timbercraft - Training with board making is most effective.  Not hugely useful, but affects the speed of timberwork and quality of boards.
Physician - Train by treating minor injuries.  Climbing trees is a reasonable way to get minor but not threatening injuries.  Frostbites from running naked in the winter work OK too.  Can now treat animals and companions as well, which might be a less dangerous way to train it.
Trapping - Can be trained by resetting traps repeatedly.  Very useful for those who want to trap; increases the chance of game entering the trap.
Tracking - Train by following a game trail and repeatedly using the tracking skill to check the direction of the tracks.  Quite useful for active hunting.
Weatherlore - I have literally never seen this skill increase, and I use it every morning.
Carpentry - Train by making crafted goods like shortbows or paddles.  Difficult to train, but quite useful for higher quality items.

Physical skills
Skiing - Just ski.  During the winter I ski around checking trap lines to train this.  Quite useful for winter travel.
Stealth - Walk around in stealth mode.  Seems to train faster when there are animals nearby.  Useful for active hunting and combat.
Climbing - Climbing fences or small cliffs trains this safely and quickly.  Useful at very high skills for climbing trees safely for better views.
Swimming - Swim along the shoreline in the summer.  Trains fairly quickly.  Not commonly used, but can save your life in some situations.

Combat skills
Difficult to train up safely.  Throwing or shooting weapons will train, but often takes hundreds of throws to get a skillup.  Dodge, unarmed, and shield are very difficult to train.

Any other suggestions?  I generally spend time on actively training herblore, skiing, stealth, climbing, club, trapping, and tracking. 

March 31, 2018, 09:34:29 PM
Re: Old mods I'm using a somewhat modded version with 3.50 without issues. The compatibility part I've made was to remove antler, bone, and tooth extraction as those are part of 3.50. I haven't had any problem with using bone and antler based recipes, for instance.
April 01, 2018, 08:56:13 PM