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Version 3.70 beta now available on Steam, and for Lifetimers Version 3.70 beta is available on Steam as beta-branch you can opt-into at will.
Lifetime members can find the beta version at the designated forum section.
On Steam there's now also Summer Sale going on.
Beta release on Itch will follow next week.

Things are fairly stable already, but as it's beta release the bug potential is higher than usual.
Also, some features are still pending to be polished to their final stage in patches to follow.

The key features of version 3.70 version deal with the moon and the moonlight, fibre processing with new textilecraft skill, snow penalty for all the creatures and snow crust, new character portraits, tying equipment adjustments, craftable fishing rods and usage of baits, option for metric units, and so on.
The list of additions and fixes is long. You can take a look at it here.

Phew! It's been quite a bit of content to add.
Let's keep our fingers crossed for the possible beta bugs being minor and scarce. But whatever their size and annoyance level may be, we've got our bows prepared for shooting them down.

June 27, 2021, 06:35:55 PM
Re: [3.63] "NUMPAD 0" registering as "0"
Yeah, this problem seems to stem from the fact that keyboard do count numpad keys as number rows, this looks like something Sami can't fix as it looks like keyboard brand related. Can you tell me your keyboard brand? @ineedcords I should add mine on the possible solution post as it would be helpful to know.

UrW is using SDL2 under the hood and this appears to be an SDL2 bug. There's quite a few numpad/numlock related bugs in SDL2 issues page, here:

I hope SDL guys fix it soon...

In response to your question my keyboard is this one:

Edit: Forgot to add, I am using DVORAK keyboard layout, in case anyone else experiencing the issue AND using DVORAK or similar non-typical layouts.

June 29, 2021, 01:01:29 AM
Re: [3.63] "NUMPAD 0" registering as "0"
Ah I see... I read about some specific keyboards registering numpads as rows no matter what. But that was a standalone tenkey keyboard. I should keep in mind to try this at other games that use SDL2 just to see what happens.
Yup, that's a good approach. Unfortunately usually it is a long list of factors combined that generate the bug which makes it difficult to pinpoint.
Here is an example from another game, I guess the issue (bug) title says it all: "Numpad keys don't work properly since SDL2 #626"

Hopefully an update to SDL2 will fix it soon while Sami/Erkka keep investing their time rather on making this game even greater! :)

June 29, 2021, 03:29:04 PM
Re: [3.70b] Character Creation Skill Page Bug This is fixed now.
Beta-2 hotfix on Windows is expected soon.

Fixed - persists in 3.70beta.

July 04, 2021, 11:33:41 AM
3.70 beta-2 for Windows released Small update to fix a few bugs has been released for Windows on Steam, Itch.Io and for lifetimers at the designated forum section.
Patches for other platforms will follow later on.

3.70 beta-2 (for Windows) fixes the following:

 - fixed: domestic animals triggering your traps

 - fixed: small weight units (g, oz) shown in carried load statistics together with false basic unit (kg, lb)

         Now carried load is shown in basic units - either kg or lbs.

 - fixed: character creation modes "easy" and "too easy" unexpectedly quit due to option points miscalculations

 - typo: "kgs" abbreviation used in metric system units.

   It's now always singular "kg", as it should be.


July 04, 2021, 01:08:23 PM
Re: squeezing damage? I've seen squeeze damage from bears versions ago but since then I only fight bears who are trapped by throwing stones at them so I haven't been hugged recently.

It's probably still in the game; there hasn't been anything about it being removed and you can see your squeeze protection on the F7 screen.

July 26, 2021, 08:58:30 PM
Re: squeezing damage? There are some hints in urw_combat.txt file, note the emboldened line:
rg -i squeeze | tail -n5
messages\urw_combat.txt:// value: POINT/EDGE/BLUNT/POINT/BITE/CLAW/SQUEEZE
messages\urw_combat.txt:// PAW, SQUEEZE, HOOF, ANTLER, HORN, TUSK, BEAK
messages\urw_combat.txt:// for previous version compatibility also use: paw,squeeze,horn,hoof,tusk,antler,beak
messages\urw_combat.txt:[SQUEEZE:to crush]
messages\urw_combat.txt:[SQUEEZE:paws grab]

And in the game log, squeeze damage (crush) attack by a bear manifests itself as so:
msglog.txt:(000000):29gh:[T]{05C8047C}      | The female bear tries to crush you.
msglog.txt:(000000):f5h3:[T]{046303D3}      | The bear tries to crush TWO truck.
msglog.txt:(000000):f5h3:[T]{046303D3}      | The bear tries to crush you.
msglog.txt:(000000):f5h3:[T]{046303D3}      | The bear tries to crush Dolores.
msglog.txt:(000000):q5hj:[T]{049503CA}      | The female bear tries to crush Dolores.

July 26, 2021, 09:53:24 PM
A family survival game (in the making) As many of you might already know, here at Enormous Elk we have another game project in the making. The game is called Ancient Savo, and it is also keeping your family alive in the 1200CE woodlands of Eastern Finland. The time-scale of the game is so that one turn is 24 hours, and the gameplay is about planning actions. Like "fell down that area of woods", "sow rye", "build a cabin". You don't actually see your family members going around their daily business, so it is more like the old Sim City and such management games, where you hover over the map clicking tiles to plan actions. No fighting; cold, hunger and accidents are your only enemy. And the game is designed to be modding-friendly.

The development has been going on, and at the moment we have most of the basic elements set up. We have 2D and 3D graphics, and you can switch mid-game. You can plan actions and watch your children grow. You can visit a marketplace to barter with NPCs.

In addition to my own coding we already have a few rather awesome contributions by other people - like four original music pieces composed, played, recorded and mastered by Erik Torpström from Rogue Analogue.

This is how it looks at the moment:

Learning to code the 3D graphics took some time, but finally it works good enough. So that for coming weeks and months I'll shift my attention back to the actual game-play, balancing values, adding details etc.

Now, if this is the first time you hear of the project, read more at this page. It includes instructions on how to follow the weekly development news, and how to get to play the development-phase test versions.

August 22, 2021, 06:26:48 PM
Towards the stable with functional bowstrings and fascinating quick-bows There hasn't been serious showstoppers with 3.70 beta, so in addition to fixing the remaining bugs I've been relieved enough to also continue working on the few features that didn't quite make their way into first beta releases. So when the stable version comes, it's won't only stabilize the newly added goodies but also adds some new stuff to explore. For example craftable, breakable bowstrings as a separate functional part of a bow.
Yes, that's where the textilecraft additions will bring us now.

Bowstrings will be featured as a craftable item of their own, and they wear out in use and thus need to be replaced every now and then. Bowstrings are made out of multiple strands of yarn twisted together, but also thin cordage can be used for a makeshift bowstring. It's faster to make a bowstring from a cord and the required length is also far lesser, but bowstrings made out of cords are also always of lesser quality.
     Good quality bowstring can last up to thousand of shots or so. The lower the quality the faster the bowstring is prone to break. When the bowstring breaks a message is displayed and the bow gets described as "bow with no string". Naturally you can't shoot with such a bow anymore until a new bowstring is added.

Another bow related addition is a spruce quick-bow - a new type of craftable bow. Spruce quick-bow is the most simple and quick to make type of a bow. It's made out of a single branch that is cut from a standing spruce tree. It goes without saying that this type of bow is not a high performance weapon, but it is efficient enough for hunting squirrels and other small game. This type of bow is strongly based in history, specifically that of the Saami hunters, and it is a fascinating method to make a bow quickly out in the wilderness. You can see me making a spruce quick-bow in the nearby woods in this video (on my traditional archery related YouTube channel):
Heh. It's surely different to craft these things with lines of codes in the digital realm than with an axe in the northern wilderness, but it's nice to master the both ways :)

And there's even more features still pending to be added for the stable release. Stay tuned.

August 23, 2021, 10:09:28 AM
Re: Towards the stable with functional bowstrings and fascinating quick-bows
So does this mean that the quality of bows will be dynamic? Such as turning a fine bow into a masterwork bow by putting masterwork bowstrings on it.

No, it doesn't work like that. Bowstring doesn't affect to finished bow quality. In reality bowstring has some effect, eg. if the string is too heavy the velocity of the arrow will be decreased, but this is so minor compared to overall properties of the bow that it's hard, and not worthwhile to track. If the bow is poorly made, it's cast and velocity doesn't really improve all that much with a masterwork bowstring. So, the bowstring quality will affect only to the bowstring durability.

August 23, 2021, 12:04:13 PM