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Re: Short Questions/Quick Answers Thanks for clarifying how healing works.  I bandaged the arm, visited a shaman, and then left it alone.  It only took a week and a half or so to get it healed enough to use it, then another few weeks to get it healed completely.  I spent my time trapping birds and fishing.  I traded the loot from the bandits for some decent armour and then, since I'd spent a lot of points on weapon skills, decided to head for Njerp territory.  I stumbled across a Njerp village in broad daylight and the next thing I knew I was running for my life through heavy woods with every man, woman, and child on my heels and arrows whizzing past me.  What RNG taketh away, the RNG also occasionally giveth.  I ended up finding trees arranged so that I could occupy a little nook which covered my back and they could only come at me two at a time with not enough room to snipe me with bows.

By the time I was finished I'd grabbed a fallen enemy's fine mace and the bodies of nearly the entire tribe were heaped around me.  When I finally recovered my stamina and emerged from my little hidey-hole, there was just a single Njerp child left who made the poor life decision of picking up a rock when he saw me.  Turns out you don't need paper to beat rock; a big, heavy mace works just fine.

I now own an entire ex-Njerp village and all its varied contents.  Anyone in the market for some scimitars?

November 01, 2017, 03:35:06 PM