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Lazy bull Just wanted to share a funny moment. I'm dragging my bull around packed with trading goods, from town to town, looking for useful masterwork items. I start the day early, and apparently, my bull was not ready for adventure in the early morning. I literally am dragging a sleeping bull in a leather rope   ;D

September 09, 2017, 06:38:32 PM
Just Wow I have never played something like this quite in my life before.

The attention to detail and the realism is actually quite amazing. Being someone who has never played a rougelike (I think thats right), before, once I started I was instantly hooked. I could easily see myself playing this for many years to come. My like character drowned from swimming too far. It was a sad day indeed. But i say walk it off!

Seriously brava!

September 13, 2017, 07:16:21 AM
Re: Wild Animals in Villages I've had a few encounters with wild animals in villages, including bears, wolves, elk and reindeer that were just chilling in town when I arrived, as well as a Njerp that came into town and was promptly beaten to death by the villagers. I've also seen a couple of times when a wolf pack has invaded a town, and it wasn't pretty.

My character had travelled down to visit the Reemi for trading, along with his pack of dogs, and I noticed as we entered one particular town to spend the night that there were wolves all around this village. The village had a large pen of pigs on one edge, and the wolves seemed very interested but kept running away whenever I got near. I spent a couple hours trying to hunt a few down at range, but they were very wary and moved out to the trees (the village was surrounded by fields on all sides). Finally I went to sleep, only to be awakened by the sounds of battle and squealing pigs - looking out of the cabin, I saw there were now wolves *everywhere*, all throughout the village. The pigs were mostly dead and the villagers were chasing wolves left and right through town. I of course jumped into the fray with my dogs and managed to save the last surviving pig, though a wolf tore out the throat of one of my dogs in the process, and then helped the villagers fight the rest of the pack. It was a total bloodbath - the ground was littered with dead wolves and torn villagers, and with a couple of villagers shooting randomly into the fight at the unconscious wolves in the midst of their kin, I moved to the edge of the village and picked off the last fleeing wolves there.

In the end, I don't know how many villagers were killed - I counted at least nine dead (several with arrows stuck in them) and eight dead wolves, plus six or seven dead pigs in the pen (and my poor dog). A good number of villagers were left, but only two children had survived the attack, both terribly wounded with one collapsed and unable to walk near the edge of the village and the other barely able to move. In the spirit of good neighbourliness, I skinned and butchered all the pigs and wolves and cooked up the meat for the villagers (the hides I kept for myself), and then went back to bed. In the morning, I went to work on my stack of hides that were tanning beside the village well and found the grisly sight of one of the wounded boys floating dead in the well. It seems he had fallen through the thin ice over it and drowned. The other boy was still lying alive but grievously wounded at the edge of the village, where he remains to this day, three years later in-world. I still bring him food and presents now and then. He tells me things are going pretty good.

Another wolf-in-village encounter I came upon shortly after the fact was when I was raiding Njerp villages - I'd seen wolves in the general area while I was scoping the village out the night before the raid but mostly ignored them. When I attacked the next day, there was a surprising number of pre-wounded Njerps and the fight was over pretty quickly. When I went into the emptied village to gather my spoils, I found a single dead Njerp maiden surrounded by a pile of five dead wolves. There was one seriously wounded wolf still alive, which I killed as well, and then I skinned and butchered the lot. Now that I think of it, most of my wolf pelts came from wolves attacking villages.

I've also had a couple of bear encounters in villages. The most notable was with a newer character - an escaped slave who had finally, after much hard work and deprivation, saved up enough to buy her first cow. I set out to the next village with my cow loaded up with what trade goods I had left, as well as with my faithful dog Kalerva, and on the way happened across a reindeer herd and killed one. Such good luck! We reached the village, noting some bear tracks in the area, and set to roasting reindeer meat, leaving the cow and dog tied up by the well with the tanning reindeer hide. Part way through, Kalerva started barking up a storm and on going outside I saw a bear charging at my newly purchased cow - I quickly intercepted, setting the dog loose, and the bear ran off with Kalerva hot in pursuit.

When Kalerva didn't come back, I tried to call for him and... had no option to call my dog. Following the bear tracks away from the village, I soon found the shredded partially eaten remains of Kalerva, with the bear sleeping peacefully a few metres away. Furious, I went back to the village, used my reindeer meat to hire a woodsman to hunt bear with me, and the two of us went out (leaving the cow tethered in the village, obviously) and slew that dog-eating bear. Skinned and butchered the carcass and returned to the village loaded up with bear meat. Went to roast the bear meat. Heard pained bellowing outside and came out to find *another* bear standing over my freshly torn apart cow. So, off we went again, this time to kill the cow-eating bear, which we did. Skinned and butchered the second bear, skinned and butchered the cow, and then used the masses of bear and cow meat (*cough*and a little dog meat*cough*) to buy a new dog and cow, which I have vowed will *never* be left tethered to a tree on her own!

Finally, in a more peaceful incident, recently my character walked into town and found an entire herd of reindeer hanging out there. I chased them for a little bit but then left them in peace in the village fields. The villagers didn't seem to mind them munching their way through the crops.

September 20, 2017, 12:12:43 AM
Re: Bridge Building Never tried it. I frequently settle on islands, but have other ways of dealing with the issue.

I tend to most often choose a not overly small sea island with at least one adjacent tile of water non-freezing (not all sea water freezes) and a path through non-freezing sea tiles and land tiles that allows me to reach mainland (and/or several islander villages...mainland preferred, though) in some way and preferably also allows for some paths towards one or two other medium-sized nearby islands.

Generally such paths aren't very efficient compared to the usual rowing or icewalking* routes--sometimes even very inefficient--not seldomly am I required to travel 4x the number of tiles the most efficient icewalk or row routes take, plus the constant zoom in to reach shore, pick up punt, walk to the point I can zoom out, do so, drop punt, hit the water again, rinse and repeat every time my route requires me to hop over a minor island--but suffice well enough that I *can* reach civilization when necessary and I tend to mostly plan matters so that I do not require many trips back-and-forth during weak ice, either by having various on-home-island time and labour-intensive tasks to work on during those periods or by spending most of that time either on nearby islands or mainland.

*that is, if there is a direct icewalk-to-mainland route available, which isn't too common. Most of the winter months, even those with strong ice, require a mixture of overland (or overice) and water travel. The further off-shore, the more likely that becomes. Unless one happens to live in one of the Island territories smackdab next to an island with one or more islander villages on it. One of my current characters is lucky enough to have both an over-ice and fully-overseas route from island to mainland (so no island-hopping needed) available during winter, but that's pretty rare. Neither of those routes are anywhere near a straight line to mainland, though, and both land me on mainland about half a day travel from the nearest settlement even though the summer oversea route to nearest settlement is barely half a day in *total*.

Occasionally I settle on very large sea islands, though as I strongly prefer to settle on islands without NPC villages, those are somewhat rare. In those cases, I can--after acquiring all the necessities for self-sufficiency--easily go months in-game without requiring contact with civilization: plenty of large animals, foreign traders and njerps are generated on those to keep me from lacking things to do. The same goes for picking those islands as with the medium-sized ones: ensuring an existing, even if non-efficient, route to civilization.

For freshwater islands, strategical placement of rapids works but it can be somewhat difficult to find an appropriately-sized island that connects through rapids to either the lakeshore or through a chain of other islands eventually leading to lakeshore. Usually easiest when at least one side of the island is bordered by a river rather than a lake, but even in some large lakes you may find fitting islands. Just takes a lot more looking around.

September 27, 2017, 01:22:28 AM
Don't Go to Stumpmire So, you whipper-snappers think you've worked sixteen winters, and know all the rituals, and heard all me stories, and think you're ready to head out alone, eh? 'Alf you kids will starve in two weeks and the other 'alf o' ye will drown in a damn puddle, come the wet ice! But jist a rare few of ye might end up wishin' ye died natural-like, if'n you think THIS is just another story.

Must a been nigh sixty winters past, when I was greener than you lads, some o' the men that was comin' and goin' tradin' back then took to talkin' about how they was gettin' heaps o' treasure fer workin' up north in Stumpmire. Always somethin' about a new settler, with piles o' loot, givin' it away if'n you was willin' to come to 'is 'ouse 'n chop his trees fer 'im. He'd even feed ye, and give ye an axe, and let ye keep it, if'n you promised to come back. Well, after a while o' this, the men that 'ad left town jist stopped comin' back from Stumpmire, and the ones that was still in town took to stayin' there more permanent-like. Wouldn't say why, they was all quiet about it, and we let them be, seein' as now we was the only place they would trade the pay they was still holdin' onto.

After a couple weeks o' that, the new settler came to see us. He was near seven foot I'd say, and looked like he carried a lot o' weight on his bones, but 'adn't eaten in a few days. Was wonderin' why no one was comin' up to 'is place, still 'ad work needed doin' and still 'ad plenty of goods to pay. The men that 'ad been workin' for 'im before kinda looked down, gave back their axes, and made excuses why'n they couldn' go back with 'im. He got real mad, and offered up a sword fer the man that would go with 'im.

Well, my old cousin Jaqqa visiting from the next town over 'appenned to need himself a sword, and thought he might go with back to Stumpmire. Old Jaqqa was always slow on the uptake, like most of you kids these days... The men that 'ad worked for the settler all sat down to talkin' real hushed like once he and Jaqqa left, and got their things together, and followed after 'em. Yours truly figgered followin' the men who left would be the best way to see what was really goin' on, but now I figger it's best not findin' out some things too direct.

Stumpmire's just north, goes on for miles. Felt like hours walkin' it, but I was bein' careful o' makin' too much noise, and lettin' on to the men that they was bein' followed in turn. They finally got close up enough to the settler's buildsite that I could see it from where I was hidin', but then I heard Jaqqa screamin'. Not no regular screamin' like when you babies see squirrel guts, but real screamin'. I ain't never heard anything like it before or since, and then it just stopped real sudden.

The men was runnin' up to the house then, and I started hearin' shoutin' and noises like a big fight was startin', but then those stopped too. I got as close as I could, hidin' in the trees that was left, and what I saw was worse than all Jaqqa's screamin'. 'Is eyes was put out, and 'is legs was broke, and 'is 'ead was smashed open, and 'is arms was still twitchin'. The new settler 'ad killed the men who followed 'im too, and was cuttin' em up fer meat with 'is back to me. I cracked a twig backin' away and he turned right around and looked at me with these hollow eyes, and what he did was smile. Smile, and hold up a cut of meat from one of the men, and set it on the ground, and when I ran away like anyone with 'alf a brain woulda done, I 'eard 'im recitin' our ritual for sacrificin' an animal, like those men was sheep.

And that's why whatever you boys do on yer way to some bear's belly, don't you go trustin' strangers, and don't you go to Stumpmire.

September 27, 2017, 04:25:51 PM
Re: Bridge Building it's a bit of a hack but you can build doors on water, then deconstruct them to get ground. You could build a thin path to the mainland this way if you wanted.
September 28, 2017, 11:41:53 AM
Re: Orja Reemailainen I left my dogs to heal and most of my provisions near my landfall and traveled to the east where I remembered there was a famed raider settlement.  I avoided a bear I saw on the way and soon came to fortified village near a small bay...

I scouted around and saw numerous warriors in the fortified village, so I because more cautious and only approached at night.  There was no way to get close to the village and I did not believe I could safely draw away the Njerpez one at a time.  I spent a night watching and lurking around their village and saw no way to begin my revenge.  So, I went back to my dogs to think and commune with the spirits.  As I approached the spirits with hate in my heart, I realized they demanded a sacrifice for my revenge.  So I gathered my faithful dogs, equipped all my armor, and together we went back to the fortified village. 

As the late morning sun shone, I quietly approached the village fence from the east and hid behind a big rock and tree.  I tied my dogs to the tree, thanked them for their love, companionship, and trust and equipped my hunting bow.  I shot a Njerpez warrior in the back with a broadhead arrow and I hid back behind the big rock.  As the warrior charged, my two faithful dogs, Sitoa and Lakko, became enraged and drew the attention of the whole village.  As the whole village approached my dogs tied to the tree, I ran to the nearest building and quickly equipped my shield and sword.  I heard my dog's cries as they were brutally killed and steeled myself for the coming fight. 

Due the door and small building, I kept the filthy raiders from surrounding me and instead, struck them down one at a time.  I needed to conserve my energy, so I often paused rather than strike and counterstroke when they attacked me.  Because of the spirits' protection, my caution, shield, and defensive strategy, I was only lightly wounded.  Eventually, the last of the raiders were breathless as they crawled over a pile of their own dead to reach me.  When there was one Njerpez warrior left, I approached him and ended his life...

Their village was now mine.  I burned my two dogs for their sacrifice and to thank the spirits.  I spent the next days recovering from the battle as I ferried my supplies to the village, gathered their gear, tamed their pigs, and stacked the bodies of the dead.  I then spent weeks remaking their village to suit my needs.  I tore down several of their buildings, expanded several buildings, tore down much of their fence, built pens for animals, and put up a smaller perimeter fence...

I even traveled back to the Reemi to trade, buy sheep, and new dogs.  I can't bear to name them yet as I don't know what more sacrifices the spirits will require of me.  While with my people in the west, I even hired a companion to hunt down a bear that mauled a Reemi adventurer and find his father's handaxe.  I understand the significance of tokens of parents as I still carry the horse ornamented comb of my mother. 

While I finished my preparations, the first snows fell and withered the crops in the fields.  Winter had approached while I wasn't paying attention and I lost a harvest due to my neglect.  Regardless, I am now prepared.  I have more equipment and better armor and weapons.  I have decided to leave their Njerpezti bodies to rot in the field.  If the smell bothers me or begins to attract scavengers, then I might burn their corpses.  Soon, the cold and snows will come and bring the darkness of winter.  I will stalk the villages, and nurse my revenge.  Besides, I have the whole of the unexplored Njerpezti lands before me...

September 29, 2017, 07:38:06 PM
Re: Few questions about trapping and a couple of misc questions Having a high tracking skill definitely helps a lot in seeing enough tracks to actually follow that fleeing animal, even through woodlands. If dealing with an animal that's been hanging around the same area for a while, do occasionally double-check if you're still following the recent, not several days old, tracks.

And be persistent. It can easily take traipsing after that stag for half a dozen overworld tiles before it gets even slightly fatigued. Make tactic use of hiding/not hiding. Don't be afraid to spook an animal to get it to flee and thus tire itself much faster, but at the same time, try not to needlessly spook it in areas where you're likely to loose track of its tracks either due to terrain visibility, track visibility on said terrain or due to presence of many, many other/older tracks.

And don't spook it if you know it'll cost you an opportunity to corral it against a shoreline, fence, closed treeline or the likes.

If you lose the tracks, head back to the last known track and double-check it didn't turn while you headed in a straight line. Look for tracks manually if none are visible. If you really can't find the next tracks, look a bit further out from the last track. Keep in mind whether it's likely to change direction slightly or a lot. Try to consider where it might have gone. Which brings me to my next point:

Almost as important, though, is getting used to various animals and their behaviour pattern. Know what animals can and can't get over fences. What animals are willing to go into the water to escape and which will be corralled nicely against the shoreline. What animals may be chased onto weak ice and drown themselves or at least tire themselves out a lot that way. Whether an animal is likely to head in the same direction for a long while or turn frequently, and whether they're more likely to change direction after hitting an obstacle or just try to get around it and then head for the same direction they were originally going in. Whether they're likely to keep trying to flee even if you've got them cornered, or if they may try to actually defend themselves. If they're group animals, whether they will try to mostly flee in the same direction and then regroup asap, or scatter in all directions and then regroup, have some scatter as others go aggressive and attack you or whether persistence will make it possible to drive one individual from its herd without having the rest nipping on your heels.

In other words, don't hunt a bear like it's a stag, or a forest reindeer like it's a wolf.

September 29, 2017, 08:11:33 PM
Poems of the Fallen Will post these whenever I get inspiration. Some refer to actual characters/character deaths I've had, some are more general.


The spirits of autumn sang gently on the rain
Easing my worries and easing my pain
But ache and exhaustion had settled bone-deep
So to autumn's sweet lullaby fell I asleep

As I slept under open sky did sweet autumn me forsake
For it was harsh winter spirits that drove me awake;
Icy spirits whistling on a cold windy night
left a thin blanket of snow on open mire wide

Shivering and confused stumbled I 'round in a daze
Unsure where I had been going, where from I came
Confused and shivering in this unfamiliar place
Could I barely remember my people and name

Lost and forsaken in cold winter's lands
Bare were my feet and bare were my hands
So as I shivered and stumbled through open mire vast
In my heart I knew this morning would be my last

October 01, 2017, 08:11:37 AM
Re: Few questions about trapping and a couple of misc questions Following on from my marsh screw-up....I made such a big mistake. I just made a MASSIVE trap fence, going around 7-8 overworld tiles to fence off the entire peninsula I'm in. Then, excitedly I come to build the pits and....NOPE.

If it wasn't so funny I'd be devestated.

October 02, 2017, 12:42:15 AM