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Re: Why is the mushroom named Tellervo's gift? My guess is that they seem to be the last mushrooms to wither and they can be picked well into winter after the snows have started falling.  My latest character found many of them while hunting near his settlement (between Sartola and the Driik).  After boiling them, they kept well in the cellar for many months inside of a wooden bowl.  They were mostly used as an addition to meat stews.
August 24, 2020, 07:38:34 PM
Re: Bow Balance question Not a bow expert nor experienced player, but I guess I can contribute a little to this topic.
I started my current character with very low bow skill (around 20?) and grinding it very hard until it becomes grandmaster level.
Obtained my masterwork longbow in early gameplay and still using it, and obtained masterwork northern bow much more later, so I won't be able to tell how low bow skill level affect the performance of northern bow. I also tested these two bows in a separate testing save using URW character menu.

First thing I notice between the two bows are their drawing/ reloading speed. Northern bow can be draw very fast so you can shoot enemies even they are close enough to melee attack you. In contrast longbow cannot shoot arrows when enemies are that close, they will just attack you before you are able to wield another arrow in second hand.

Second thing I notice is northern bow tend to give me more failed bow skill check even my character already have 95+ bow skill, in contrast longbow tend to give me more steady shot (could be coincidence). Interestingly it seems to only happen when my character actually shooting something, when the shoot is not targeting living creatures i.e. water surface, their performances are more or less the same. When I was grinding bow skill  I also notice northern bow have lower dispersion even in 20 tiles away when compare to longbow, however, the failed shoot from northern bow also tend deviate more significantly.

In short, I can only answer one of the questions, I would say Yes to the "Is the Rate of fire differing?"


September 06, 2020, 05:34:09 AM
Re: [Spoilers] Which bow is best? Aiming to resolve confusion around bows Velocity depends mainly on draw weight.

For a higher draw weight the archer needs to be stronger (and more experienced).

That a longer bow increases accuracy but makes the action/agility slightly slower was mentioned, as some other things and what I read was correct.

When the "Hunting Bow" is called like that, it may be possible that it does not have a high draw weight as a war bow, as animals wear no armor. Lower I expect the handling to be slightly faster als for a strong guy.

This is when I expect that a hunting bow is easier to handle for an adventurer with lower strength.

Maybe it is set in the game as the programmer is a bow freak, even if draw weight not visible for the player in action.
This description I count as quite nice:

This is when a long bow could have 50 pounds draw weight and also 100 pounds draw weight. But how it is implemented in the game I dont know.

September 06, 2020, 06:38:34 PM
Lots of angling improvements on their way Fishing with a fishing rod is going to have if not a complete overhaul, a lots of improvements at least. I've been tweaking the angling code for a good while already, and the work just seems to continue and continue, but when it's all done we're going to have something like this featured:

- fishing rods will be craftable by player character, with slender trunks, cordage and hook.
- wooden and bone hooks will be craftable by player character. (If I get really carried away there might be some special hook types for special occasions.)
- baiting will be featured. Worm digging is under consideration but we can also start with scraps of food and using small fish to catch bigger fish.
- wear and tear of fishing rod parts will be featured eg. hooks snapping off eventually, when they've been nibbled enough. (Gotta add possibility to add new hooks as well.)

These are future additions. Not yet functional in current version 3.63.

November 17, 2020, 05:40:14 PM
Season's Greetings and Iron-Age feastings The midwinter and holiday season is at hand so let us send you our very best and most delicious Season's Greetings - as it's time to celebrate the period with Iron-Age feastings.

Over the years we have practiced and experimented with many different survival, bushcraft and traditional skills and techniques to gain firsthand knowledge of the ways of the ancients, and to add a special touch of realism to the game mechanics. Practise what you code, so to speak.

This midwinter we tried out quite ambitious Iron-Age cooking as well.
We tried cooking some of the recipes of also doable in UnReal World, and they surely tasted good in our time too.

Roasting turnips on embers.

Flatbreads and cooked turnips.

Tasty bits of broadbean-turnip-mushroom stew.

Let the Iron-Age feasting start.

This is not our first go with traditional food for traditional devs, but the first time it's been carried out and documented this precisely. The reason for this delicious study is an exciting upcoming exhibition.
In 2021 Suomen Pelimuseo (The Finnish Museum of Games) is arranging an exhibition about the food in videogames. In addition to insight about the subject in various videogames there shall be a publication presenting different menus from different games with recipies you can try out yourself. UnReal World is one of the titles included. We'll let you know when the exhibition starts.

But now let's survive the midwinter, feast as everyone prefers, and see you again in 2021.


December 22, 2020, 07:07:13 PM
Happy New Year Sometimes I'm a bit off and not too precise about the exact timing, but better late than newer - so ...

Happy New year to all of you!

There's not that much snow this year compared to the past average, but it's winter nevertheless.
And a new year ahead of us.

Take care!

January 02, 2021, 05:30:59 PM
Re: Suggestion reply marathon | Apr-Dec 2020 Suggestion reply marathon - Apr-Dec 2020 | part 4/6

Basic emblems for the individual cultures, to tell them apart quicker ?

Just a minor suggestion: Could the individual cultures have simple, stylised emblems that player characters could use to tell them apart quickly ?[
For example, the northern tribes would have a silhouette/outline of their totemic animal, from which they derive their monikers. The other cultures could have simple emblems that would reflect their typical economic and cultural strengths, and so on. Due to the more primordial feel of the setting, I think the background texture of these emblems could imply they are painted onto or burnt onto a decorative piece of leather, or painted on a smooth enough piece of bark (specifically, the inner side of the bark).
Why would emblems be needed ? Because, as much as I like that more anonymous approach, sometimes I wish I could just look at a conversation screen and see that the other character has more than just a boring text description there, saying they are from this or that culture. Ergo, I would find it nice if they also had a little emblem representing what culture they are from, situated in some empty part of the conversation screen.

Upon reading this suggestion I mostly kept thinking in which menus and screens you would imagine the emblems to exists? Chat screen is mentioned, but it would likely go to everywhere where NPC or village culture is mentioned.

We have to think about it, but in any case putting something like this in action would have to wait until the graphics and screen arrangement are once more on the table for some bigger chances and updates. It maybe a minor suggestion, but quite a costly as an addition. If this was done in neat style so that the outcome would be more unique than gamey it could nice little graphical improvement, but due to all the work it requires I don't quite see this in the list of near future priorities.

Hillforts and tribal protected areas

It's well established that hillforts were a thing in prehistoric Finland, and I think it'd be a fun addition to have them dotted around the landscape. Maybe with alloted "chiefs" that consider themselves an authority in the area, offering special quests and such. I know that the Driikiläiset fortified cities are kind of this, they are still not a straight representation of this phenomenon, which occured all throughout pre-historic Finland.

Hillforts are something we've pretty much always thought of being such an essential element that they should be added. And I guess they've been also suggested before.
Yet they seize to exist in the game. And that's because, well, we've worked on something else instead. But still we cherish the idea of hillforts and would like them to exist in the game one day.

Torch Holder

Just a small thing, but it would be really nice to have a way to mount a torch on a solid surface. I've tried dropping torches but they just go out. Even with a fire and a torch lit, my cabin can feel pretty dark and I'd love to have torches burning in a few places to me it all cozy.

I'm under the impression that candles and primitive oil lamps were for special occasions. For every day use the most common additional source of light was a thin piece of wood called päre.
The link shows a wooded stand holding a päre in horizontal position. Such stands were used pretty much like a chandle holder. I'm not exactly sure but I'd guess they often had a bowl of water sitting on the floor, to catch any sparks or red glowing small ambers falling off the burning päre.

One piece of päre would burn for 15 minutes, so it isn't that handy for the kind of constant light we nowadays have in the era of electric light. Burning several päre in a row was the method to provide that necessary additional light when doing some indoor work which required more light than the glow of the fireplace.

Additional spell

I would like to see more buried in a bog style spell. In particular some little message when I burry animal bones in a bog

I'd like to add lots and lots of more spells, and when I'm at it I try to remember to check if my books have good ones regarding bogs.

But I'm not sure if you here just suggest simply having more specific messages when throwing stuff in the bog.

Ground blind

A ground blind would be neat. Maybe a shelter like structure to build but it adds a a massive bonus to stealth if your (H)ideing in it.

I reckon those as more modern inventions. In the game you can already hide better if you stay out of the open, near trees and such so the terrain already helps to hide. And staying put and not moving also as well.

Nefarious NPC

Wouldn't it be cool to see more NPCs having dark sides to them, even amongst the kin-folk? Maybe there could be quests added which involved you getting into disputes between villages or people, like stealing animals, destroying buildings, kidnapping or even murdering other villages unsuspiciously (all with appropriate loss of "karma", of course). Maybe Kullervo doesn't like Juha's loud mouth, and wants you to destroy his traps, or ruin the catch in his nets.

Yes, it would, and we would like to add several quests that test your morale and include this sort of malevolent content. Few quests already have this sort of motives for some of the people involved. Also, tribal disagreements and even occasional warfares fall into this category. That's also something on our want-to-do lists.

Combat Options

My one suggestion is that perhaps in future there could be the addition of multiple game modes (i.e. a pacifistic mode where there are no human threats such as Njerpez or robbers, the 'standard' or original level of human v human combat in the base game, and potentially an even more hostile game mode where both Njerpez and robbers are more common, and consequently villages are more suspicious and less welcoming to the player until trust can be built).

In my opinion, other humans are the greatest threat the player faces, and it could be interesting to see a selection screen similar to the starting scenarios where we might be able to decide how much or little human combat we want to face in addition to the other dangers of the forest, and perhaps the ability to change between them later on.

I'm not very keen to add different modes that exclude, or accelerate some parts of the already developed and all-together adjusted game world. From developers point of view it's not very satisfying, and also can disturb the deep understanding of the whole concept. In a less "serious" game, I would't see it as a problem, but with this one I do. That's the feeling now.

There are characters that never meet robbers or Njerpez even if they tried to, so the more characters you play you may find the the lives of those can be truly different in regards to threats the face. Currently Njerpez can be also actively avoided by settling further and further to west and north.

Let salt be salt, not preservative

I am quite surprised that nobody suggest salt shall be count as seasoning, as it should be.
It is kind of disappointing that I cannot add salt into my lovely hare meat stew

Back then the salt was used foremostly for preservation. The food was seasoned with herbs instead. It's far later habit to add salt to everything as seasoning.

~Can't find my way hoome~ (Clapton)

A Companion that finished his service to me has been hanging around my settlement area for many weeks now. That's not a concern, although pathing may be a problem for him.

The problem is, his only weapon now is the broad knife I gave him. He had other weapons and a handaxe but now he's carrying only the broad knife and stones and rocks. He's killing birds and killed one deer, at least he finished off the wounded deer he'd chased for a couple of days when it ran into my deadfall trap!

So, has he thrown away his weapons during hunting? I just gave him a bow and a bunch of arrows. If he keeps hanging around I guess I'll be finding arrows soon.

What Shall We Do With a Disoriented Companion? (Trad.)

Parry as skill

So maybe add some more fighting related skills like parry, and then it shouldn't be a problem that simple lumberjack is master of their weapon buts that all, with someone who have decent knowledge how to parry, he wouldn't stood chance, but from simple robbers can defend himself

It's quite hard to express the real fighting mechanics with numbers and math, in all the possible situations. The systems are always simplified.
It indeed sounds a bit silly that no fighting lumberjack is excellent to block with his axe, but without seeing the actual logs and situation we don't really know if the robbers were making lousy attacks (due to their condition?) or the character being superior with counterstrikes.

Nevertheless, the pondering here is justified but the question is how complex we want things to go. If parry was a skill, shouldn't it also be a skill that need to be learned separately for each weapon type? If I learn to parry with a sword, I surely need to find the different best parrying practises to be used with woodsman's axe, and knives, and clubs. Should the counterstrikes, and maybe blocks also always be very poor if they haven't been practised for real? And practising for real would mean that you'd really need to train with more skilled fighter than yourself. As a result, pretty much all of our characters would be quite helpless since they don't have any fighting experience when the game starts.

Yes, these systems are simplified, yet believe me, the one in use is still quite complex and functional.

Gaining the high ground; Elevated hunting blinds/tree stands

Hence why I suggest; tree stands or raised hunting blinds! Wooden towers with a little optional windowed shed perched atop from where a character might be able to have a good view of the surroundings - and possibly shoot game within range. I figure they might have two different useful modes to them giving them increased versatility;

I reckon these as more modern inventions, and the thrill of the fair hunt would be diminished to something we don't want to encourage. Plus, you can already find a higher zoomed-in terrain locations and lurk your prey there.

["b]What are you doing?" option for followers [/b]

Party members can be helpful with all sorts of things, but it's not always clear what they're doing at any particular time. Are they felling trees? Cooking meat? Making boards? All of the above?

Having a "What are you doing?" option in the command menu would be great to see what a companion's current task(s) are.

Yes, would be useful. Or maybe add it to their description when looking at NPC ie. "Kimmo The Kaumolais Hunter (Felling tree)"
This will be surely considered.

Cursor is hidden on keyboard input and unhidden on mouse movement.

This feature is available on Cataclysm: Dark Days Ahead (CDDA) and I hope it will be implemented in UnReal World as well.

CDDA has three options:
Show: Cursor is always shown.
Hide: Cursor is hidden.
HideKB: Cursor is hidden on keyboard input and unhidden on mouse movement.

First time we heard this kind of suggestion, so not the most urgent thing.
I've got no idea how costly this would be to add, nor opinion really.

A "get lost!" button?

My suggestion is, could we make a conservation command to ask the npc to leave, even outside settlement tiles? It is not like they really have to accept your command 100% of time, just warn them if they dont leave, there will be consequences (a fight). I would gladly accept a duel with the outsider to defend my territory and the preys within, but now without this function I can just shoot some arrows into his face and without giving him a chance to properly fight with me.

This would be needed addition at times, I admit. The most troublesome thing would be to come up with the logic how the NPC weighs and reacts to that kind of statement.
There is, or at least was, "Go away!" chat option which you can (or could) use at your own settlement. Response for that was that NPCs always did leave. But if you're further away in the woods, then it's bit tricky. Player characters do this as well, hunt and dwell in the vicinity of villages. Something to think indeed. Would be fun to get deeper into this, so we'll consider the idea when times allows. 

Ice Checking

Like in topic - throwing stones/ blocks to check the ice if is able to withstand a weight

Just do it. Works already. Ice should react under load regardless of it being stones or whatever or your character.

more sea-ness of the sea: drinking sea water

When drinking sea water it would help immersion with a short message about the disliked taste (would psychologically work like eating awful food: player doesn't have to mind it, but it still nags a bit)

Little messages here and there could be fun, but it's a question of time and priorities whether this is worthwhile. It's not a mere message thing but we would also then need to track what type of water is in the containers, and to really add new sea water type for the sake of a trivial message feels a bit costly right now.

more sea-ness of the sea: ambient message when entering an area next to the sea

- when entering from mainland to coast: a short message like "a salty gale greets you" (I know the sea isn't especially salty, but something like this to note the presence of the sea would make a really nice ambient element, especially if approaching in zoomed-in map and the sea isn't yet seen)
(would probably need a cooldown not to spam all the time when on the coast: maybe retriggered only when inland)

There's no existing game mechanics to display messages based on what the type of next zoomed-in map ahead, and I don't feel this being that important reason to start building one - especially as the logic to avoid message spamming would be pain to do.
What could be added is the scenery image and message in the same fashion we have when zooming-in by the lake etc.

Skiing on ground without snow should be very clumsy and fatiguing

I suggest adding 5% or so of fatigue for every no-snow-tile travelled using skis. A similar penalty should apply for wearing skis and not using a ski stick.

Just a small historical side-note. Actually, skiing in summertime has been a thing. Although, in that case it is more like walking with skis on - that has been one method used to safely move around a bog. Also, something like snow shoes have been used for similar purpose.

Coding-wise I'm afraid this kind of seemingly minor adjustments will require quite a bit of code. But I'm not saying it is never going to happen, let's see how it goes with all the other stuff on Sami's workbench.

Board splitting, historical alternative to axes.

Currently our characters can split boards of a trunk preferably with Splitting axe or Woods man's axe. But any metal axe will do the job.
Another historical method to split boards, is with hard wood wedges.

So I suggest to allow splitting boards with "˜wooden wedge'*1, made from either slender trunks or from stakes. Maybe 4-6 wedges from a stake, bunch more from slender trunk. The wedges should be "scrap" or 0 squirrel hides value. Fire hardening requirement debatable?

I think we currently assume that use-once wooden wedges are automatically crafted (and destroyed) during the board splitting process. The axe is used to make the few initial hits, and then to hammer in the wooden wedges.

Managing individual sound levels?

I would like a sound "equalizer" (sound level more likely)
between sound FX, ambients, music, etc...

I enjoy really much the ambient sound, but then, all other sound gets too loud.

(Maybe ambient sound, terrain/season dependant, would mean a LOT, at least to me as side)

Hmm. This is something I don't recall having being asked before, so I believe for the majority the current mix is okay. I'm audio enthusiast myself so I understand the urge to get things perfect for your setup, but I'm not quite sure if we have much time to invest in this currently. Maybe in the future, if we feel there's greater need.
What you could do as a workaround would be to find music audio files in the audio/ folder and use some audio editor to set their levels to suit you. 

Can I zoom in closer?

My only issue is that I really wish there were a way to zoom in more on the local map. I play sitting a few feet away on a big screen TV, as I know a lot of people do with PC games these days. From this distance, however, I can't see the things as well as I would like. I can zoom in with the scroll button on the mouse, but it doesn't go nearly as far in as other games with a similar graphics style. If I had more control of the zoom it would really improve the experience.

Hmm. It's not that simple thing to add, and the result would start to get blurrier the closer you zoom as the current max out level is where tile resolution stops. I understand the need though. We might see about this the next time screen layout related things are on the update table, but at this point I can't really say whether this is a thing we'll feature in the end.

End of part 4/6 - Read on ...

January 05, 2021, 06:50:47 PM
Re: Happy New Year Happy New Year all, hopefully this go around works out better than the last.

And special thanks to Sami and Enormous Elk. I've just got back into UrW after a good few years without venturing into the far north and I've been pleasantly surprised by some of the changes I've noticed.

January 06, 2021, 02:21:41 AM
Re: 3.63 Indoor, high flying raven You should be extra careful in the coming days. This is what a Google search revealed:
A bird that flies into a house foretells an important message. However, if the bird dies, or is white, this foretells death

I've had the same thing happen in my cave houses.

January 10, 2021, 07:13:24 PM
Re: Cave Dwelling Question no. add a door and a fireplace and you're good to smoke  8)

do not build on "surface of the earth" or you'll destroy the natural light near the entrance of the cave

January 13, 2021, 05:33:38 PM