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Healing (the bleeding wounds of) your pets and companions Started to add rudimentary (and probably the most important) stage of healing your pets and companions; trying to stop bleeding of their wounds.
More companion/pet healing methods may follow in the future, but we'll start with the most crucial one.

The mechanics of applying physical skill to your companions are the same as applying them to yourself. Herbs can be used in the process, the success or failure messages are the familiar ones, and so on.

How an attempt to heal your companion is started is to face them upon using physician skill. If treatable wounds are found (ie. bleeding wounds) you'll be asked whether you wish to try applying the physician skills to this companion or pet. The wound to treat is then auto selected based on its severity.

January 12, 2018, 03:50:15 PM
Re: Skins I did some calculations on how much the leather in a 5 lbs holding waterskin would weigh. I assumed a full waterskin would be a sphere, and used the apparent density of chestnut tanned leather I found in this article, which is 0.72 g/cm3. I converted the lbs to kilograms using both the standard lbs->kg ratio of 0.453 and the old Finnish one of 0.425 lbs to kg.

From the results, a 0.3 lbs waterskin with volume for 5 lbs of water would be made of 2 mm thick leather. (The leather weighing 0.27 lbs as standard pounds, 0.28 lbs as Finnish pounds.) The weight increases by about 0.15 lbs for each additional mm of leather thickness. (Averages for the first 10 mm of leather were 0.1417 lbs/mm for the standard pound and 0.1450 lbs/mm for the old Finnish pound.)

I don't know much about leather crafting, but  I'd expect a leather waterskin to be made of leather between 2-5 mm thick, meaning the leather of an empty UrW waterskin would have a weight of 0.3-0.75 lbs. Considering that a waterskin would not be a perfect sphere, and it would have a cork and a strap, I'd expect the game's waterskin to weigh between 0.5-1.0 lbs when empty, depending on what thickness the leather is supposed to be.

I don't expect crafting the skin requiring much more leather than it weighs. The extra leather cuts can be used to make a strap. (Maybe the recipe doesn't not need tying equipment at all... Just assume that it's made from the leather while crafting the skin.)

I also read somewhere that the Sami people used to make waterskins out of reindeer leather. Maybe the game's waterskins are based on those, but I don't have a clue what those look like or how they were made.

@GiTiB: Coming up with 4 lbs of leather isn't that difficult either, and a skin isn't that useful of an item. I always make one, but rarely use one.

January 22, 2018, 09:00:05 PM
Re: Old mods I have the original Njerpez cooking mod (1.0). There was a readme, but there was nothing really special in it.

Just in case anyone wants it, here's a link.

February 04, 2018, 04:27:47 AM
A lot of ideas to consider This is a list I made as I was playing in the last few years. Some things I removed because they were added
before I posted the list. Good job Sami!

I love companions!
Companions gather tree trunks into piles where you give them the order to fell trees
-Command companions to make logs/firewood/planks/etc as long as they have tools
-Companions help with herb lore from their local knowledge
-Companions could also work longer before coming back for more orders, or an option to work all day.
-Permanent companions; marriage...
-Companions help on farm; harvest, plant, thresh, milk, arrange burn piles, etc
-Hire pro cook/Skinner/trackers to supplement your skills; bonus to skill while hired
-command to drop their raw meat/skins in the nearest cellar.
-command queue

Backpacks/pouches to increase carry cap, possibly by adding a weight reduction to items within it.
-Leather pack or pouch for animal companions to increase carry cap
-Weapon sheath/quiver to draw quickly in battle/hunting

Blacksmith house in villages with forge/anvil
-Commission blacksmith to make items for you
-possibly requires quest for masterwork

ability to remove items from container and keep the items and bag; instead of losing contents

Auto ice break/move forward in watercraft during winter

Rocks placed around a fire increase burn duration
- Could use rocks to upgrade a fire to a fire pit so it doesn't take multiple tiles, or pile them on fire.

Rain/snow effecting quality of timber until dry (mostly for fire making)
-Would add the need to make wood sheds
-aging wood to increase burn value
-charcoal/natural coal

Clay working to make pots/shingles/clay structures/clay furnace ...I've started working on this already. I can't get the .png tiles to work. Any advice on getting the icons to work? ...I used rains' mods as a reference but still no luck. I think I'm missing an icon number, but not sure how to check which number it is.

I know some of this is not lore friendly, and will most likely never make it into the game. However, If you would like to make a mod from any of these ideas please message me as I would love to help/play your mod. Most of these require changes which are not readily available to mod and so they are up to Sami... for now  ;)

February 09, 2018, 04:36:46 AM
A "calendar app" for UrW Hello!

As an excuse to try "modern JS" I made an app for tracking all the "be done in N days" events:

Repo at GitHub:
I'm also hosting it:

Note that currently it's at version v0.1.1 - so yeah, very very bare and basic. I'm actually using it form my current play though and so far it works, but the real test will be when I hit next farming season (currently close to mid-winter point, so not much anything going on ;) ).

Feedback and contributions are welcome.

February 11, 2018, 03:10:21 PM
Re: Old mods Njerpez cookery is back in action, just posted an updated 1.01 version in the mod release section:

It's a minor update including a small bugfix for Linux and a salo improvement that PALU came up with in the old NjerpezCookery thread. Enjoy guys!   8)

February 12, 2018, 08:57:14 AM
COOK_WEIGHT_DIV rounds down odd-valued nutrition tested on 3.5b2

In most cases (eg, bear and elk meat) the nutrition numbers (be them fat, carbs or proteins) are multiplied by COOK_WEIGHT_DIV just as the weight is divided by it.

However, when the weight is very small and the nutrition value is odd, sometimes you get the right nutrition value and sometimes you don't.

An example is probably best to explain this.

Let's use two recipes (thanks @caethan):

Code: [Select]
.Grey sludge. *COOKERY* /1/

.Dried sludge. *COOKERY* /1/
{Grey sludge}  [remove] [roast]

If we create this grey sludge and inspect the OBJ file, the nutrition is as we defined and weight is 0.2 lbs.

When we make the Dried sludge, we get weight 0.1, fat 10, carbs 14 and proteins 6. So all good for now, the nutrition is multiplied by 2, and the weight is divided by 2 as normal.

If we set the Grey sludge's weight to 0.15, ie:

Code: [Select]
and then we make dried sludge, we get weight 0.075, fat 8, carbs 14 and proteins 6. What happened to fat?! Everything else is multiplied by two, but it looks like fat was decreased to 4 and then multiplied by 2.

What happens if we set initial sludge weight to 0.1?

Code: [Select]
We dry, and get: weight 0.05, fat 8, carbs 12 and proteins 4. So now all three nutritional values seem to have been rounded down.

There is something wrong for sure :)

February 15, 2018, 08:17:24 AM
Re: Some clothes weigh too much Yes, it seems for example those fur overcoat and cloak weights are slightly too heavy. These pieces came in with armour glossary updates and weights never reasoned properly.
Some other pieces could be tweaked too, some clear errors can be spotted. I'll be taking time to go through the armour clossary weights.

March 04, 2018, 08:29:21 PM
Add set pieces scattered in the world similar to starting scenarios. I think adding some rare and hard to find sites would add a cool element to the game.  These would be similar to some of the starting scenarios, such as you find a partially completed cabin or an abandoned trap fence.  Even just an occasional abandoned shelter would be a neat find while you're tracking an animal through the woods. 
March 11, 2018, 04:31:25 AM
Re: Some clothes weigh too much This is just my input as someone who owns several different garments that are similar to what one will find in UrW, and the following is a list of what I have IRL with the weight of each item in kilograms and pounds:

Wool Cloak-7 lbs or 3,1 kilograms
Wool Tunic-4 lbs or 1,8 kilograms
Wool Trousers-3,5 lbs or 1,5 kilograms
Wool Leggings (pair)-2,6 lbs or 1,1 kilograms
Wool Kaftan (overcoat)-6 lbs or 2,7 kilograms
Wool Hood (two layers)-1 lb or 0,5 kilogram
Wool Hood (one layer)- 0,6 lb or 0,2 kilograms
Wool Mittens (one layer wool, one layer linen)-0,3 lb or 0,1 kilogram

My only garment that is entirely made of fur is a cloak made from the hide of an adult male whitetail deer; it covers my shoulders and torso completely, the length is just above my knees, and it weighs in at just over 12 lbs or 5,4 kilograms. I'm not sure if elk or reindeer hide is heavier or lighter than our regular deer hide so I don't know if that is really relevant to this.

The wool garments in-game, however, seem to be quite accurate when compared to what I have IRL. Of course, comparing my garments to those of the Iron Age, even though I've done my best to follow traditional designs, methods, and materials, could be considered anachronistic and irrelevant.

March 12, 2018, 06:18:48 PM