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Re: Way to increase stats It's been mentioned before that it would be nice for physical stats to increase based on in-game activities.  For example, chopping down trees all summer would surely increase your strength (try it if you don't believe me...), or skiing all winter could increase your endurance.  Like you said, the characters are only 16 years old, and people's bodies are very adaptable at that age.  It would also be nice to see more "cosmetic" changes, like if you stay indoors all winter eating bear meat, you might put on a few extra pounds ;)
January 04, 2018, 03:30:44 PM
Healing (the bleeding wounds of) your pets and companions Started to add rudimentary (and probably the most important) stage of healing your pets and companions; trying to stop bleeding of their wounds.
More companion/pet healing methods may follow in the future, but we'll start with the most crucial one.

The mechanics of applying physical skill to your companions are the same as applying them to yourself. Herbs can be used in the process, the success or failure messages are the familiar ones, and so on.

How an attempt to heal your companion is started is to face them upon using physician skill. If treatable wounds are found (ie. bleeding wounds) you'll be asked whether you wish to try applying the physician skills to this companion or pet. The wound to treat is then auto selected based on its severity.

January 12, 2018, 03:50:15 PM
Re: What's Going On In Your Unreal World? I haven't played in years upon years  :P I had purchased a lifetime registration.. feels like probably 10 years ago! And just remembered URW last week. Suffice to say, I've been binging.

I was just out checking traps with my dog and hoping to stumble across an elk or other large game.

Our cabin had just been completed a few days prior, thanks to the help of a neighbor who diligently cut down nearly half the lumber needed to finish ahead of time. Comfy but cosy, with basic amenities installed, i thought it would be a grand - if tight - space to winter, cuddling with the dog and stepping out for firewood every now and again. But I digress...

Finally set up to smoke meat we set out across the mire. Elieurnan, my wee pup, had been with me for two months now, taking up food and scaring off wildlife - but also proving incredibly useful, and much more loyal than expected.. IRL, my dog couldn't give two buffalo chips about listening to me when he sees a rabbit or other game.. but Elieurnan had become a very loved animal to see chasing me around and killing multiple lynx and badger without getting injured.

When we arrived in the small lakeside trapline I had set up while the snow cover was thick enough not to realize the mire prevented purposeful farming, there was a grouse stuck under one of the lever traps that I maintained - a loose word, as due to distance I didn't bother baiting them and we only ever checked them when heading to one of the nearby small villages. Excitedly, I figured that this was an opportune chance to try and get some practice with my bow. It's hard to justify breaking arrows shooting at logs, but some live meat is completely different.

After several clumsily unskilled shots, I found myself drawn into the method.. pull arrow, nock, aim, relax, shoot.. and I didn't notice Eliurnan, who was leashed onto my belt, had taken some interest in the critter...

The arrow hit him in the heart. He died within minutes - which, being turnbased, means I've just spent 5-10 minutes trying to figure out if I can somehow save him... tabbed back in, and dropped some food..

"Eat now, Eliurnan", I said in a hopeful, hushed tone. He looked at the meat, and back up to me with a happy look on his face :'(... and a wiggle in his tail :'(.. then collapsed, the blood pouring from his torso.

Devastated, I've decided that it's dog for dinner.

For real, I'm really upset about this. I pulled the arrow out.. is that maybe what killed him? Blood loss? I wish there was a proper way to staunch bleeding.. or break the arrow off, bandage it, and carry him back. I just really like dogs.. and I've grown attached to a little computer character. Suppose i'll have to be much more careful with the next dog I manage to trade for.. tie them off to a tree out of range of where I'll shoot the hell out of them while trying to practice archery...

Also URW is even better than I remember it was so many years ago! So incredibly happy that development kept up and has created this pristine gem.. beautiful game!

ED: Got a fine dog-skin.. fitting, from such a fine dog!

February 01, 2018, 08:12:37 AM
Re: Choose the starting Culture based on skills
On the other hand, I have no idea why anyone would want to play as Koivula.

I can give a very belated explanation to this, since I'm playing one now and have played another before, with much enjoyment.

After you learn most of what you need to know about URW, the very strong cultures start to lose their appeal. You start in winter and get all setup before the coldest part arrives, and you do not look forward to Spring.

I can't even look at Kaumos. Last Owl I rolled had speed, agility, dexterity and eyesight maxed out (just a few roll tries) - a bloody sniper.  Sarto are huge and can be rolled very well. Reemis too, and end up with the highest trapping score (so you drown in animal furs and meat even faster).

Of course I could gimp a roll, or keep important skills low. But as long as I can max out a character, I will, I can't do otherwise.

So my solution has been to play subpar cultures. Rolling many many times to get something decent. Feeling the difficulty of playing with overall lower skills and stats.

In addition, the Koivula have generally few and relatively poor villages, which adds some difficulty (I try to play close to "home" culture).

February 18, 2018, 09:50:00 AM
Skill Training Guide One of the things I've been working on more lately is more consistent skill training, so I thought I'd write up a bit about how to train up skills and how difficult they are.  The general rule is that you can gain at most three percentage points every day, and the day rolls over at about 8:00 AM.  Skills with more stars next to them will be easier to train up, depending on your stats and the stats that help with that skill.

Craft & Lore skills

Agriculture - Train up through planting seeds.  Affects the yields of grown plants.  Difficult to deliberately skill train.
Building - Train up through building things.  Affects the speed of building.  Difficult to deliberately skill train.
Cookery - Train through cooking more difficult recipes.  Roasting meat won't do much, more complex recipes are more likely to train.  Somewhat useful; will affect the trade value of cooked food.
Herblore - Keep unknown plants, mushrooms, and berries in your inventory and use herblore on them every hour or so.  Trains pretty rapidly with a few items to train with.  Useful for identifying edible and medicinal plants.
Fishing - Train through fishing with a tool, pole, or nets.  Difficult to deliberately skill train, but net fishing is probably most effective.
Hideworking - Training with small game is most effective, since they tan faster and each hide gives you the same number of possible skill ups regardless of side.  Very useful for getting higher quality clothing and cords.
Timbercraft - Training with board making is most effective.  Not hugely useful, but affects the speed of timberwork and quality of boards.
Physician - Train by treating minor injuries.  Climbing trees is a reasonable way to get minor but not threatening injuries.  Frostbites from running naked in the winter work OK too.  Can now treat animals and companions as well, which might be a less dangerous way to train it.
Trapping - Can be trained by resetting traps repeatedly.  Very useful for those who want to trap; increases the chance of game entering the trap.
Tracking - Train by following a game trail and repeatedly using the tracking skill to check the direction of the tracks.  Quite useful for active hunting.
Weatherlore - I have literally never seen this skill increase, and I use it every morning.
Carpentry - Train by making crafted goods like shortbows or paddles.  Difficult to train, but quite useful for higher quality items.

Physical skills
Skiing - Just ski.  During the winter I ski around checking trap lines to train this.  Quite useful for winter travel.
Stealth - Walk around in stealth mode.  Seems to train faster when there are animals nearby.  Useful for active hunting and combat.
Climbing - Climbing fences or small cliffs trains this safely and quickly.  Useful at very high skills for climbing trees safely for better views.
Swimming - Swim along the shoreline in the summer.  Trains fairly quickly.  Not commonly used, but can save your life in some situations.

Combat skills
Difficult to train up safely.  Throwing or shooting weapons will train, but often takes hundreds of throws to get a skillup.  Dodge, unarmed, and shield are very difficult to train.

Any other suggestions?  I generally spend time on actively training herblore, skiing, stealth, climbing, club, trapping, and tracking. 

March 31, 2018, 09:34:29 PM
quality of life For new players:

Since the UI can be a bit unwieldy at times, here's some things I learned:

The combination of using NUMPAD+ and the TAB key is really useful to drop, equip, dress/undress/haul certain items without having to scroll through your stuff.
NUMPAD+ = select everything
SPACE = confirm
TAB = activate filter


TAB+'f' selects all food, so it is very useful to dump all the food into the cellar. TAB+'f', NUMPAD+ and SPACE do a great job here.

If I want to cook those 259 elk cuts, what I do is
press 'd' (to drop)
press NUMPAD+ (to select everything)
press TAB 'f'
press NUMPAD- (to unselect everything)
press SPACE (Now I will drop everything that is not food)
When roasting my cuts I can now use 'r' to repeat, and if I am only carrying raw meat, the process is really fast.

I do the same for tanning stuff, drop everything except hides, press 'g' to get my knife (and some fat) from the pile at my feet, and I am ready to go with 0 penalties

I do the same when trading in a village sometimes, when I drop everything I don't want to sell. I undress all clothing via SHIFT+T, TAB 'a', NUMPAD+, SPACE. Now I can let the villagers choose "which items they actually want", and I can also carry more.


The game takes materials from the ground. When crafting it is useful to first drop everything (NUMPAD+, SPACE), and then pick up some critical materials that cannot be used from the ground (like food or cords).


When cooking (or drying food) it is useful to build the cellar right next to the shelter. This way I can make a fire next to the cellar and cook while standing on the cellar. The food is prepared "inside" the cellar. If the fire is really small, the food won't burn and will be stored in the cellar without the need to move it there.


About drying food: On my first couple of games I didn't know that clothing can be used to make cords. Linen, wool, leather, and fur clothing can be transformed into cords. One cord can take 19 cuts.


Food preservation: Food on companions spoils more slowly. Shift+'g' can be used in the overland map, so whenever I am hungry, I can take some meat from my companion instead of carrying the food myself. (Also useful for trading.)


June 03, 2018, 09:29:00 PM
Re: barry the bull, why you should get at least 1 bull. Anyone know the max load of a bull?  The wiki had said 273, but I appear to have loaded a 415lb elk carcass (skinned) onto a bull to bring back to a cellar.

June 27, 2018, 06:38:01 AM
A safe place for cows Hi everybody, first post in this new forum.

Just to share a design for a cow's pen (or any other animal) that seems to be safe from predators. It is like this:

   X X X O X X X
   X X X X X X X
   O X F F F X O
   X X X X X X X
   X X X O X X X

F = free space
X =fence
O = Trap pit with stakes

The idea is as follows. First, build the 1st ring around the free area, where your animal will reside:

   X X X X X
   X F F F X
   X X X X X

This will not stop any predator, so you add...traps!

       X X X X X
     O X F F F X O
       X X X X X

And, to make sure the predators will be funneled to the traps, make a 2d ring in such a way that there are always 2 fences between the exterior and the free space, or a trap. Like this:

   X X X O X X X
   X X X X X X X
   O X F F F X O
   X X X X X X X
   X X X O X X X

It looks like a 4-point castle, and it is amazingly effective. I think predators can only penetrate one fence, so, if they don't realize there is a trap, they try to take the shortcut! A new wolf skin.

It also works with elks and the like, just bait each trap with elk-meth, aka turnips, and you are done. Last time I did this, I got like 4 elks and a wolf, while my bull Benicio el Toro (what else to call a toro?  ;D) just looked on, amused.

Try it and tell me how it goes!


July 05, 2018, 08:32:37 PM
Re: A safe place for cows
This setting cannot protect against bears. Bears will just smash through fences and kill your animals. So be careful when bear is wandering around your settlement.
We know bears can smash fences (and open doors), and we know wolves can jump over them, so the question is not one of whether they can get through technically, but whether their path finding will cause them to get through. The only way to find out is to build the setup and wait for a bear to see what happens.
I reply here because I do use the setup and a bear just killed my cow so I speak from my experience.

August 31, 2018, 03:11:21 AM
Re: A safe place for cows I find the best protection against bears is to have an outer fence, and within an inner fence with your cows (my log cabin is also within the outer fence). In the outer fence a couple of dogs roam freely.

I put a heavy deadfall trap just outside or inside the outer fence, and a couple of mounds of bones for the dogs (plus any spare meat).

I don't think a bear will attack with two barking dogs there, and if it does, it will be busy eating them before going to the inner fence with cows/sheep/pigs. This gives you time to kill it. Or, with a bit of luck, the bear might just get into the heavy deadfall trap :)

Incidentally, the dogs also defend my crops in this way, since I make fields close to the cabin within the outer fence.

August 31, 2018, 12:59:13 PM