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Sacrilege! My Reemi sword&bow character was working on getting some trade goods for salt and essentials. Found red wearing traders' camp.
They wanted my dog and I got some weapons and worn clothes and armor.
Amongst the piles of clothing, one item brought fury to Lauri's mind.

It's war, the red traders must die.

June 07, 2022, 04:48:20 AM
Re: How to get early game food supply since fishing nerf
So does spoiled meat/fish work as a bait, or does it have to be fresh?
Uncooked / non-cured spoiled meat, fish, and fat all work as bait. Spoiled roasted/boiled/cured meat, fish or fat won’t work as bait.

i haven't branched away from uncooked meat and fish in my spreadsheet yet but I plan to. However this information from news.txt makes me think the cooked/cured meat should work as bait:

- fixed: dried cuts as fishing baits got used up in one single fishing attempt

         Now a single dried cut lasts for a couple of fishing attempts.

Though I don't know how much the fish will like it compared to other baits.

I also want to test out bread.

Bread works for small fish. Bait comment above was for trapping
Cooked/cured/raw/spoiled/stale/fresh can all be used as fishing bait.

June 07, 2022, 05:39:38 AM
Re: How to complete "Adventurer's (Item)" Quest? Most messages in urw are not correct in English, at least to to pedants like me, even the weather reports are incorrect. The quest this refers to is wrong grammatically and thus leads to confusion for some people.

This fact that the post above is a direct cut and paste of a comment I made earlier, and it is a first post, should be more concerning about spam accounts.

June 09, 2022, 09:49:10 AM
Re: How to complete "Adventurer's (Item)" Quest?
Any more bot like behavior and their posting rights will be restricted. 

That didn't take long... The account did another reply by merely copy-pasting a clip from an earlier post in the thread. I restricted the posting rights by the one sure method; deleting the account.

June 09, 2022, 04:53:57 PM
Re: Sacrilege? 2nd camp was in an island, with a bay coming to the camp.
Njerpez were falling like barley in thunderstorm.
Lauri did get hit twice; once in chest with a broad head and another shot in hip.
Then it was time to recover kota covers and send the invaders onwards their last journey.

June 17, 2022, 11:06:54 PM
Re: Sacrilege? While Lauri was healing from clearing the 2nd camp, he managed to setup a stash in to a cave of goods, smoked elk and firewood. Once the last wound was healed, Lauri strapped on his skis and headed to an area where his neighbors had seen more invaders.

"Just scouting them fast, not going to wear heavy armor to slow me down"

Well, one Njerpez must've spotted Lauri's dog, Hellu, and charged forwards, skiing back, sending calculated shots at the invaders, Lauri slowed and made the invaders flee. But others were charging.
Finally Lauri decided the make them really pay for the taking of the lichen overcoat.

June 17, 2022, 11:12:33 PM
Re: What's Going On In Your Unreal World? Obligatory healing after clearing camp #3.
It's always nice to see their last archer shoot their 2nd last warrior in the back to have him wheel around and beat each other up.

1st camp was 6, 2nd camp was 7 warriors. 3rd had 9.
As always, hauled the corpses to a pyre. Felling trees will be slower for a while, took a scimitar on the right shoulder.

Game complains to stop excessive hoarding, but I need to bring clothes to my neighbors' kids. They're running in the snow in trousers and nothing else.

June 17, 2022, 11:35:32 PM
Summer Sale on Steam - and a few pics Steam Summer Sale is going on for those you seek an opportunity to enter into Far North for a discounted price:

Otherwise, I just wish everyone a good summertime, and share a few photos around the development chambers.


June 28, 2022, 07:15:29 PM
Carrying Penatly and fatigue tested Hi, I did some interesting tests about game engine. ::)
I discovered that fatigue when running very strictly depend even on very small (as I was thingking before) Carrying Penatly.

On my character 253lbs I can still carry 25lbs weared clothes without any penatly. Its seems like 10% maybe is free.
During the test I was running 1 big map tile island from 1 shore to another and back. It was 66 tiles x2 = 132tiles = 264m.
I did many same runs to be sure, and every time effect was same.

When I wasn't carry anything except my weared clothes my carring penatly was 0%
0% carrying penatly --> 22% of fatigue after run.

You can't carry any equipment to stay with penatly 0%, even smallest knife make it-1%.
Game mechanic dont cunt weight directly, you can have few pounds or kg more if you still fit in penatly limit which looks like this:

cp = carrying penatly
--> fatigue after 132 tiles of distance runned
cp   0 % --> 22%
cp   1 % --> 44% 
cp 2-4% --> 64%
cp 5-6% --> 86%
cp 7% stoped at 95% fatigue around 25 tiles to end, wasn't able to run anymore :o

I didn't check if big penatly affect combat fatigue also the same way, but I gues its work like this.

Now you know why this njerpz civilians get you so fast and why they are so hard to beat.
This kids and womans dont have weapons and armor. From crowd of 10 civilians there always are 1-2 or 3 fast with high dodge.
Even if you going to kill them full heavy armored without any running, your fatigue probably will be same extremally high after few attacks becasue it looks like combat is affected same as running.
I can still take Longbow, 2 knives, and 20 of arrows and fit in 1% penatly including light weared armor( penatly free) ;D

July 02, 2022, 03:47:37 PM
Pushing bed time You know how some days you’re feeling exhausted or ready to drop by late afternoon. But then, you don’t want to wake up around small hours either. So you decide to split a trunk in to boards. With handaxe, while checking out the shorty trap fence.

To be woken up by “noises” aka Njerpez shooting arrows at your dog. Fark. Unleash doggo, wield fine longbow and send him some fine broad heads.
Damn. He knocked the dog unconscious with his woodsman’s axe. Send more arrows.
He killed the dog. FaaAARK. BUT GOT him unconscious too. Run over, swing broadsword at his skull. Dead a-hole.

Crud. Skin and butcher the dog. Loot Njerps’ goods. Sure, need to go find another dog. Tan hide in the morning, set the cuts to dry and leave some for trapping and fishing bait. Not too bad. Sucks to lose a pup though. Go to sleep.

Odd noises. Poop. Go the check the trap fence mere 36’ (12m or 6 tiles). Unconscious Njerp in the trap pit. Huh. Well, guess it pays to have trap pits between trees, without fences in the middle. Swing the sword. Near decapitation. Start to reset trap. Another Njerp pops in the view. Exchange few blows, slash his arm; not so easy for him to swing his bastard sword. Then get his hip twice. And slash his face. He passes out. Swing at his neck and cut deep to kill him too.

Step back to hide close by a spruce. Ready the bow and fine broadhead. Wait for several moments.

Seems like there isn’t a 4th invader.

Go back to sleep in the shelter.

Summary: lost a dog trying to push bedtime to late evening—night. Got interrupted by wandering Njerps. Went to sleep, to wake up to another Njerp falling into a trap pit. Killed 3rd when resetting the trap.  Glad that there are roving Njerps and not just camps in 3.71

July 07, 2022, 08:21:43 AM