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Helpers: 1) turn felled trees into logs 2) continue paused This has probably, almost certainly, been asked of before.

It would be helpful if hired workers could be instructed to convert nearby already felled trunks into logs. The conversion to logs seems to take 3 times as long as felling a tree. This would be an addition so the helper could be set to fell trunks then asked to log convert nearby already felled trunks.

It might also help if they could continue nearby paused building works. There are too many options to just have them start on their own. The player could start and abort, or fatigue out, to have a helper finish the task.

November 25, 2018, 02:56:04 AM
Re: Well...shiite! Being rather new to the game, I've noticed that I often forget to pay attention to the messages or meters, as there is no "tangible" feedback - nothing's been fatal so far, but I often walk or work till I drop from exhaustion because I'm focused on what the character is doing on the screen and don't pay attention to the right side of the screen (especially when there's line after line of messages of my dog barking in hunger or the bull bellowing). If the character started staggering, or the screen dimmed when you're getting too tired, it would be a more prominent cue. Or in the case of forgetting to wear clothes in the middle of winter, a blue tint over the screen as you start feeling the cold...
November 28, 2018, 04:25:27 PM
A Christmas present to the community by me Sorry if the title sounds a little grandiose. ;D

Since late November, I've been updating the official wiki, on and off.

Mostly just adding categories and structure to the whole thing (though a lot of it was good to begin with, so I had my work cut out for me, in a sense), occassionally uploading some new images for the still missing ones in articles (there are still many), expanding several articles with more detailed information and improved formatting (sections with headings, instead of unbroken paragraphs), and occassionally creating a few new articles (I did one on NPC conversations, a few short ones on terrain types (this I still want to extend), and one article on the types of "pets" the player receives at the start when they select the last starting scenario). Images are now neatly sorted into their own subcategories within an image category, so you'll be able to make sense of the images uploaded to the wiki much, much more easily than before. There's a Healing and medicine subcategory in the equally new Gameplay category, and so on and so forth.

Hope you like the category work in particular. I tried to be as rigorous and logical as possible while expanding upon the already existing categories and adding new ones. Hopefully you'll find the additions useful and quick to work with (making it easier to find inter-related stuff quickly on the wiki). I'm still working on improving some articles or finishing a few of the newer ones, but much of the planned work is done by this point.

Feedback is very welcome !

And if anyone wants to help the visual side of the wiki by providing screenshots of still missing content from the latest release of the game, that would be very welcome. For certain objects and concepts, we still only have images from pre-3.30 versions, and even though those have their historical value, we also need more up-to-date images (3.52 and higher).

As Christmas is nearly here, I'd like to wish everyone a peaceful, healthy and relaxing holiday season. :)

December 20, 2018, 07:50:56 PM
Re: What's Going On In Your Unreal World? Long time no see! Was once a regular on the old forums in the 3.14-ish days, came back to the game after a couple years apart, and wow, there've been a lot of changes.

Just started up a new game to ease myself back. I'm really liking the new quests system, it saved my guy from starvation (lugged a lot of firewood back and just raided all their smoked meats.) :) Getting to work making a smoking shack, fields, and eventual pit-trap line. One day I'll get hardcore enough to do a completely self-sufficient character, but only once I've finished getting comfortable with the new additions.

January 07, 2019, 08:33:25 PM
Who let the dogs out... Let's try to make a return with development news then. It's taken some browsing of the code and decoding hazy written notes to find the path which I was following prior to fracturing my arm, and the sick leave that followed. But now also my to-do memory has recovered to great extent and there are snippets of upcoming features to present.

Dogs... NPC dogs... Village dogs... Dogs to better protect the NPCs... that's what I had started to code, and that's what is now to be continued.

Village dogs are now released out of their pens, and they roam freely at the village area. This allows village dogs to truly protect the village from possible threats and intruders. Village dogs are also improved in their watch dog behavior, and unfamiliar visitors are now greeted with alarm barks and by coming close by to sniff and check them. Village dogs may seem intimidating for strangers but this behavior is gradually toned down when you become more familiar with the village. be continued -- there are a few more dog things coming up..

March 21, 2019, 02:53:06 PM
Re: The Snakes of Winter! I've seen them too.  Snakes on a plain!
March 28, 2019, 02:27:08 AM
Re: Time for some new paint on these walls...
Development list
Last updated: Mar-13-2017

Yeah, it needs a touch. The list was first introduced to give green light for frequently asked bigger goals - and to indicate exclusion of some frequent non-suitable suggestions - but keeping it up to date has always been troublesome. Most of the version updates have lately dealt with non-listed additions, and thoroughly pondered roadmap towards finished game has never been a development plan ;)

I'll try to remember to take a look at it in the near future.

April 09, 2019, 08:07:15 PM
Re: The Snakes of Winter! This legacy issue with snakes has been fixed now, with some additional love for snakes which I'll post at in a few minutes.

(And at the same time, bears have been given proper hibernation as well.)

Fixed - persists in 3.52

April 13, 2019, 08:15:51 PM
Re: Craft question A broad knife is the preferred tool for hide working, and so this tool provides a greater benefit than other knives of the same quality. I'd expect the difference to be approximately one quality level, so a Masterworks knife of a different kind being about equal to a Fine broad knife.
You can experiment by having both a Masterworks "other" knife and a Fine broad knife in your inventory when skinning a carcass, observe the text to see which one the game selects, drop and pick the knives up such that they end up in the reverse order in your inventory, and then observe which one is selected for another skinning task. If the same knife is selected in both tasks that's the "better" one, and different ones are used they're equally good.

If I remember correctly, a Fine broad knife is sufficient to be able to make Superior hides, while a Fine knife of other types fails the equipment test. However, I may remember incorrectly and that's for Decent knives, but anyway, a Broad knife can be of one quality level lower than other types to allow for the same best result.

Thus, I'd expect a Masterworks broad knife to add an extra bonus to your success roll over a Fine one, which matters a fair bit when the chances are so low.

June 15, 2019, 03:38:42 PM
Summery summary in the midst of upcoming version hype Yes, yes. Yet another version is cooking up. That's not news. That's how it goes with UnReal World.

But what it will be about, and when to expect a release?
That would be more like news. And that's what this post is about.

Summer is always a busy season. There's so much happening that it's hard to even summarize what's happening. Many of the warm days and nightless nights get spent on recreational activities, but working hours in the development chambers have been also been busy and sweaty. Now lets take a look at what has happened, and to where all this is taking us. Some of this stuff may have been announced already, but it doesn't hurt to drool once again.

The main focus of upcoming version is laid on NPCs. This applies to both companions you can hire for yourself, and wandering woodsmen you may meet in the wild. But that's not all. I'll cover some of the upcoming new features in the chunks of text below. I won't add screenshots this time, but a few selected historical image sources from Finnish museums and archives. Some of these may not be era-accurate, but mood and theme suitable nevertheless.

Wandering NPCs will actively hunt animals, based on their cultural preferences, and also utilize the kills the best they can.

This opens up possibilities for numerous exciting incidents to take place as the woods with hunters and their game now becomes far more alive and complex than before.
The very act of NPCs hunting is propably rarely witnessed by the player character but traces and remains found in the woods can tell a story of another human hunter at the area.
Wandering woodsmen and adventurers may now also occasionally have dog companions with them. And just like the dogs owned by player characters these will also protect their masters.

"Hunter with his gear"
Photographer: Sirelius U.T. 1898
National Board of Antiquities / Suomalais-ugrilainen kuvakokoelma / SUK36:263
License: CC BY 4.0

Companion usefulness gets boosted with several new tasks they can do on demand

New companion commands are:
* butcher and skin carcasses
* roast meat or fish
* make logs and boards
Companions skills naturally affect to outcome of the tasks so their expertise can be sometimes used to obtain higher quality goods than what the player characters could produce by themselves.
That's cool, you might think. And you also might think of few other tasks companions could do. Indeed. Same here. We actually do have a few more things regarding companions still under construction. Currently we're working on mechanisms to allow unoccupied companions automatically to help you with laborous tasks (eg. building) thus shortening the working time.

Well, we haven't concentrated solely on living things. Here's a few of probably the most interesting additions and features regarding item galore;

Harvesting and utilizing birch-bark

It will be possible to harvest and utitilize birch-bark in crafting. Birch-bark is peeled and removed from a tree in long strips which are then wound to a ball for storage. (As a trivia, this kind of balls are called 'Sommelo' in Finnish.)
It will be possible for player character now to craft birch-bark shoes, caps, boxes, baskets - and also birch-bark ropes.

Ball of birch-bark, 'Sommelo'.
The National Museum of Finland / Yleisetnografiset kokoelmat / VK5354:11
License: CC BY 4.0

Measure of length for tying equipment

Tying equipment such as ropes and cords now have a length property, and tying equipment requirements in crafting are now length based. There will be also options for joining and shorterning ropes and cords as sometimes specific length is desired.

Armour and cloth quality having impact on their protective values

High quality armours and clothes now provide more protection, and the low quality ones provide less. In most cases this covers more than one coverage aspect, but always at least the most important aspect for the item in question.

Footwear wearing out in use

Shoes and boots now wear out in use ie. when walking or otherwise moving around by foot. Footwear material determines their durability.

Reindeer fur boots, 'Nutukkaat'.
The National Museum of Finland / Suomalais-ugrilaiset kokoelmat / SU4724:35
License: CC BY 4.0

Let this be enough for summery summary about what to expect. Now then there's that other question...

When we're done with those "few more things" still pending to be added it is time to start wrapping things up for a beta release. I'm quite reluctant to set or mention any deadlines as they usually don't keep, but if we think it out loud then...
It shouldn't take more than few weeks to finish the most urgent pending to-do's. Then a week of extensive testing and adjusting the latest additions, and then if everything goes fine it's time to start final packaging.
...we could be seeing first beta of the brave new version in early september. And from there on, what has been laid in there will still be evolving and growing, stabilizing and multiplying.

It should be noted that the beta version will be released on Steam, and for lifetimers, and standalone (donation-based, free-of-charge) installers will follow after significantly longer time than what we have used to in the past. This is because the donation-based distribution has been receiving very marginal and insufficient support for years already, and I have to reason things out how to balance with the current distribution models. I'll be happy to answer possibly puzzled questions of relatively recent of near-future intending donors but that will have to await until next week - but don't hesitate to even e-mail if you feel like it.

August 05, 2019, 11:53:54 AM