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Improvements to fire mechanics, changes to smoking mechanics So it was said earlier - quite a long time earlier actually - that fire mechanics are about to undergo some improvements. Now there's some concrete upcoming features highlight on that as follows. Lots of adjustments have been done and all the fire stuff has become more flexible to allow numerous little features still to follow. Let's see where it goes, but at least these are in already:

- improved: fire mechanics

          Various features have been added to make fire burning, its' warming effect, obtained information and visual appearance more detailed.

          * Burnt-out fire graphics is related to the amount of fire burned at the site. Small fires leave small remains, large fires leave large remains.

          * Remains of fire accumulates over time so sequential fires burned at the site will increase the remains.
The remains will still eventually disappear with few days pause in fire burning.
          * embers graphics has been and remains of burnt-out fires will be now glowing red for awhile. For how long the embers will be glowing depends on the amount of fire burned.

          * when looking at burnt-out fire it's now also told if there are glowing or still warm embers. This information gives an idea eg. about how recent a campfire found in the wild might be.

 - added: smoking requires continuous maintaining of fire

          In the previous versions smoking succeeded if the room was heated once, and the process required no further maintenance. Now the heating must be maintained through the whole process.
          It's not critical to maintain an exact temperature but the fireplace in your smoking cabin should be warmed up properly on daily basis. Should you forget it one day it's still possible to compensate by heating it up even more the next day.
          If the heating is completely neglected you will find your smoked foodstuff all spoiled. If the heating has failed only to some extent you may find some of the smoked foods spoiled.

These are upcoming features, not yet functional in current version 3.62.

May 19, 2020, 06:42:24 PM
Re: Tilegfx for peeled trees Secondary request for yellow/orange/red/brown leaves on deciduous trees during fall/autumn and no leaves on them during winter.
Just graphics, mood, immersion standpoint. Ground changes color, would be sweet to see deciduous/ leaf trees change colors too.

May 22, 2020, 06:15:54 AM
Re: Parry as skill If the trees are dodging your lumberjack he should cut back on the booze and noiaidi mushrooms. Also, trees very rarely attack lumberjacks when they try to cut the trees down (a pile of snow or a dislodged branch at the worst).

Cutting down trees uses a completely different skill from using an axe for fighting in UrW, and the weapon skills include all usages of the weapon in a fight, i.e. attacking, counterattacking, and blocking (which essentially the same as parrying).

There's some synergy between cutting down trees and using an axe for combat, but that's not modeled in UrW. Also note that some "simple robbers" can be extremely hard to hit even for master fighters in UrW.

July 23, 2020, 11:36:51 AM
Re: Who were "Njerpez" ? This might be a bit of a disappointment, but here are a few words from the very person who crafted the word "Njerpez" and drafted their place and role in the UnReal World;

1. As far as I know, the name is just a pseudo-word, chosen for the way it sounds to a Finnish-speaking person. (Of course there probably always are sub-conscious influences I'm not aware of myself.) Without meaning anything specific it just sounds "foreign". It should be noted that the same principle applies to all the other cultural names in UnReal World - most of them are pseudo words chosen to sound like a words which could've existed in ancient Finnish language.

2. Although UnReal World is based on Iron Age Finland (roughly 800 AD - 1200 AD), we deliberately chose to make a phantasy world resembling historical Finland. That way we have some artistic freedom, and not all the details need to be 100% accurate. Just like the world map is not real Finland, so the tribes and cultures are loose adaptations. Especially the Njerpez. They are somewhat based on Russian cultures.

Historically speaking, there is the 1323 AD treaty defining a border between Swedish Kingdom and Novgorod Republic. That border runs through the area which was home to Finnic tribes. So, a lot simplified, around the turn of 1200 - 1300 AD the land mass now known as Finland saw the Swedish Kingdom expanding from the West, and Novgorod expanding from the South-East.

One fictional inspiration for the world of UnReal World has been an alternative history; how would late 1200 AD Finland have looked like, if the Swedish invasion didn't take place? In that case, probably, there still would've been some sort of Novgorod expansion. And not just Novgorod expansion, but probably also Finnic tribes launching (counter)raids into Novgorod territory. Or, actually this Finnic - Novgorod warfare probably is also historically accurate, but only fragmentary documents remain.


The Njerps are, after all, crazed nutjobs, rather than a normal culture.

I must say that personally I'm a little bit sad about that. I mean, I feel that it would be great if we had all the cultures of UnReal World more detailed and behaving in more realistic and complex way, with multiple layers in their behavioural patterns and repertoire. But that is a huge task which would require a lot of AI programming, and the main focus has been developing the simulation of nature and animals.

August 09, 2020, 08:56:29 AM
[3.63] EXPLOIT: anything inside birch-bark containers can be used in tanning I was about to tan a soaked elk skin with newly obtained bark. But I mistakenly chose birch-bark box of 'coarse grains' instead and, to my surprise, worked as tanning material. I had to fill the now-empty box and try it again to make sure. By not starting tanning but pressing escape during the pause when all conditions are met. Consequently, the birch-bark box, which was emptied when selected for tanning, did not refill when canceling. I repeat: I did not start the process.

Rye flour (made into sour mixture) can be used for tanning IRL, so initially I thought there was some purpose to all this.

But then, another thing was that I had a bag full of these same grains. That bag of coarse grains could not be selected for tanning.

So now I suspect it was the "birch-bark box of ..." that allowed the grains to be chosen in the first place. I have to test this with putting, say, dried meat inside a birch-bark container and try tanning with that.

I shouldn't even be reporting this, because now I want to use rye flour in this fashion in the future...

EDIT: Confirmed. I just tanned a bear skin with 2.1 lbs of awful dried elk cut from a birch-bark basket. Pretty sour stuff :o
EDIT: And I see birch-bark strip works too, even though the proper (reddish brown, used in tanning) bark was left on the birch... The white papery stuff shouldn't tan anything. This is a language problem, actually. Since in Finnish (for example) the outer bark (white stuff) is called tuohi and the inner bark (brown stuff) is called parkki.

November 26, 2020, 04:14:50 PM
Happy New Year Sometimes I'm a bit off and not too precise about the exact timing, but better late than newer - so ...

Happy New year to all of you!

There's not that much snow this year compared to the past average, but it's winter nevertheless.
And a new year ahead of us.

Take care!

January 02, 2021, 05:30:59 PM
Re: Harvesting(edited:boiled down to harvesting, ignore redundant leather discus.)
I too enjoy raking the woods. Perhaps auto-pickup could be enabled by wielding a rake.

I should know better not to mix politics in, but this is so funny I can't resist. (English-spoken clip of a Finnish satire on contemporary matters, like raking the woods) ;D

Send him to Finland! (Trigger warning: mr. Trump)

January 03, 2021, 06:22:35 AM
Suggestion reply marathon Apr-Dec 2020 accomplished. We've had a habit to do suggestion reply marathons, which means giving a reply to each suggestion from a longer period of time. This time the marathon covers nine month period from April to December 2020.

Suggestions are something we've always tried to read and reply, because there's really no reason for suggestions section to exists if developers aren't really paying attention to it.  However, this time the marathon was quite laborous task and took few weeks even to accomplish. The time is limited, and  we'll see how it goes in the future, but at least 2020  is wrapped up now  and the development roadmap hopefully that much more clearer to those who follow the section.

There were 110 suggestion in total, ranging from simple ideas which can be done in few hours to massive descriptive visions that would require months, if not half a year of work. If someone imagined all the suggestions from the period being put to effect it might very well take a year, or  two - or more.
    Well, of course that is not how it goes, and we have always had neverending to-do list by ourselves too. For us the suggestions section serves as a place to give more detailed insight about the mechanics and future developent, and at their best the suggestions occasionally cross, boost and enchance the roadmap and to-dos at the development chambers. We hope to have time to participate in discussion in the future too.

The majority of suggestions during the period were about the game interface, character skills & related mechanics, and NPC behaviour & interaction. 9% of the participating posters did write 52% of all the suggestions.

The results are compiled in one forum thread which you can find here (pinned at Suggestions section):

January 05, 2021, 07:03:33 PM
Re: Sauna Scoop in Game Course Quests
I'm not sure if there still even are sauna scoops.

 I have one.. It was handed down from my great grandfather..   :D

But seriously, it is still defined as an object in the create file.

January 18, 2021, 10:59:32 PM
Re: What's Going On In Your Unreal World? I finally finished the grand "Inn" for my elaborate trading post / outpost.

I think I may be playing the wrong game sometimes, but I haven't found a better one =D

January 28, 2021, 10:55:32 PM