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Re: Nutrition system Note that turnips, mushrooms, and berries are all on the pretty-low end of nutritious. (145 calories / pound for turnips, 132 for mushrooms, and 73 to 222 for berries).

I spent a bit of time collating all the nutrition of foods to figure out what was worth gathering.  A summary:

Barley and rye are both highly nutritious, at greater than 1000 calories per pound, and hemp seeds are nearly as nutritious.  Hemp seeds can be used as seasonings, but barley/rye need to be ground into flour to be eaten, so will take a bit of extra processing.  Broad beans and peas are decent, at 490 and 367 calories per pound.  Of the two, broad beans just produce a lot more weight per plant, and so I usually grow those for preference.  Turnips and hemp leaves are filler - it's worth keeping them on hand (turnips are good trap bait) but very hard to live on them.

Of wild plants that can be grown, nettle, yarrow, and sorrel are all low-nutrition (36-186 calories per pound), but clayweed is up with barley, rye, and hemp for being fairly nutritious (1125 calories per pound).

Wild Edibles
As above, wild mushrooms don't have many calories (132 / lb), but they can be worth gathering since it doesn't take much time for a reasonable weight of mushrooms.  Berries are comparatively lightweight (10 bushes for most to gather a pound) and take a long time (5 minutes per bush) so that in many cases you burn more calories gathering the berries than the berries are worth.  Cloudberries are the best - they're large, so they're twice as heavy (5 bushes per pound) and have the best nutrition (222 / lb).  Other berries I only gather if I want to use them to bait birds into my traps.

Lake reed is up there with the grains as a nutritious crop, at 1089 calories / pound.  It's also wildly overabundant in the vanilla game (1 lb reed per plant, due to an error with the coding).  Well worth gathering a bunch in autumn for the winter.  It's also grindable into flour, and can be eaten as a vegetable.  Marsh calla and bogbean are decent (939 / pound) but have to be boiled to be made palatable.  Other wild plants vary.  Some like meadsweet, goldenrod, and heather have almost no nutrition (18 / pound) and are only useful for their medicinal properties.  Others vary around the lowish to midrange of plant nutrition (~200 to ~600 calories / pound).  Milkweed isn't half bad, and mother and bear pipe are both quite useful both for calories and for their medicinal properties.

Fish and Meat
Fish vary a fair bit, but are in the middle range of nutritious.  The least nutritious fish is the pike-perch, at 290 / lb, and the most nutritious is the salmon, at 585 / lb.  The biggest benefit of fish is that they are generally pretty big, and so you'll get a fair bit of food with just one decent size fish - a whole pike is 2433 calories, enough to sustain a man under not too heavy exercise for a day.

Meat varies quite a lot as well.  The most nutritious meat is bear, at 1057 calories per pound, and several tie for least nutritious at 395 (including squirrel, dog, lynx, and badger).  Elk and forest reindeer, the most likely catches, are middling at 503 and 581 / lb.  Fat is by far the most nutritious (raw) food available, at 4082 calories per pound. 

The other benefit of fish and meat is that you can dry or smoke them, which not only preserves them, but concentrates the nutrients as well.  It is actually slightly non-physical right now, but dried meat is 1/10th the weight and 10x the nutrition, while smoked meat is 1/8th the weight and 8x the nutrition.  You can get all the way up to dried bear meat, which has 9934 calories per pound (twice that of raw fat!)

So in summary, plants are among the most nutritious foods in the game (barley & rye flour in particular), but not all plants are equal.  Things like turnips, berries, and mushrooms, while easier to gather, are really only worthwhile for stretching out the supply of more nutritious foods.

September 06, 2018, 07:23:21 PM
Re: Can someone create pickaxe mod?
Bosses of the game don't want pickaxe. So i wonder if modders can create it.
Pickaxe can be used for craft bricks from stones. Bricks can be used for building house. Pickaxe can be used for fighting too with axe skill.

 The pickaxe would be not to difficult to make.
 Making bricks out of stones or from large rocks, again not to hard.
 Using bricks as ingredient to build a house, no problem.
 You will however still have the original building image.

Pickaxe, no materials, ingredients or tools are defined;
Code: [Select]
.Pickaxe. "Throwing axe" *COMMON* /60/

Stone to brick
Code: [Select]
.Brick. "Rock" *COMMON* /60/
{Stone} #1.2# [remove]

To use bricks, the vanilla building code would need to be modified. (Backup original files before you change them)
Code: [Select]
.North-west corner. [effort3] *BUILDING* [GFX_X:0] [GFX_Y:0] |-1| /320/
.Northern wall.     [effort:3] *BUILDING* [GFX_X:1] [GFX_Y:0] |-1| /320/
.North-east corner. [effort:3] *BUILDING* [GFX_X:3] [GFX_Y:0]  |-1|   /320/
.Western wall.     [effort:3] *BUILDING* [GFX_X:0] [GFX_Y:1] |-1| /320/
.Eastern wall.     [effort:3] *BUILDING* [GFX_X:3] [GFX_Y:1]  |-1|   /320/
.South-west corner. [effort:3] *BUILDING* [GFX_X:0] [GFX_Y:2] |-1| /320/
.Southern wall.     [effort:3] *BUILDING* [GFX_X:2] [GFX_Y:2]  |-1|     /320/
.South-east corner. [effort:3] *BUILDING* [GFX_X:3] [GFX_Y:2]  |-1|   /320/
{Brick} (66) [remove] [ground]
{Axe} <Carving axe> '+for carving the logs'
{Axe} <Broad axe> '+for finishing the walls'

September 24, 2018, 07:23:02 PM
Atlas Obscura Article: Living off the Land in the Arctic Circle

Thought this might be interesting to other Unreal World players. The article describes people -- including two chefs and a reindeer herder -- who gather food from the land in Finland. They have a slightly easier time of it than we do in Unreal World, since they have GPS-tagged hunting dogs, ATVs, vacuum sealers, and freezers :-)

October 19, 2018, 05:04:09 PM
Re: What's Going On In Your Unreal World? I have fence around borders of local terrain where i have house. I have trap pits with sharp stakes in every 8th tile. Why i'm postin this? Because i got 10 reindeers!!! I'm tired of hideworking and drying meat (yes it's winter), i have over 1000 meat. I have to make cords. An update suggestion: add coffee, alcohol and cigarettes to get some energy :)
October 20, 2018, 09:15:00 AM
Guinness world record for "First open-world survival videogame" The second world record received acknowledges UnReal World as a forefather of the genre.


Back in 2016 we got (and proudly hold) the record for longest update support for a videogame in GWR Gamer's Edition 2017.
And now, in the recently published Guinness World Records Gamer's Edition 2019 UnReal World gets the record for "First open-world survival videogame". Oops, we kind of created a videogame genre, but we do not regret :)

The book happily presented at the end of this post is a Finnish edition, and here's how GWR mentions the record in English:
    "The second millennial decade has witnessed an explosion of open-world survival games, particularly on the Steam platform with the success of PC tiles such as DayZ, Ark: Survival Evolved and the battle-royale shooter PlayerUnknown's Battlegrouds.
    The genre's trues roots can most likely be traced back to the indie sandbox RPG UnReal World, first released in 1992. Set in Iron Age Finland, player's principal aim was to survive its challenging and harsh environments. Incredibly, the game was still going strong and receiving updates, as of September 2017. The game was developed by two people - head creator Sami Maaranen and programmer Erkka Lehmus (both Finland). As of September 2017, it held the record for longest update support for a videogame."
(Yeah, it's out-of-date info with latest updates as the books live in press-time info. And in case somebody wonders about the near future updates a new bugfix and balancing patch is actually to be released this month.)

Cheers and thanks to all of you for making history and taking part in creation of a videogame genre with us.

Erkka (co-designer) at the left, Sami (creator) and Alli (the cat) at the right.
And if you take a look at our previous GWR post it seems like have started a tradition with these world record promo pictures as well ;)

October 21, 2018, 12:03:14 PM
Re: Change the wilderness map? In most cases, no.

However, I actually have gone out of my way to cut down every single tree in a map tile, and managed to turn a spruce forest into an open plains tile.

October 22, 2018, 06:38:44 AM
Version 3.52 released on Steam and for Lifetime Members Time for a small but essential patch update. Version 3.52 is now released on Steam and for Lifetime Members.
Additions in the now released version are foremostly bugfixes for smoother survival, but some balancing of exploitish issues is also featured.

Find the full changelog below, here's UnReal World Steam page, and the version is also available for lifetimer members at the designated forums section.
Standalone installer versions at the homepage will be released in November.


Version: 3.52 (stable)

** Saved characters from version 3.40-> are compatible with this version. **

 - balanced: villagers' interest to buy boards
         Previously trading boards could be used an exploit as villagers did buy them without any reasoning.
         Now there's a cap for villagers' interest in boards and they only buy the amount they want to
         have as a reserve. This varies from village to village, and some villages are not necessarily interested
         in player character's board trading attempts at all.

 - added: NPCs will store the obtained timber in the village

         NPCs may obtain timber (eg. boards) through trading. Previously NPCs just carried the heavy loads around
         causing unncessary burden for themselves. Now they eventually store the timber in the village.

 - added: roasting meat/fish decreases its weight

         We tought this was featured already, but no. Now roasted meat/fish loses about 25% its weight in the process.

 - updated: NORTHERN BOW game encyclopedia info + image added

 - added: new NPC kid portrait

          Still not much variety with kid portraits, but if you are into portrait customization more of them can be now
          added for kids as well -> truegfx/kid?.png

 - fixed [Linux]: redundant libcurl dependency removed

 - fixed: character creation extra skill point issue for 0% skills

          Increasing and then decreasing skill for 0% level skills mistakenly allowed two points then to be spent
          on the said skill.
 - fixed [rare condition]: quest generation and companion rehire delays

          Long lived migrated character might encounter extremely long intervals between new quest generation and
          earlier NPC companions willingness to be rehired.

 - fixed [rare condition]: bird thief quest sages forgetting about the quest

          This occurred only with long lived characters. Sages involved in the quest first talked about
          it normally, but might not recognize the quest anymore after a while.

 - fixed: kids not recovering from wounds and injuries

 - fixed: young animal skins were worth the same as adult animals skins

          Now the price is reasoned according to the skin size.

 - fixed: when trading with NPC the accepted items they couldn't carry just disappeared from their inventory after the trade

          Now the excess items NPCs can't properly carry are put on the ground as a common village property.

 - fixed [rare condition]: aquatic birds flying still above the frozen waters

          This was a result of aquatic birds terrain exploration routines failing to find them new meaningful areas to check if the waters at their habitat got completely frozen.

 - fixed [rare occasion]: irrelevant quest related persons appearing in chat dialog
          Sometimes you were given chat options to ask whereabouts of irrelevant quest related persons in the village.   

 - fixed: young animals giving as much fat as the adults

          Now the fat yield from young animals is more or less smaller depending on the cub/calf actual age and size.

 - fixed: nameless villagers ie. occasional blank NPC names

 - corrected typos: harvesting dialog "select select the plants..." -> "Select the plants..."
                    northern name "Duo?gi" -> "Duongi"


October 28, 2018, 02:09:26 PM
Secret Female Quests The only NPCs who give out secret quests (the ones that the whole village doesn't know about) are males: there's the trapping quest, the give me your knife quest, maybe a few others, but always a male.

This means that it's not really worth it to talk to the women in the village at all, because if there's a public quest then anybody can tell you about it, so asking a guy has you covered, and if there's a secret quest then you have to talk to potentially all of the men but you can skip the women.

Sometimes a women can be the quest giver (the take me to your home region quest), but that's a public quest that everybody knows about.

tl;dr: The next time more quests are added, it would be nice if there were some quests that only the female NPCs know about

November 02, 2018, 07:56:08 AM
Re: The song of robbers Oh! To me this is such a moody line that I'd leave it be.

Maybe the lyrics reveals the singers identity  ::)

November 06, 2018, 04:41:21 PM
Re: Woodsman won't cut it! It seems companions are a bit too afraid of bear skull pines and won't fell any trees if there's bear skull pine even relatively close by.
As a workaround you can take the bear skull(s) off the trees here at your homestead and bring them somewhere way further away.
Or then you just have to rely on companions tree felling assistance further away from the bear skulls.

Fixed - persists in 3.52

November 06, 2018, 04:57:43 PM