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Re: What's Going On In Your Unreal World? I haven't played in years upon years  :P I had purchased a lifetime registration.. feels like probably 10 years ago! And just remembered URW last week. Suffice to say, I've been binging.

I was just out checking traps with my dog and hoping to stumble across an elk or other large game.

Our cabin had just been completed a few days prior, thanks to the help of a neighbor who diligently cut down nearly half the lumber needed to finish ahead of time. Comfy but cosy, with basic amenities installed, i thought it would be a grand - if tight - space to winter, cuddling with the dog and stepping out for firewood every now and again. But I digress...

Finally set up to smoke meat we set out across the mire. Elieurnan, my wee pup, had been with me for two months now, taking up food and scaring off wildlife - but also proving incredibly useful, and much more loyal than expected.. IRL, my dog couldn't give two buffalo chips about listening to me when he sees a rabbit or other game.. but Elieurnan had become a very loved animal to see chasing me around and killing multiple lynx and badger without getting injured.

When we arrived in the small lakeside trapline I had set up while the snow cover was thick enough not to realize the mire prevented purposeful farming, there was a grouse stuck under one of the lever traps that I maintained - a loose word, as due to distance I didn't bother baiting them and we only ever checked them when heading to one of the nearby small villages. Excitedly, I figured that this was an opportune chance to try and get some practice with my bow. It's hard to justify breaking arrows shooting at logs, but some live meat is completely different.

After several clumsily unskilled shots, I found myself drawn into the method.. pull arrow, nock, aim, relax, shoot.. and I didn't notice Eliurnan, who was leashed onto my belt, had taken some interest in the critter...

The arrow hit him in the heart. He died within minutes - which, being turnbased, means I've just spent 5-10 minutes trying to figure out if I can somehow save him... tabbed back in, and dropped some food..

"Eat now, Eliurnan", I said in a hopeful, hushed tone. He looked at the meat, and back up to me with a happy look on his face :'(... and a wiggle in his tail :'(.. then collapsed, the blood pouring from his torso.

Devastated, I've decided that it's dog for dinner.

For real, I'm really upset about this. I pulled the arrow out.. is that maybe what killed him? Blood loss? I wish there was a proper way to staunch bleeding.. or break the arrow off, bandage it, and carry him back. I just really like dogs.. and I've grown attached to a little computer character. Suppose i'll have to be much more careful with the next dog I manage to trade for.. tie them off to a tree out of range of where I'll shoot the hell out of them while trying to practice archery...

Also URW is even better than I remember it was so many years ago! So incredibly happy that development kept up and has created this pristine gem.. beautiful game!

ED: Got a fine dog-skin.. fitting, from such a fine dog!

February 01, 2018, 08:12:37 AM