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Combat Options First and foremost, I am a new player and I am completely in love with UrW. This game is a treasure. My one suggestion is that perhaps in future there could be the addition of multiple game modes (i.e. a pacifistic mode where there are no human threats such as Njerpez or robbers, the 'standard' or original level of human v human combat in the base game, and potentially an even more hostile game mode where both Njerpez and robbers are more common, and consequently villages are more suspicious and less welcoming to the player until trust can be built).

In my opinion, other humans are the greatest threat the player faces, and it could be interesting to see a selection screen similar to the starting scenarios where we might be able to decide how much or little human combat we want to face in addition to the other dangers of the forest, and perhaps the ability to change between them later on.

What do you all think?

September 04, 2020, 03:16:05 AM
Going nuts! I know I'm not hugely active here on the forums, but I thought it might be worth suggesting a new forage food item: european hazelnuts (Corylus avellana). This species grows wild in southernmost Finland and might be unique to southern territories in the game map (Driik, Reemi, etc.) and provide another option when foraging in the forest.

These can be shelled and then eaten raw or roasted, or maybe added as an additional ingredient for porridge and other existing recipes in the game. They might also be useful as an alternate bait item for small game that are attracted to these nuts in the wild (squirrels and birds especially).

Huge fan of UrW, excited to keep playing and following its development!  ;D

November 17, 2020, 01:22:42 AM
Re: How far do you travel at start? Interesting question! For me, it depends on the character and what kind of story I have in mind for them. My current character is an Owl Tribe woman named Seija, and I liked the idea that she wanted to see what the peoples and lands to the south were like. Right now she's traveling south-east, and I'm thinking to settle in the lakes/river region around Kiesse and Kaumo.

Usually I don't have too much trouble with food, but I think that's partly because I like to build characters with good eyesight who can get a bird or squirrel with a good throw of a rock. Even better if I can make some javelins or a get a bow early on. Fishing is also usually a good way to get food, though I'm finding there's a bit of a learning curve with the new update  ;)

Good luck hunting!

October 12, 2021, 04:25:23 AM
Re: Post Spruce Shelter Location?
<snip>post-spruce shelter location is not marked anywhere on either of the maps. Is this intentional?
Yes, intentional, based on this post:

Thank you very much! After checking it out, I kind of like the explanation too. Always fun to have little secrets and surprises around if you don't mark everything :)

October 13, 2021, 05:33:27 PM
More tools for seal hunting I was thinking about how tricky it is to hunt seal in URW (which is very accurate to real life, so great work there!) and wondering how existing traps and tools in the game could be maybe tweaked for realism and maybe(?) better luck hunting seals specifically, especially if one wants to play an Islander or Seal-Tribe character who relies on hunting seals for a living. There is an interesting source here: which has information about specialized seal net traps which could be set on land or in open water, as well as the fashioning of hooked seal-spears with elk leg bone.

I know the Ango is already in the game, but does it actually provide any bonus to hunting seals as its in-game encyclopedia entry suggests? I would be curious if there was some way to adjust its attack values/add a length of rope so that it lowers the movement ability of a seal, making it harder for it to dive away. There are a few interesting threads about it in the forums already, and maybe these things could be incorporated into a future fishing/water-hunting update involving making your own fishing nets, shallow-water fish traps/fishing weirs,  and other traps which have been recorded as early as the Bronze age in Sweden. Perhaps I am being too specific here, I know this would all be a lot of work when the devs have already done so much already. It just strikes me as odd that some of the most reliable seal-hunting techniques involved deadfall and bear traps. Obviously something like this would be a far-off (if ever) update, but if anything I thought it would be an intriguing discussion at least.

Here are links to where you lovely folks and the legendary devs have talked about this before, and the last one is a good thread about seal-hunting in general.

October 13, 2021, 10:44:49 PM