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Carrying Penatly and fatigue tested Hi, I did some interesting tests about game engine. ::)
I discovered that fatigue when running very strictly depend even on very small (as I was thingking before) Carrying Penatly.

On my character 253lbs I can still carry 25lbs weared clothes without any penatly. Its seems like 10% maybe is free.
During the test I was running 1 big map tile island from 1 shore to another and back. It was 66 tiles x2 = 132tiles = 264m.
I did many same runs to be sure, and every time effect was same.

When I wasn't carry anything except my weared clothes my carring penatly was 0%
0% carrying penatly --> 22% of fatigue after run.

You can't carry any equipment to stay with penatly 0%, even smallest knife make it-1%.
Game mechanic dont cunt weight directly, you can have few pounds or kg more if you still fit in penatly limit which looks like this:

cp = carrying penatly
--> fatigue after 132 tiles of distance runned
cp   0 % --> 22%
cp   1 % --> 44% 
cp 2-4% --> 64%
cp 5-6% --> 86%
cp 7% stoped at 95% fatigue around 25 tiles to end, wasn't able to run anymore :o

I didn't check if big penatly affect combat fatigue also the same way, but I gues its work like this.

Now you know why this njerpz civilians get you so fast and why they are so hard to beat.
This kids and womans dont have weapons and armor. From crowd of 10 civilians there always are 1-2 or 3 fast with high dodge.
Even if you going to kill them full heavy armored without any running, your fatigue probably will be same extremally high after few attacks becasue it looks like combat is affected same as running.
I can still take Longbow, 2 knives, and 20 of arrows and fit in 1% penatly including light weared armor( penatly free) ;D

July 02, 2022, 03:47:37 PM
Re: Carrying Penatly and fatigue tested I interpreted it wrongly yeasterday so I had to modify it:
It was like this:
cp1-2% --> 44% 
cp3-4% --> 64%
I checked it 3 times and now is correctly.

July 03, 2022, 05:22:18 AM
Re: What's Going On In Your Unreal World? It's not common to draw a character and get a Kaumo with full speed, also best draws with maximum speed, it hasn't happened to me yet. But I admit that I usually spend up to an hour looking for best. In total, summing up all the drawings, it took me maybe even 10 hours, a few days ago I drew about 3 hours because the creator's character does not support the new version, and only later I found out that it is possible to do it differently with hex editing what I did.

Screen nr1 showing dense urban like area, would you settle in this forest in the middle?
Nr2 A cave right next to the village,
Nr3 6 deers fully enclosed by fence with no space empty, animal right defenders already informed!
here you can learn how to change only your character picture, if you want change starting skills you can find info here

December 15, 2023, 08:41:38 AM
Re: What's Going On In Your Unreal World? Here are some fine places I saw in the game:
Bridge on river, yes it was a river and redhead is standing on natural bridge.
Bear drowned in the pond.

You see this small lake?
There was island on island, the problem is there is no way to got on it when ice is too week to hold but raft still can not pass.

December 15, 2023, 09:24:43 AM