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Re: The stories that come from this game are incredible... Recently I was on my way back from an unsuccessful hunting trip and was coming up to the peninsula my cabin is built on when I encountered a bull elk. I zoomed in but it was very late and I couldn't see him so I gave up on it. I got back home and went to stoke the sauna stove because I have a giant pile of meat smoking while my new dog ate from his pile of reindeer bones. As I was doing this, a bull elk appeared in the cabin directly next to me. I paused for a second. I thought it was gonna attack me and tried to yell at it but it just stood there. So I did the only logical thing and closed the door behind him and order my dog to attack before stabbing it to death with my spear. I've spent multiple in-game days chasing rabbits to no avail and suddenly a 400 lb moose just wanders in to my living room lol
July 22, 2020, 08:27:52 PM