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Re: Caught my Gal sleeping on the job and discovered this amazing fact! I looked over the news.txt in the game files, CTRL+F "sleep" and couldn't find anything that points to a patch note mentioning an advantage. But I still make a bed and even put some skin over it as it kind of makes sense in my head in a roleplaying perspective. I would want some soft stuff to lay down on. ;D
May 24, 2021, 01:27:43 AM
Re: Open World Sale on Steam & Dev's life picture feed from the real world Cheers to everyone involved in the project. You guys are the best dev team ever. ;D
May 27, 2021, 09:56:40 PM
Re: Creating Settlements To be honest, we may not even need marriage at the start. I honestly would be very pleasant with a "partner" that is just a companion that doesn't leave you. Maybe after that is settled, we could have a chance to have offsprings if we are "partners" with the opposite gender.

But my problem with this whole thing is, how old are your characters when you actually get all masterwork gear and everything settled? Probably very young, I don't know about other people's playthroughs but the "endgame" can be reached pretty quickly tbh. And to think that a 20 something year old adventurer is looking for immigrants for his newly founded settlement is kind of unrealistic, to me at least.

The perception of time is very slow in the game. You can basicaly visit every single cultural area in the game, do different trades, get all shiny and powerful equipment and barely pass your teenage years. Because the game is also concerned about micro, everyday decisions of your character. I feel like this is a little too pronounced. I think Erkka's game in development, Ancient Savo, can give this bigger time period feeling better because it is not concerned about every single decision of your character, but then again, those two games are in a whole two different game genres.

Having bigger goals like this can be really good and all but I can see a 25 year old guy or girl being the chief of a very populated village and I don't think this is very realistic of those times. But maybe I'm wrong, maybe the Finns all had young people founding new settlements I have no knowledge about that. I would like to read someone's opinion about all the things I wrote above.

May 31, 2021, 01:40:36 PM
Re: [3.70b] Hanging when changing setting at start Oooh, this is very interesting. After reading this post, I also turned the music off and fullscreened the game and got the same result as you. I am using the Steam version, but I don't think this matters. After I force closed the game and opened it, it opened without any problems though. So this exists in steam as well.

Edit: To add more context, I have not changed the fullscreen and music settings after downloading 3.70b. I've only done it after reading this post. Turning the fullscreen option to no does not create the same problem. Changing the fullscreen after the initial crash does not create any other problems.

June 28, 2021, 11:30:07 PM
Re: Hunting gripe Honestly, I don't think active hunting is that bad. But the caveat here is that you are somewhat "forced" (quotes are emphasized) to build your character in a certain way. You need fast character with high eyesight with bow or spear skill high, good endurance. Which makes sense, these are fundamental for hunting in wild. I tried to tackle this with trying out some crossbow builds with a Driik character, but creating a Kaumo is way easier. You don't need to push it too much, I honestly left some game after I missed the first shot. If I am in a thick forest, I look to hit them on the first shot otherwise tracking them is not my priority unless I need the meat or the skin badly.

One thing that irritated me when I was active hunting, was the damage. It always felt like my grandmaster bowman was just not able to get a critical hit on a game, I always resorted to endurance hunting because the arrow did almost no damage, but looking at the game as a whole, masterwork bow and arrow needs an edge so that they are a lot more preferable. I realized that my initial reaction to the problem was stemming from the fact that my hunting tactic almost completely revolves around getting the first hit. So damage annoyed me more than it should because I relied on it too much. In a similar manner, I think depending on a single style often results in frustration.

As for the graphical limitations, I think the game would benefit greatly from a widescreen support. This is no easy task by any means but I think it would greatly improve player's time spent in a thick forest or searching for arrows. There are some graphical edits you can make to get tracks and arrows stand out more but these are rather "hacks" more than anything. But don't let this make your game experience worse for you. If you find yourself squinting way too much and you get eye fatigue, why not do the graphical mods. It is not multiplayer, you are not taking away anyone else's game experience, so why not.

August 08, 2021, 01:53:54 PM