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Re: weight of dried fish vs dried meat
The thing about URW cookery is that nutrition is never lost. Drying or smoking any food item reduces its weight, but it keeps the exact same nutritiousness total (and there's a small extra bonus added, especially if you can get it to tasty or delicious status). That's why you see that with salmon vs bear, but rest assured it's not just random and every original calorie is still in there, nothing is ever lost by smoking or drying food. Just the weight changed.

I found an interesting edge case where nutrition is lost, actually:  dried bear meat.  Bear meat is so nutritious that drying it, which multiplies the calorie density by 10, overflows the bits where nutrition data is stored.  Specifically, raw bear meat has 29g of protein per 100g, so drying ought to bump it up to 290g of protein per 100g (yes this is unreasonable, but that's how it works internally).  But it gets stored in a two-byte register, so it instead caps out at only 255g of protein per 100g.  So you end up losing about 6% of the calories when you dry bear meat.  Seal meat is rich enough that this will happen too (although a smaller effect). 

November 15, 2018, 05:55:54 PM
Re: When it says, "you could have done better, but you can't make good out of bad."? FYI, this specific case (making high quality javelins) is why I removed the [noquality] tag from slender trunks when making staves in my mod.  It's a very easy change to make.
August 01, 2020, 12:38:12 AM