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Re: Inari of Seal-Tribe - Video Let's Play I always use a couple of bird skins for that first batch of leather for tongs.  Poor reindeer!  At least you haven't named it yet. :D

It's fun seeing someone else figuring out how my mod works. 

January 13, 2018, 05:34:36 AM
Re: Adding in new Items question I tend to use Hunting Horns as base items because they're not used by any other crafting recipes and they generally don't interfere.  One other quirk of this system is if you use, say, a staff as a base item for a new recipe, that new item can be used anywhere a staff could be used for crafting.  And it will autoselect those items for recipes when you may not want to.  Sometimes you want this behavior - like for your cords, you want them usable as cords.  But for something like a distaff, you may not want the fine distaff you crafted autoselected for making javelins.
January 17, 2018, 08:45:55 PM
COOK_WEIGHT_DIV can hit nutrition value cap I've only found this bug in the base game with dried bear cuts, but I can replicate it with modded items very easily. 

A raw bear cut has protein:29.  Dried cuts have their weight divided by 10, and their nutrition values multiplied by 10 so that the final cut contains the same amount of nutrition as the original cut.  For most cuts this works fine. For the dried bear cut, the protein value should be 290, but is instead 255.  This is presumably because that value is stored in a uint8 (i.e., a single byte) and the largest value that can be stored is 255.  This means that bear cuts are slightly less nutritious than expected when dried.

I can replicate this with modded items:  a processing step with COOK_WEIGHT_DIV:15 and a reconstitution step with COOK_WEIGHT_DIV:0.066666667.  If I process a sheep cut (raw: 0/12/19) I get a lighter processed cut that's hit the nutrition cap: (0/180/255) instead of (0/180/285) as expected.  If I then try and reconstitute the cut, the loss is permanent, down to (0/12/17).

Realistically speaking, of course, none of carb/fat/protein should be above 100, as my understanding is that those values indicate the percentage by weight of each nutrient.  But not sure the best way to resolve the bug for now!

January 31, 2018, 06:40:09 AM
Re: First modding attempt: Fried Turnips Careful with the carb/fat values.  First off, they're currently non-functional, since the keywords need to be capitalized.  Second, that's going to be way too rich.  Raw turnips are 7% carbohydrate and 1% protein, while fat is 100% fat.   If you leave the keywords off (and ignoring the seasoning), that'll give you an output that's about 6% carbohydrate and 10% fat, for about 510-540 calories.  Normally cooking recipes will do all this math for you, unless you override them.  The way you're overriding them, fried turnips will be about four times as nutritious as their ingredients (about 2000 calories). 
February 01, 2018, 05:12:29 AM
Re: Which one is the best flour? I'm the one who just went and updated the flour page on the wiki.  I did some testing with an object inspector to look at nutrition and such.  Grinding flour from grains, seeds, or roots keeps the same nutrition values as the original, as well as the same weight.  The carb, fat, and protein values given are percentages of the weight that is each nutrient (i.e., grams of nutrient per 100g weight). 

Barley gives the most nutritious flour, at ~1370 calories per pound.  Rye, clayweed, and lake reed flours are all above 1,000 calories per pound, while hemp (seed), marsh calla, and bogbean flours are all just below 1,000 calories per pound.  You can make flour from nettle, turnip, sorrel, and yarrow seeds, but it's much much less nutritious than the other kinds of flour. 

If you want to figure out what to plant for the most calories, then you need to account for the number of plants that can grow in each tile and the total number of calories produced by each plant.  Note too that you've got it backwards:  rye produces three fistfuls of grains, and barley produces two, not the other way around.  On a per-plant basis:

  • Rye produces 412 calories per plant (~1/3 pound of grains)
  • Broad beans produce 378 calories per plant (~3/4 pound of beans)
  • Barley produces 302 calories per plant (~1/5 pound of grains)
  • Hemp produces 218 calories per plant (~1/5 pound of seeds, ~1/7 pound of leaves)
  • Clayweed produces 143 calories per plant (~1/7 pound of seeds, ~1/13 pound of leaves)
  • Turnips produce 97 calories per plant (~2/3 pound root, negligible size seeds)
  • Peas produce 57 calories per plant (~1/7 pound of peas)
  • Nettle produces 23 calories per plant (~1/10 pound of leaves, negligible size seeds)
  • Sorrel and yarrow produce negligible calories per plant

But for planting, this ordering gets shifted again because you can plant many more turnips and grains in a single tile than beans:

  • Rye produces at most 10,288 calories per tile
  • Barley 7,560
  • Hemp 2,529
  • Turnip 1,944
  • Broad bean 1,892
  • Clayweed 711
  • Pea 284
  • Nettle 227
  • Sorrel and yarrow negligible

So:  grow barley if you want the best flour (most nutritious breads, porridges, and stews).  Grow rye if you want the most total calories of flour. 

February 07, 2018, 06:09:06 PM
Re: Ice skates Apparently!

Here's a discussion of some folks making skates from cow bones and trying them out:

February 07, 2018, 06:55:54 PM
Re: A lot of ideas to consider A couple of these have been done before with modding:

February 09, 2018, 06:43:55 PM
Re: Probably the stupidest thing I’ve done in game. Aw.  FYI, there's a new option in 3.50beta that will prevent such things from happening:

- added: BUTCHER_CONFIRMATION configuration option (defaults to NO)

        If the option is enabled a confirmation prompt appears if you try to butcher a carcass before skinning it.
        This is to avoid accidentally cutting up the whole carcass and losing the skin.

        To enable the option add the following line to urw_ini.txt setup file in your installation folder:

I should remember to go turn that on; I've done the same thing with hides before, although never with a bear fur!

February 16, 2018, 05:39:09 PM
Re: "The Challenge" I've been trying this out and found a very useful tip that I may have to try during normal gameplay:  using torches to carry fire with you as you travel.  Lighting a fire with a torch never fails.  When it's raining and you're very cold, the six times you fail at firestarting without a torch might kill you.  Or at the very least, give you a frostbite.  I started keeping a stash of 4-6 torches and a dozen branches, with one lit while I traveled.  If I got cold, I'd find a log, drop a few branches on, and start it immediately.  Then while I warmed up, I'd cut down more branches and build up my torch stock.  Worked very well in tree-heavy terrain.
February 20, 2018, 07:35:03 PM
Lucky treasure finds I have a new top spot for my best treasure find.  I wasn't sure I wanted to spend the time hunting for a "casual treasure of Owl-tribe origin", but:  lots of masterwork fur clothing, a couple of trinkets, a wooden shovel (???) and... a masterwork northern knife!  I've spent ages looking for a normal one before, I'm super excited about trying out the masterwork one.  Just hope I don't run into robbers on the way home.

So what's the favorite treasure you've found?

March 19, 2018, 05:36:54 PM