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Re: How do you play In my current playtrough I have a homestead,
it has the main building in the center, wich is mostly storage now, to the east a farmfield with 2 extra cabins, one is a smokehouse in summer, sauna in winter and the second is a small cabin with bed and fireplace.
to the south exit of the main building is the sheep pen, 3 female sheep and one ram called "bo".

to the north exit there is the cow pen, with 2 female cows and one very large bull called "barry"

to hunt/guard, I have two dogs, a male and a female.

my activety depends mostly on the seasons.
in spring it is mostly planting crops, trapping small game.

when planting is done, it usually turns to summer, this is when I do most of my hunting, its the weather for it.

when harvest season comes, that is what I do. usually berries are also abundant so I collect those to and dry most for winter.

during the whole warm period, I milk those 3 sheep and 2 cows, every day. all of em. I store the milk in 4 large barrels I made and those are plenty to last till next year.

if my meat stores are high and I find myself bored, i'll go for a walk and collect whatever usefull stuff I find. usually mushrooms, stones, rocks, wood. big bull barry has no problem dragging a full tree trunk.

so I get meat in summer, plants in fall, stones and wood and milk the entire time. by winter i'll be sitting on a pile of raw materials, vegtables, healing herbs, hemp leaves, wood, etc etc.

so in winter. I process it all. I make linen from my hemp, I make clothes from my furs and trade them, I make new arrows from the bones I hunted, etc etc. allwhile sitting in front of the fireplace, eating goulash and berries, drinking milk. making arrows butt naked in the middle of winter.

November 26, 2018, 06:59:03 PM