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Re: taking a footbath, cooling down. well, cleaning to prevent pests is a luxury, because it implies you have something to protect in the first place, and that makes you a wealthy man in urw.

when surviving in the wild, moving with my dogs and kota, i find the game to be very realistic, fishing to is very well done, hunting is amazing!

but once my homestead is done, i find myself idle 75% of the time, when irl to run a homestead like that with those tools i'd be working all of spring, and half of summer. prepairing land takes a lot of effort, even if you use the slash and burn techinque, the weeding is much more time consuming then the planting. and if you leave edible stuff everywhere (like a cellar) that's bound to attract pests, it also gives another difficulty at the later game stage without having an effect on the early stage.

as for hygiene, that to would be nice to have a use for, preventing disease is one thing.

needing to feed your animals gives a great chore, the chicken co-op mod already does this, if i want eggs, i'd better get some form of chickenfood first.
and of course, being so busy, heatstroke is a real danger, a simple footbath can do wonders against that :D

these small adjustments could make the farming lifesteal much more realistic, and combined with the planned building decay would keep you busy, preventing a single man from being richer (and more bored) then an entire village.

when you have all the tools, and you have all the foods, and you have 3 full sets of metal armour, and a pallisade wall around your homestead you'd find yourself to be a very busy man maintaining all of that. but in urw, you can just keep stockpiling stuff.

about slash-and-burn's purpuse, it's mostly as fertilizer. it also removes weeds making prepairing faster and less tireing, but not really that effective against the weed's roots. it still takes a lot of manual effort to remove those.
you use fire and ashes to prevent soil degredation, together with migrating your fields (crop rotation in later forms, ancient fins just moved a bit).

neither of those prevent weeds from growing back tough, and the better the soil the worse this gets. if you leave your crops alone for 2-3 weeks there won't be that much left for your crops to grow or make the parts that you'd like to eat, depending on what type of crops you are growing and what stage of growth they are in.

you also have crop diseases and pests or even storms that can ruin or seriously reduce your harvest, some of wich you can take action against. a fungus or slow-spreading disease can be removed, bug infestations are very hard to deal with without pesticides, chickens do have a use against bugs but they themself can be bad for certain crops that they reconize as food, or for young/small plants.

wildlife can also treathen your crops, but the game already simulates this for the animals it already has. birds steal seeds and berries, rabbits eat the green parts of your plants, rats can even dig out potatoes, i have no idea what the fins used to do against those animals, irl i use cats.

June 05, 2018, 03:52:36 AM
4 robbers while building roads on the homestead field,
laying stones and gravel to make the weeds yield
a group of robbers with handaxes they wield.
battle ensued, bull raging, ram ramming, dogs biting, javelins flying.
and now, only a whisper remains of the robbers for whom there is no crying.

the end result? a wounded cow, a wounded ram, 2 wounded dogs.... and 4 burning robbers.

June 20, 2018, 03:09:53 AM
building roads ok, first up, beware, roads can burn. do not use them on a farm field. i learned this the hard way.

so, a few mods add roads that you can make.

did anyone every actually build a road to another village? my own homestead is about the same distance from the next village as they are spread from each other. about 10 tiles or some. did anyone ever actually do that distance? so far i've managed to do a whole tile in my spare time, took a quarter year to do, at this rate, a single road to a single village would take me about 4 ingame years.

i'm building it anyway, it's a visual que that tells me the way, is that the only usefull aspect they have or do they reduce travel time to? and if i build one, does it show on the world map like it does with the existing roads? does it also increase potential of visitors, considering i just had to fight off 4 robbers, this is a concern...

June 25, 2018, 02:50:10 AM
Re: The same fatigue mechanics should apply to everyone.
Yes, it's annoying.

The problem is that fixing it properly would mean teaching the NPCs to use skis (including when not to), as well as to wield/unwield the ski staff. Also, hirelings without skis would not keep up with your character (congratulations: you're going to have to make skis for everyone!).
I think the current situation is better than NPCs being easy targets because they're not using skis, which would be the "easy" solution. In the long term yes, NPCs ought to learn how to ski and be subjected to the snow fatigue influence as well.

if someone is dumb enough to get out into waist deep snow and not bring ski's, he earns it.

in winter, less human npc's in the wild, but they should all have ski's.

every npc needs to get the same penalty.

June 29, 2018, 02:05:54 AM
Re: Earning Village Credit sometimes npc's ask for your help, like gathering stones or branches. simple jobs. they give you credit for these jobs, so in a way you already have them.

to bad for you most finnish people are good at what they do and live a chill life, they dont want or need help.

to ask help is to speak to other, to speak to other, is horror. no ask help, no horror.

June 29, 2018, 02:11:16 AM
Re: Wind yes please.

it could be implemented in stages.

first make it actually happen, just for decoration.
then, make it impact heat.
then, make it impact sleep.
then, make it impact hunting.
then, make it impact crops.

step by step. and make it random, like snow. having a year where winter lasted longer then usual and there are many storms in summer would mean poor harvest, adding an extra challenge.

June 29, 2018, 02:13:40 AM
Re: Killing Foreign Traders you have simply been lucky.

keep doing this and see how long you last.

July 21, 2018, 06:43:27 PM
Re: this game in unplayable and i'm triggered oh boy, relax, take it easy.

if you want in can send you my save, you'll have a safe homestead, farmfield, tools, ok stats/skills, a few animals and ample food supplies, basic rituals and explored a bit, then you can check out the game at your leisure without fearing you'll starve or freeze.

its the start of winter in the save, but there is plenty of warm clothes and firewood.

now, as to your direct concerns/frustration.

Seriously i had hope it will be the best game cus i like sandbox, crafting, survival games but my experience with this game is terrible so far. I already spent several hours doing literally nothing, tried easy start and min-maxing stats but it doesn't matter. I don't even mention my fingers are in pain due to this retarded movement in this game where you have to spam arrow keys 10 times to do one step and it's 90% walking game so it's a huge pain turning walking all the time

you get used to it, or maybe i was already used to it since back in the day all games were completely keyboard operated. either way, take your time, no need to spam the key. step by step does it good to :D

. I tried to be fair i did watch some videos (where i didn't learn shit because people don't say what they clicking) and i tried to learn in web by reading wiki or something but it's useless info, nothing tells me what and how to do really, just raw info.

partially on purpurse, partially on accident. we dont want to tell you everything, after 5 years i still discover new things, there is a lot you haven't even found out about yet. and the wiki is notoriously poor for new players, it sort of assumes you're comfortable with the controls. to get started, using the "?"key ( remember, "?" not "/", shift matters) you can get a list of all keyboard commands, it's a bit annoying at first but once you got the hang of it you won't even remember whats the bid deal. i promise.

But how the fuck am i supposed to hunt anything to not die from starvation every single time? There are no animals at all, sometimes if i get lucky i will find one and so what? It always starts running away so ok, i search in google for tips and i found posts like:

Ok so i spend another 2 hours trying to do this and ofc NOTHING because you can never fucking catch anything in this game and at some point tracks will go in 2 or 3 directions because animals can use fucking mirror reflection and summon a fake copy of them. One time i managed to shot a wild boar with a bow!!! And? He just run away 1000000km/h i was running after it for 20 minutes and ofc nothing because it's immortal and will never get tired or bleed out. This is ridiculous.

hunting for big game is a poor start choice, it's difficult and doesn't always reward you. when you do have success you'll be eating for 2 months from a single boar.

but first things first. get an "easy" food supply, i suggest starting as the fisherman when creating your character, this will give you free nets and/or fishing rod, the fishing rod is a life saver if you have no tools or weapons, this is merely to sustain yourself as you learn the game and collect the basic tools you'll need for your chosen lifestyle. it's also a relatively relyable method, albeit time consuming.
use the fishing rod (or nets, but that will require you build a raft or get a punt first, so rod is better for this purpuse) and fish a small supply of food and treck around looking for a home base. you'll need water close by and you'll need lots of trees for building, so look for that.
once your site has been chosen, start with a shelter (so you can sleep in rain) and after that, a cellar. fish when you have to. once you have a cellar you can store food 2x longer, wich will be important.
so, with a cellar and fish you can now place a few traps. the thing about traps is, they are not relyable. but when they do catch something, that's a day less fishing and more doing other things, and free leather/fur. so place several traps, preferably right on top of food sources (eg: berry bushes) or in narrow passages in a forest, especially if they allready have tracks there. i'm thinking 20-30 traps here. use the cheap ones, don't worry to much yet, the traps are just extras. fishing is your main food supply for now, untill you know how to catch food.

so, assuming you want to be a hunter (since this is what you attempted first), stock up on food, i'm thinking 4-5 days worth. hunting can be very time consuming so ample food supplies are needed. and dont wander off far from water sources either (or use containers such as a bag or waterskin), it can be days before you find anything at all. (real life has this to you know)

at some point tracks will go in 2 or 3 directions

stand on the track, do alt+t, it will tell you how old the tracks are and in what direction they aim, do this on tracks that do not overlap, either it's a very small circle the animal made (and you'll be back at the start soon, so follow the other paths) or if it's a big circle there will be a time difference. this skill levels automaticly by you so it becomes easyer in time.

nothing because it's immortal and will never get tired or bleed out. This is ridiculous.
they do get tired (this is how you catch them) and they can bleed out, however i dont really try to get them to bleed, i try to wound them to slow them down.

you may also want to consider getting dogs, they are very usefull in the hunt. and keep every cord you find, you'll need them when you catch something big.

And ofc you can't load save or leave the game w/o saving so you could easily reload and try again and maybe learn something instead of dying 500000 times and redoing all the shitty process of creating 1000000 character and world again and again.

actually, go to where you installed your game, in the game folder there is a folder with your characters's name. make a copy of that, when you fuck up, delete the contents of the folder and place the contents back (make sure the folder is empty when restoring the backup, new explored regions may cause corruption with older saves that have not explored it yet).

Sorry i know i overreacted but i'm so fucking triggered cus of this game that punish you for trying to play and learn it. Tutorial in this game is useless.
sad to say i have to agree, for new players it's somewhat difficult.

character name: dodwaert
lives in the kaumo region, next to a mayor river. uses "self sufficiency mod".

character name: shorun
lives on the northern coast in between the two northern tribes. has ever tool, massive wealth. doesnt use mods.

on the top right there is a "download" button, use that otherwise you'll just be browsing in the archive.

extract the folder in the archive directly into the unreal world folder, you should see your other savegames are just like this to.

July 30, 2018, 11:05:24 PM
winter graphics see title, on trees, on large builders, etc.

i find it a bit immersion breaking to see so much green lush trees in the middle of winter.

August 07, 2018, 06:02:55 AM
Re: Buoidda's Crafts reworked (balancing?) i've added roads in the building menu, that's all.

love the mod so far, even tough i've only tried out a fraction of it. even tough it was a day late it's one of the best birthday presents i've ever had :D

you'll find the adjusted file in the attachment on this comment, simply replace the file to add roads to the mod.

September 05, 2018, 02:54:06 AM