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Re: Make Menu only for Modded items = saving BAC and other large mods Welp, time to also throw in my two cents - I'm one of the old legacy people who have purchased it, back in ye olden days, so I feel like I've got some experience under my belt. I eventually stumbled upon the BAC mod while looking on how to enhance my gameplay, given I've been playing UrW for quite a while, and as a result I basically never play without it anymore. Why? The game as it stands, is what you make of it: no overarching story, no fun little quirkiness to uncover, just pure, unadulterated survival, and that is great. HOWEVER - to be long time invested into something like that, the game needs to have enough content to support the long gamespan we are talking about in those runs, which is where the BAC mod comes in.

It appears that the game as of right now is simply limited in amount of keyspaces available to properly distribute all the menus and submenus when one wants to run the game with a big addition mod like BAC. Is it a problem now for vanilla? No, but depending on how UrW is going to be developing moving forward, this would eventually become an issue either way, simply because there is only so many combinations of menu and submenu buttons available, and a mod that adds quite a lot of things faithful to the setting has managed to approach this limit.

I am however very much agreeing with Erkka that it should be modders making sure the mod is compatible with the game evolving, but since the amount of mod entries have grown to absolutely massive sizes, with Brygun basically curating the quite huge BAC mod all by himself, this is gonna take a good while. And until either a deeper submenu system is coded in that allows to have an extra level deeper of menus to access, or an entirely different mod make menu as requested, where the entirety of mods can be placed in, this is also going to repeat itself - And this takes time. BAC wasn't even done fully converting the entries to the by then still out 3.83 when 3.84 dropped from what I've seen, as I have seen still additions just days prior the new update coming. And I have to say, it does not feel unreasonable to make a request towards the developers, accomodating the ever growing modding community because of the games limits. When BAC has already reached the point of having to scrap portations, as well as fusing components like nails and rivets, then that only really shows that this can truly become an issue going forward.

May 07, 2024, 07:34:52 PM