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Re: How do animals scent bait? distances? i found this information, from Sami himself, posted a while back on the old forums...


Sami Maaranen   Posted: Jan 27 2015, 04:55 PM

Topic:  Changes In Trapping Related Animal Spawning

"I have good and fearsome news for you. Trapping related animal spawning will be changed into more delicate (and/or realistic and hardcore) approach. I'll be reporting results of new trapping tests later on, but now just gather your courage and read on.

What won't be changed is that your TRAPPING skill determines the success of constructing and setting traps. Badly set or badly made traps may scare off animals, fail to keep them properly trapped or simply don't appear attractive enough for animals to enter them. These are the common trapping rules.

What will be changed is that the current straightforward animal spawning mechanism is removed and attractiveness of traps is replaced with a new and more delicate system.

As straightforward animal spawning is removed, the harsh simplicity of trapping goes as follows:

If there are animals at the area they may enter your traps depending on how succesfully these traps are set or constructed. If there aren't animals at the area your traps will remain empty. However, if there weren't animals at the area today, the situation may not be the same after couple of days. Traditional method of relying on the same traps at chosen trapping grounds for a longer period of time and checking them out on a regular basis is still valid and suitable trapping method.

BUT there will also be a new mechanism which improves propability of catching animals with traps:

* Even if animals at the area wouldn't be actually hungry, properly baited and succesfully set traps may attract them beyond regular feeding needs.

* Succesfully set traps may trigger additional animal population checks for appropriate animals

This is different from straightforward animal spawning and works more like an increased propability of new animal populations to be created at the area. This mechanism follows the rules of general animal population creation, so commonness and relative number of animals and their natural habitats are carefully taken into account. Therefore, if the trapped area is not suitable for certain animals or if animal populations are on a good natural level already, no trap can cause extra population probability.

It will take more patience, more careful consideration and knowledge of animals natural habitats to cope with the new way of trapping. Setting traps at areas where you have actually noticed marks of wildlife will be most effective - but seemingly random trap placement may still prove succesfull. Yes, there will be less catches with traps but it will be far more rewarding when it happens.

These are future improvements, not effective in current version 3.20p1."

well , there u go. for anyone interested in my searchings... im not sure if that sstill the case, but there it is

May 30, 2017, 04:26:53 PM