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...and snow penalties for all Back at snow code. A good while ago we added the snow crust to weatherengine. Its' working game mechanics in character's life are still pending to be added, and so are the skiing NPCs. Both are coming up, but before that these improvements were first in line.

 - improved: moving in the snow mobility and fatigue penalties

        Previously there was one overall reduction to character's mobility when moving in the snow without skis, but now the actual snow depth affects to how much the mobility is actually reduced. The same goes for fatigue as it now accumulates slower or faster depending on the snow depth. Shortly, the deeper the snow the harder and slower it is to trudge through it without skis.
 - added: snow penalties for animals and NPCs

        NPCs and animals now suffer from the snow penalties similarly to player character. All the snow penalty mechanics now work the same for player character, other human beings and animals.
        The actual snow depth that starts to hinder the animals is naturally relative to their size. A human knee deep snow is a little extra strain for an adult elk, but for example a wild boar or dog would suffer from it more significantly. The new snow depth mechanics bring in many new factors to animal movement and hunting scenarios. For example, it now becomes actually possible to practice traditional hunting tactics to more easily chase elks on skis during the deep snow period.
        It should be noted that there also several animals that are adapted to moving in the snow without much difficulties at all. There are for example hare, lynx, glutton, weasel, ermine, squirrel and so on. For animals like these the snow penalties appear far lesser, and they have their species specific snow movement adjustments in action.

These are future additions - not yet functional in current version 3.63.

May 21, 2021, 02:19:58 PM
Re: Dogs sleepwalk on zoomed-out map Yes, it seems this can happen with any animals. We haven't found out the reason yet, but the issue seems to be mostly about sleeping indications (Zzz..) being shown despite of the creature actually being awake. All the sleepwalking animals function in their normal awake fashion.

Jooseppi, if you've got the sleepwalking dog still around feel free to send a savegame. The more samples we can collect of the issue, the better the chances might be to fix it.

May 25, 2021, 05:58:35 PM
Open World Sale on Steam & Dev's life picture feed from the real world A special sale focusing on Open World games has started on Steam and lasts until 31th of May.
We wholeheartedly cherish this special event and celebration of infinite exploration. You know, it's very much our genre, since early 90s, and acknowledged with (debatable) merits such as First open-world survival game (GWR Gamer's Edition 2019).

Anyway, it's a special opportunity to grab the game for discounted price from the Steam. Just venture at UnReal World store page.

Since this is very dear topic, genre and approach to game development for us, we wanted to celebrate the occasion with special content.

Those who have followed the development do know that for Enormous Elk game development isn't actually clean indoors job.
We tend to practise what we code, pursue the traditional lifestyle to varying extent, and draw a lot of inspiration from the real world experiments and adventures.

As a special way to celebrate the ongoing Open World Sale we've compiled you this picture feed of the two man dev. team doing their infinite exploration outside the development chambers. This is an assorted collection of dev's life along the way in the real world. Enjoy!

Erkka (co-designer) on the left with frame drum, Sami (creator) on the right with kantele, at gorgeous Orinoro gorge in eastern Finland.

Sami doing elks calls in the woods.

Erkka walking horses in the woods.

Traditional log building with traditional equipment. Erkka on the left, Sami on the right.

Erkka's sauna warming up on a winter day.

Broad beans are flowering while Sami is cooking something.

Sami takes a look at the open arctic world.

Rowing in the summer evening.

Roasting the catch in the rain.

Sami after threshing rye in the barn in all traditional, and smoky fashion.

Erkka after some muddy work.

Find a dev among the sheep.

Sami is getting a feel of the wilderness.

Erkka chopping firewood.

Sami doing mounted archery.

Breakfast for Erkka.

Summery coffee break for the two-man dev. team.

Skiing with a shovel preparing to settle here for a night.

Sami's bicycle trip to gather a bunch of wild greens was a success.

And so was Erkka's fishing trip.

Happy islander.

It's winter. It's open world.

On Hornankallio cliff Sami takes a look at the familiar landscape - not too far away from his development chambers.

The Road goes ever on and on ...

And if the road goes smoothly the next update, UnReal World version 3.70, will be released in June, 2021.


May 27, 2021, 08:27:58 PM
Re: Impossible trade, foreign traders' carry limit. The carry limit based acceptance was indeed introduced due to reason explained by Matti-Patti. The exploit possibility was simply too much for lots of players to resists.

But it's indeed been a bit awkward since then and now we've adjusted things so that if the single trader can't carry the traded items they will be distributed among his fellows. The overall limit among the whole group can be still reached with a lot of trading, and then you have to live with that, or trade more high value furs

Fixed/Adjusted - persists in current version 3.63.

June 03, 2021, 05:00:35 PM
Re: [Adjusted] Window size/location set to 0 Yep, this is the same unfortunate Windows system issue as for example character data loss. Even if the files properly modified, data flushed, and file closed on code level it doesn't mean that Windows would really write them to physical disk. For that reason, if the data remains in cache, the blanking seems usual result after the sudden power loss at the very right moment. We've now added some extra measures to try force also the window position file really to the physical disk after its manipulation, but it's to be seen if that matters in every system.
June 07, 2021, 09:21:40 PM
Re: [3.61] High CPU usage on GNU/Linux We've good reason to believe this is fixed now. The cause was linked to how incoming SDL events are readed. Constant polling of events, which was fine with earlier SDL versions now reaches very high CPU usage especially on Linux and OSX, so we changed the method to patiently waiting for the next event. That seems to work at least on my end.

Fixed - persists in 3.63.

June 07, 2021, 09:38:15 PM
Re: Greetings! Sami's old flint and steel video still somewhere? It's so nice to read testimonies like this one. ;) For me it's very rewarding to hear about the game actually leading people outdoors, exploring and trying things.
That's our ultimate development goal. Thanks for posting.

I guess I have the firemaking video still on CD-ROM somewhere. We could think about putting it available at Enormous Elk YouTube. I'll try to remember to browse the archives at some point.

June 16, 2021, 03:55:13 PM
We're getting closer and closer to new release We've pretty much finished the actual coding of upcoming release, version 3.70.  Or it's more like we have to seize adding new features now if it's going to be released this month.

Few of the initially planned features actually needed to be postponed for later, for example skiing NPCs. However, as there's now snow penalty functioning for NPCs and animals it will be kind of like payback time version. See, NPCs have been trudging through the snow ever so easily for many versions, but our skiing characters really have an advantage - for at least sometime.

It's likely that 3.70 will be first released as beta version, and it will still grow with lesser features as we continue to work towards the final stable release.

If nothing too complicated comes up with our test runs we'll start wrapping the release up in a week or two.

June 16, 2021, 04:11:46 PM
Version 3.70 beta now available on Steam, and for Lifetimers Version 3.70 beta is available on Steam as beta-branch you can opt-into at will.
Lifetime members can find the beta version at the designated forum section.
On Steam there's now also Summer Sale going on.
Beta release on Itch will follow next week.

Things are fairly stable already, but as it's beta release the bug potential is higher than usual.
Also, some features are still pending to be polished to their final stage in patches to follow.

The key features of version 3.70 version deal with the moon and the moonlight, fibre processing with new textilecraft skill, snow penalty for all the creatures and snow crust, new character portraits, tying equipment adjustments, craftable fishing rods and usage of baits, option for metric units, and so on.
The list of additions and fixes is long. You can take a look at it here.

Phew! It's been quite a bit of content to add.
Let's keep our fingers crossed for the possible beta bugs being minor and scarce. But whatever their size and annoyance level may be, we've got our bows prepared for shooting them down.

June 27, 2021, 06:35:55 PM
Re: 3.70b migrated character, soil month, temperature too hot For a quick remedy, to be able to continue playing, you can delete WEATHER.DAT from character's folders.
Then new weather is generated upon loading the character next time, and it should be sane one. :)

Maybe it's wise to back-up character in any case before the file delete.

June 30, 2021, 11:51:27 AM