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Re: Fur not recognized as fur
First, I tried to repair but the cloak was too damaged. I then tried to make a new item, a cap. It would use the damaged cap. Then I tried using it on the other damaged cap again and it no longer gave the 'wrong fur' message. The problem seems to have cleared itself. Thank you!

Could it also have been a mislick or misunderstanding on the first time...?
For verification, you could you post characters message log (msglog.txt) from the said troublesome situation so we can read what the game actually said.

Here is the msglog.txt

  • {021F0611}      | CLOTHES TO MAKE: Repair worn-out clothes

(147870):44ik:[?]{021F0611}      | (1) You need 0.57 Lbs of animal hide.
(575757):44ik:[_]{021F0611}      | (Use your hideworking skill to tan a skin of a fur-bearing animal to get hide.)
(A80000):44ik:[!]{021F0611}      | No. You can not select that.
(A80000):44ik:[!]{021F0611}      | Fur cap doesn't work as animal hide!
(A80000):44ik:[!]{021F0611}      | Canceled.
(147870):44ik:[?]{021F0611}      | (1) You need 0.57 Lbs of animal hide.
(575757):44ik:[_]{021F0611}      | (Use your hideworking skill to tan a skin of a fur-bearing animal to get hide.)
(A80000):44ik:[!]{021F0611}      | No. You can not select that.
(A80000):44ik:[!]{021F0611}      | Fur cap doesn't work as animal hide!
(A80000):44ik:[!]{021F0611}      | Leather boots doesn't work as animal hide!
(147870):44ik:[?]{021F0611}      | (2) You need knife.
  • {021F0611}      | The masterwork fisher's knife nearby will be used.

  • {021F0611}      | Ok, you have all the necessary equipment!

(A80000):44ik:[!]{021F0611}      | Canceled.
(A80000):44ik:[!]{021F0611}      | Unfortunately this fur cap has been worn out beyond repair.
(147870):44ik:[?]{021F0611}      | (1) You need 0.57 Lbs of animal hide.
(575757):44ik:[_]{021F0611}      | (Use your hideworking skill to tan a skin of a fur-bearing animal to get hide.)
(575757):44ik:[_]{021F0611}      | That's not enough. Select some more.
(147870):44ik:[?]{021F0611}      | (1) You need 0.10 Lbs of animal hide.
(575757):44ik:[_]{021F0611}      | (Use your hideworking skill to tan a skin of a fur-bearing animal to get hide.)
(A80000):44ik:[!]{021F0611}      | No. You can not select that.
(A80000):44ik:[!]{021F0611}      | Fur cap doesn't work as animal hide!
(A80000):44ik:[!]{021F0611}      | Canceled.
(147870):44ik:[?]{021F0611}      | (1) You need 0.75 Lbs of leather.
(575757):44ik:[_]{021F0611}      | (Use your hideworking skill to tan a skin of non fur-bearing animal to get leather.)
(575757):44ik:[_]{021F0611}      | That's not enough. Select some more.
(147870):44ik:[?]{021F0611}      | (1) You need 0.17 Lbs of leather.
(575757):44ik:[_]{021F0611}      | (Use your hideworking skill to tan a skin of non fur-bearing animal to get leather.)

November 07, 2018, 10:59:12 AM
Re: Well...shiite! I'd spotted robbers already and was watching the screen to make sure I did not stumble into them. It's all cool. I learned a TON of stuff playing that guy.

It may seem strange but I view my characters like someone I visit at the hospital with a fatal illness. I know what's coming, just not when. It was sudden and over in a second, a good way to

November 28, 2018, 05:44:32 AM
Re: What's Going On In Your Unreal World? Having buggered my first guy that lasted through a few winters (Thank you, Father Winter, farewell, Wotan), I've got a new guy!

Acquired the flu in week one. Fortunately, I rushed to a village sage and the damage cleared soon. I, a Kaumo, apparently had a father (Unfortunate Hunting Trip) who was a Drik, so the crossbow I salvaged from his body is, of course, useless to But, it did trade well for a Fine Longbow and a few other items! Now, I ask myself, why am I armed with a sakramaski knife? Maybe my mother was from the Seal tribe...heh.

I got a Wounded guy quest (gave him his daddy's axe, which I didn't have at the time...yeah), found the bear and backtracked it to the campsite. Set a heavy deadfall with a spoiled roach and bagged the nasty bear the next day! Woohoo! Fine bear skin! I've bagged two more bears, an elk and two reindeer pretty quickly, mostly in time to dry the meat (Springtime start).

 Own two dogs and have just entered the wet season. I'm presently nursing a 30% damage broadhead arrow to the abdomen. I'm sure it's a good omen...hehe

November 28, 2018, 10:57:28 PM
A blistering work week...heh I had begun to have concerns about my various trap placements and my two trap fences.  I've been checking every day or so and my results were pretty poor for a long time (6-8 weeks?) and only a couple of bears and two elk.

Then, voila!, it's a reindeer, an elk, an elk, an elk and a fox, and another elk. There may be another elk in there that I lost track of. Mixed in with these were at least 6 birds and it's all within a 2-3 week period. Every time I'd complete a hide and finish drying the meat, I'd find another big game in a trap. I got so frazzled that, on the last elk, I was too exhausted to skin it at the trap so I packed the whole thing on my bull and carried the carcass home and stuffed it in the cellar. Unfortunately, that upset my usual routine and the first thing I did in the morning was to BUTCHER it! Bah! I lost the skin!

Not to mention that I had over 50 cords when this period began, which had seemed more than enough up to that point.  I quickly burned through all of those and eventually, after exhausting all my Njerp scrap clothing, I had to use a 24 lb elk hide for cords, of which there are only about 6 lbs left. 

Finally, I've had a day when there WAS NOT something in my traps, lol, so I can take a breather. I may have used up my good luck when I lost that last elk skin. Meh.
Addendum: I spoke too soon. I'm wearily making some cords to replenish my stock when I hear a "bawl of pain in the southeast". Yup, another I now have 152 reindeer cuts and 1758 elk cuts being prepared! At least I didn't forget to skin the bugger this time.

Addendum: Remarkably, yet another elk, though it seems this run of luck is finally ended. Oh, and I apologize for not putting this in the Game Discussion area. My error!

December 12, 2018, 12:00:49 PM
Re: Man, I hate wolves! Palu- Woohoo! There was a thread that explained how to read the location in the msgtxt file. I found my stuff! I recovered 29 furs, 15 elk and 5 bear furs among them, my Perfect fishing pole, Masterwork knife and punt. Found no sign of the Companion but there were fresh wolf tracks so I didn't look very hard for him. Perhaps he survived?

For the record, the zoom out line was right where I cut off the text, so, there was nothing said about anyone fighting. And, yes, I was panicked because it was a wolf pack, not a lone

Thanks again for your good advice. Btw, I've never again hired a Companion with a bow..hehe.

December 19, 2018, 02:54:27 PM
Re: Man, I hate wolves!

Privateer- I'd bet that I've seen that episode. It used to be on every weekend when I was a kid. Yeah, I'm that old...heh

December 19, 2018, 02:57:50 PM
Re: Man, I hate wolves! Smash- Cool adventure! Cool names, too! heh

Wolves scare the bejeezus out of me. I once got dragged down into a fight, as you were. Bad news! There was at least one immediately behind me that bit me once and crippled me. I had no dogs or Companions and could only just lay there, swinging fruitlessly as they kept hitting me from my blind area. It was over quickly. I never saw the one behind me.

December 19, 2018, 10:30:56 PM
Watchdogs just watched... I have a pen (5x5) with my cattle and dogs within. A lynx saunters up while I'm finishing off a superior hide and the dogs start making warning barks. I can't stop now, right? How many superior hides do I get, right? Not enough!

So, I ignore the warnings because, surely, with 3 dogs inside, no lynx is going to try anything, right?

WRONG! I'm alerted that I hear some stumbling. You know it's coming. I finally finish the 7-hour task and, yep, a lynx has killed a cow and my 3 dogs have not a scratch on them. Well done, doggies!

So, I skin my cow and at least get that back. Next day, I buy a small cow for 150 Tasty cuts of elk. Really? That's all they cost? I return to my settlement and, Lo!, the lynx returns. I keep all my animals inside the cabin. I have shutters on every wall and can see the cocky lynx walking around my cabin, looking for another easy kill. I wonder, "Can I shoot arrows through shutters?".

Oh, yeah! I put two broadheads into the cat, crippling it, and go out and finish it with a spear. Just a crappy harsh hide, but, I don't care. Just glad that problem is dealt with.

March 06, 2019, 03:32:32 AM
Re: What are some good early game barter items? Early on, there isn't much that you can make that the villagers consider valuable. Depending on the type of PC you create, some cannot actually make anything! I've played PCs that took two days just to make a simple shelter! And, they had not the simple skill of making a javelin!

However, assuming moderate skill in woodworking, the easiest items I can think of are Fine clubs and Decent javelins. My new PCs usually start off by trading up their minimal possessions, e.g., some clothing, some javelins, and clubs, for an improved ax, or a spear, or bow. I'll always trade for a cord or loop snare, which they trade for a couple of pieces of dried meat, or a javelin. Ropes, needed for a raft, can be had for about 3-4 javelins.

Once you get a good kill, the dried meat or even raw meat is good for a lot of items that you'll covet.

I strongly suggest that your new PC accomplish the missions and receive the free hand ax and fishing pole. The ax will be useful in trading up, while the pole will be vital in keeping food on the table.

Paw board traps, yes, they are good trade items. The problem is that they are labor intensive> Fell a tree, make boards, make traps. Early on, it's tough enough finding food, eh? Without specific tools, every step becomes more time-consuming, whereas a handful of javelins can usually be made while performing the rudimentary missions.

In my experience, the number one method to good, early trading is to kill a Njerp! Honestly, that's a single action that breaks the poverty logjam. The second best is the kill of a large animal.

March 09, 2019, 05:30:51 AM
Re: What are some good early game barter items? I want to add that the most reliable way I've found to get an early kill is to build a heavy deadfall very near where you've found a bear. Thus, carry either a piece of raw meat or fish (preferably a roach or animal fat, for weight) and a cord. If there are not enough felled trees around, you'll have to make your own. The key is to put the trap down right after you spot the animal, very near where it was spotted.

Then return the next day. Honestly, in over a dozen times I've done this, it has only failed once to trap a bear. I've done this for the mission with the wounded hunter, too.

A decent bear fur is a very good trade item and you'll have a lot of meat to trade, as well.

March 09, 2019, 11:09:34 PM