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Re: Short Questions/Quick Answers As far as i can remember you need two walls in order to be able to build the ceiling and floor (if not three). One wall doesn't allow you to biuld a floor
April 15, 2018, 09:44:41 PM
Testing ending in poisoning      Hi there everyone.
    I have a character that from the very beggining got interested in Naodi's mushrooms and got experimenting for months.
    Found out that eating them gets him a bit sick and also to vomit. Normally getting a small injury (-3% to -5%) that recovers alone with time.
    Consuming Meadsweet soups along eating them would decrease these episodes. And get the stomach feel way better.
    Furthermore, doing mixed mushrooms soups (Naodi's with Yellowcoat for example) would cause the Naodi's trip effect but without any vomiting nor injury.
    So that was the recreational dosis he used.
    A soup once in a while. And beyond the effects (all getting weird to the sight) nothing has poped-up as different.
    Working (fishing, making logs, contructing, traps, etc) would tend to be exactly the same as if "clean", swimming and climbing as well. I haven't noticed anything different except for the distortion in the sight.
    After some months i ate a Naodi's alone and even if i had Meadsweet to counter the effects, i got poisoned. Serious injury that scalated along time. No Meadsweet could help and now he's trying to heal by a chaman. As far as i can tell, this poisoning it's getting really serious.

    The post was to, after telling this small story, ask you all what kind of contact have you had with Naodi's mushrooms.

April 24, 2018, 11:39:56 PM
Re: Build a Tower if biulding a simple small log cabbin takes that long, i wouldn't really get into a watch tower
May 14, 2018, 10:04:49 PM
It's been a while... Hi, everyone.
Today I've downloaded the game and played since years.
The love for this game haven't ended, and it feels so good to play it again.

Mila from the Reemiläiset just spent her first in-game day.
Did some exploration around an abandoned camp. It was really rainy.
After wondering around, picking some berries, set a snare-loop and simple traps, noticed she was sweating all the time.
Gotta took off that heavy and warm fur over-coat, beeing chest naked. Soon she'll get some lighter, perhaps a woollen shirt or so.
So far no human at sight, nor activity besides that camp.
In the way back to the shelter, spotted both a glutton and bear.
Reminded her 3 initial rituals, all of them Bear-related.
Night time is aproaching, and Mila just wonder where the road might take her.

Wanna thanks both developers and workers of this amazing game.
And also recalling how I've not sent any squirrel furs so far. Need to contribute economically, and yet you guy keep updating the download section for free. That's really honorable.

And lastly, hope you're all doing well.
Summer is getting closer here. And I hope that in in-game summer as well, Mila and I get surprised and get to have good experiences together.

From South America, Regards¡

December 11, 2021, 03:24:30 AM
Re: It's been a while... No wollen shirt so far, and further along.

Not something that concerned Mila anymore as approached to two farmy villages Northeast from the purple N-warriors and North her Remilaiset folks.

Over there, so much work on fields and pretty much the daily meat stocked. And a wonderful pot...

Before get the dirt out the back of her feets and getting into the habitated lands she'd been gathering some herbs, berries and fungis knowledges, None of the last ready for ripe yet. Except the not edible ones and kinda lethal ones.

Tried talking to a small bear, it was uninterested. Another one, big bear - the carer she guessed - just snorred her back, after planting several steps and foot prints all over the small hunting-spots, and the two shelters 4 kilometers away each. She'd worried once or twice, mostly at night-time when weary... not to be so ingenious and lacking respect... But instead real curious about these mythical and great criatures. Helding a hard staff with some metal reinforce, and her woodsmen's axe. She's tall, strong and doesn't lack of agility. Somehow her inteligence is poor as everyone always told and treated alike. Might that be way she insisted on talking to animals? Like to Shift+c F3 pointing them?

Traps weren't feeding her. Nor the small games up there (just some black birds). Nor the new heavy ones nowhadays.
It's only been 16 days anyhow. Those Elks in the valley were contemplated from the exposed bones of the earth. With  a glance of joy over her face. Weather nowhadays are feeding the fields and the rivers as well, The rain is tender. There were a feline, white and fast, she knew it heard her since minutes, those clumsy steps cutting the forest in half. There it let her saw it, before banishing away. A hare played with her as well, always ahead, from here to there, never crossing the lake, and when Mila "lead" its scape towards the 5 small lever traps and the 3 loop snares, the hare just went trough so skillfully. Mila is fine just getting some darkish berries and yellowish mushrooms. As found a pretty nice little unique spot in the lake, and trying her luck with the loved staff, her scarce greenish stomach and the fishing skill, the water spirit gifted her with a good Pike.

Seeing so many big trunks lying around she started to dream about a cosy home, out there far... Something her grandma have told her once? Mila can't recall.

South... the Remilaiset homelands, after the Kaumos. Many rivers and big croocs act as barriers there? She can't recall neither.

There's no big plan. Even if two weeks ago the wollen shirt was the guide, or that pot with those growing fields draw her attention to other paths... Or the big trunks molded and gathered... with stones and shovel...


I've always felt an urge to devs (Both, Great S and his well Companion) add some unexpected things, abandoned camps or random items around, new, excitment, stuff alike...
Then Mila got to see some Angry territorial bird kicking off another smaller intruder bird.
That's for me, Bakkat, beyond "Animal hunter+pray" code, or "Animal interacting between each other".
There's good spirit inside the proyect. And that's something I got to see, and also to feel.

Many many thanks to Sami and Erkka.
Feel free any admin to move the post into Story boards.
Welcome to the people that is getting into the game, this year, last year or last decade. That there's always a welcome to get inmersion in this fine deep level UrWorld has.
Thank you ¡¡¡¡



January 03, 2022, 05:44:27 AM
Deadly poisoned Hi everyone.

My current character has done her first "black ear mushroom soup".

Black ear mushroom is deadly poison unless boiled it separately.

She's boiled it in a pot, with only water. Cooked it, and after that ate it.

Now she's injured. The "wound" is marked as critical dark-red.

1 - What did I do wrong? Why is she so ill if it was boiled as descripted?

2 - Should I try to get to a Sage? Should I track down some medicine?

Thank you¡

January 19, 2022, 01:32:34 AM
Re: Deadly poisoned Thanks.

Yeah, That was the issue.

I've coocked the mushroom with a mushroom recipe... I should have Boiled them, just plain boil.

That solves my question...

Now I might get some medicine.

Thank you all

January 19, 2022, 06:19:58 PM
You've learnt something new about Naodi's Mushroom This was so rewarding. Indeed I have...

I can't get how deep this goes...

Regards, fellows. Just wanted to share that happy moment o'mine.

February 28, 2022, 01:22:38 AM
Do I want to take that risk? This happent the first time I've ever played UnReal World.

I was getting thirsty and approaching a water source I received the classic question:

Do you want to drink from the natural source?

That question lead me to a dilema, and my toughts process were like these.

Do I take the risk to drink polluted, contaminated water?
Or do I keep going to find "clean water"?


I live by a river, I've drunk its waters here and there. But honestly, it is a really polluted river.
Was funny to find out that back then in Iron Age things were quite different.

I just felt like sharing this little episode.
Have a nice day you all.
Like to being active around this forum again.

March 28, 2022, 01:32:51 AM
Re: RAID "What or Who..."
There's a key point... What is your motus to do so...

Once I've done a village raid (Wasn't a Njerp- one).
My motus was to get some pretty fine furs, great spear, some axes, pots... Valuables in general...
The character was a good warrior, and its armour was hard to penetrate.

After seeing the slaughter. Little children, the screams, the blood... limbs and heads around.
Not only was it unworthy, it was shocking.

What do you want to archieve?
I think once you answer that question, you may have a clearer wiev about.


April 20, 2022, 01:59:58 AM