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[Fixed - persists in 3.70beta3] It's a boy - 5 grams While I was killing Driik villagers for loot, I noticed that the corpses of boys displayed 0 oz in weight. I switched my measuring system to metric and checked the weights again, which displayed as 5 grams. The girl children in contrast were within a normal weight range of 20+ kilos.

I made a new character to check whether the weight aberration happens with kids from other cultures. I spawned in the Koivula and found another boy who weighed 5 grams on death.

Since these are fresh killings, I don't have data regarding the resulting bone weights for male child corpses.

(Wow, this post is so macabre.)

July 09, 2021, 04:05:09 AM
Re: Masterwork weapons and Encumbrance/Injury Penalties I've read somewhere that a base skill of 95+ is effectively considered the same as 100. But bear in mind that combat performance can be very contextual.

Regarding physical penalties (fatigue, injury, encumbrance), I think the 10% masterwork bonus can behave like a buffer that extends the lower threshold of the 95% skill rule, thereby allowing you to continue achieving grandmaster-level rolls.

A couple of other under-the-hood equipment modifiers to factor in:
One-handed penalties for two-handed weapons (introduced in version 3.17). Example: a shield and battleaxe combo will incur a -15% weapon penalty. With masterwork-quality this likely is mitigated to a base penalty of -5% for attacks and counter-attacks. When your other hand is wielding a weapon instead, using the masterwork battleaxe to block will also have a -5% penalty.
Crossbows have a 10% bonus to shoot (according to the version 3.19 changelog); masterwork crossbows accordingly would have a combined 20% bonus for accuracy, though I don't think the time to load a projectile is impacted.

Of course, the NPCs' stats and gear are taken into account as well in determining the success of your combat actions.
There's also the flanking penalty (introduced in version 3.13) when you're engaged with two or more hostile NPCs: attack and defense maneuvres are impacted by -10% per combatant after the first.

July 21, 2021, 04:53:08 AM
Re: Capture dog in the wild?
You can only capture dogs inside villages. I have read it somewhere here or on the wiki.

I tried this with a fortified village that had four dogs and six head of cattle. After eliminating all the human residents, I was successful at leashing the cows in the pen but not the dogs; the dogs bark in disagreement and either flee or retaliate by attacking.

I checked the news text file and the behavior I described does correspond with this particular detail from version 3.30:
- added: leashing animals from depopulated villages

        It's now possible to leash animals from depopulated villages, and thus make them your
        own pets. There are some risks and exceptions, though. Sometimes domestic animals choose to
        fight back if their masters are dead and you try to leash them. And dogs can't be
        stolen this way at all - they always fight back rather than allow to be put on the leash.

July 21, 2021, 06:07:30 AM
Re: squeezing damage? Bear hugs for certain. I believe deadfall traps are also capable of crushing victims.
July 26, 2021, 05:10:25 AM
Re: [3.70b] Villagers crowding around dropped lumber for sale
Do you know if it is a reproducable issue or a one-off?
Possibly a rare occurrence. In three separate villages I tried stacks of 10, 11, and 12 boards to leave on the ground and did not manage to attract NPCs in those instances.

August 02, 2021, 01:45:00 AM
[Fixed - persists in 3.70beta3] Excess bartered goods distributed to village dog After bartering for goods with a human villager, I returned to the same village weeks later and discovered that one of the resident dogs was carrying things I had traded away.

While I don't remember exactly which human NPC here was the one I had chatted with, I've got a fair idea that the entire stack of clothes I had sold did not exceed their individual carrying capacity, since I hadn't observed the NPC drop items at their feet immediately after the trade was concluded. This fact contrasts with a barter exchange made elsewhere which had a few hundred roasted meat cuts be dropped by an NPC afterwards (and I tidied up the area by moving the stack indoors).

The dog in the screenshot is not for sale, which makes me unable to determine whether ownership of the dog might also transfer ownership of the items in its inventory.

August 04, 2021, 07:57:13 AM
Combat messages and mechanics to accommodate snake and seal anatomy I had an encounter with a snake and the following happened:
Code: [Select]
(000000):56gg:[T]{029E05F7}      | The snake hisses at you.
(000000):56gg:[S]{029E05F7}      | Snake flees.
(3C5A98):56gg:[:]{029E05F7}      | You begin sneaking.
(143270):56gg:[#]{029E05F7}      | Aiming Zone: Head
(000000):56gg:[Y]{029E05F7}      | You try to kick the snake.
(000000):56gg:[Y]{029E05F7}      | You execute a skilled kick.
(000000):56gg:[Y]{029E05F7}      | You land a solid hit to its skull.
(3C5A98):56gg:[:]{029E05F7}      | The snake seems to have fallen unconscious.
(000000):56gg:[Y]{029E05F7}      | You try to kick the snake.
(000000):56gg:[Y]{029E05F7}      | You carry out a perfect kick.
(000000):56gg:[Y]{029E05F7}      | You land a solid hit to its skull.
(000000):56gg:[Y]{029E05F7}      | You try to kick the snake.
(000000):56gg:[Y]{029E05F7}      | You carry out a perfect kick.
(000000):56gg:[Y]{029E05F7}      | You land a solid hit to its abdomen.
(A80000):56gg:[!]{029E05F7}      | The snake hisses in pain.
(000000):56gg:[S]{029E05F7}      | Snake rises back on its feet.

Unless the UnReal World takes place in a prelapsarian Eden, snakes of course do not possess feet.
For a snake-specific set of rise and fail to rise messages, I suggest:
  • The snake rears its head.
  • The snake coils defensively.
Seals also don't have conventional legs so much as flippers, so I think it would be appropriate to provide them with special bodypart definitions: "foreflippers" and "hindflippers".
For the rising messages, I suggest:
  • The grey/ringed seal rises on its trunk.
  • The grey/ringed seal struggles to raise itself.
I also have some ideas for how to make the movement behavior of seals on land more specific to their anatomy.
One way to go about it is to implement a directional restriction to prevent a seal from rotating 180° within a single turn. Something like how spirit NPCs aren't supposed to show their back to the player, though I'm unsure about the specifics of their AI regarding mobility.
To balance this rotation nerf, a seal could strafe in its relative left-right directions somewhat faster than its forward land speed as a way to simulate rolling to the side (and perhaps gain speed from rolling downhill, like how it happens in this video with an elephant seal; the seal uses its hindflippers to propel down the grade around the 21-seconds mark.)

It's been a while since I've observed seals in-game, so I can't remember if their ability to climb onto skerries and ice has a foreleg injury check. Breaking their front flippers definitely should impair attempts to haul-out, though I've seen elsewhere that moving along a relatively flat surface does not always require using all the flippers (example: the seal closest to the camera in this video), and forward undulations on land generally don't depend on the back flippers anyway (see this PDF of "Kinematics of terrestrial locomotion in harbor seals and gray seals: Importance of spinal flexion by amphibious phocids").

August 06, 2021, 02:41:51 AM
Re: Antlers and bones Not without modding in new DIY recipes. For example, the boneworking module in BAC has some to turn those butchery products into arrow points, decorative objects, and tool components.
November 19, 2021, 03:57:49 PM
Re: Battleaxe vs Battlesword The following statements are mostly based on information from the wiki, particularly the pages for Weapons and Clothing.

Proficiency in axe skill is more common for most cultures than proficiency in sword skill. You would have to roll a specialized build to start with a high baseline skill in swords.
According to the ini_skills.txt file under the game's main directory, proficiency in axe is determined by strength and agility attributes. Same goes for sword, plus dexterity on top of those.

A battleaxe will be cheaper to acquire through bartering compared to a battlesword.
Base value on the wiki is 640 vs 1400; these numbers are equivalent to 80 squirrel hides vs 175 squirrel hides.

Battleaxe is lighter at 3.5 lbs compared to battlesword's 8 lbs.
Encumbrance penalty will matter more when you're wearing multiple layers of armor. The lighter you're outfitted, the less fatiguing it will be to maneuver around.

Defense class rating is 2 for both. It's better to counterattack as a defensive maneuver rather than use these weapons to block when fighting against certain other types of weapons. Otherwise, fall back on dodging if that skill is higher than your weapon skill.
Attack class rating is 4 for battleaxe vs 5 for battlesword. That means you'll be outclassing one-handed swords, knives, clubs, and every other type of axe. All spears are in the range of +/- 1 point in attack class compared to the battleaxe.

One-handed penalty is 15% for battleaxe vs 30% for battlesword.
Equipping a 6-pound roundshield with a battleaxe will raise the carry weight penalty on a level similar to the battlesword while gaining a boost in defense when blocking. Penalty can be mitigated if using masterwork-quality gear because of the +10% skill bonus they provide.
With that in mind, shield + battlesword offers less advantage because of the steeper one-handed penalty.
At the cost of movement speed, the different shield modes offer passive protection from MISSILE attacks only, contingent on direction of incoming projectiles based on which arm is equipped.

This next section is about weapon aspect and armor material types.
Use 'F3' or the 'l' command and select an NPC to bring up the list of equipment they're wearing, then target the body parts with whatever weapon aspect is more effective against a particular armor material type.

Both weapons have 5 in blunt aspect.
The effectiveness of blunt attacks is ordered most to least against the following armor material types (see table of Material Defensive Value under the wiki article for Clothing):
  • linen = nettle
  • birch-bark = generic leather
  • woolen
  • mail
  • generic fur = lamellar
  • iron
In general, it's better to resort to blunt aspect when dealing with the metals-based armors.

Edge aspect for battleaxe is 9 vs battlesword's 8.
The effectiveness of edge attacks is ordered most to least against the following armor material types:
  • linen = nettle
  • birch-bark = woolen
  • generic fur = generic leather
Edge aspect is VERY much less effective against mail, lamellar, & iron.

Battleaxe has no point aspect; battlesword has 4 in point.
The effectiveness of point attacks is ordered most to least against the following armor material types:
  • linen = nettle = woolen
  • birch-bark = generic fur
  • generic leather
  • lamellar = mail
  • iron
To overcome iron armor, you're better off bringing in a powerful bow/crossbow, or one of the cultural spears (northern, kaumolais, or ango).

Another thing to keep in mind is the weapon degradation system (a toggle-able feature introduced in URW v3.19), wherein damage may be sustained TO weapons when blocking or having counterstrikes intercepted based on:
  • weapon weight
  • material (wood vs iron)
  • impact area
  • strike velocity
  • attack aspect
  • force threshold
Besides the first two, these hard-coded properties can be inherited from base objects for modded weapons but cannot be altered in the current state of the modding syntax.
When you have [WEAPON_DAMAGE:YES] in your urw_ini.txt file, you'll want to pay even more attention to what weapon aspect your opponent is attacking with. These are telegraphed with the following attack declaration strings from messages\urw_combat.txt:
  • point = stab
  • edge = slash
  • blunt = swing

April 23, 2022, 12:31:04 AM
Re: Tracking timing of fishing nets? If you don't want to use an external tool (for example, my adventuring log spreadsheet), you can mod in a DIY recipe with a \24h\ prep time.
Code: [Select]
.Fisher's net sense. "Hunting Horn" *FISHING* /1/ \24h\ [noquality] |-2|
{Branch} [remove] '+to cast shadow'
{Rock} [remove] '+to mark time'
The object will be placed on the ground and you won't be able to pick it up until it's ready.
You can imagine this recipe to produce something like a sundial on the cheap.

April 25, 2022, 08:38:25 PM