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Re: Can't find any plantable seeds The seed availability is indeed seasonal, so right after harvest there tends to be a fair amount of seeds around, but most tend to be gone after planting.

Logically, seeds that you eat (peas, grain, etc.) should be kept for internal use until harvest, but that stock shouldn't be available for sale, so you won't see it.

I don't think seeds disappear completely, but they definitely become rarer "while in use".

Turnips grow fast enough that you can get two harvests if the winter doesn't drag on, which means you ought to be able to get some seeds after the first harvest and plant it to be able to get a harvest of your own in the same year.

October 24, 2021, 08:01:37 PM
Re: Angry villagers It's rather hard to build up a canine army when the only villager that might potentially supply you with recruits is hostile towards you.

My preferred alternative would be to wait it out, i.e. wait until they're ready to talk (and trade) again, with the waiting taking place in a more hospitable location (i.e. move to another island or the mainland), potentially never to return.

The impatient alternative would be to try to sneak in at night to steal an axe to make a paddle (or steal a paddle or a plank, if one is encountered before an axe is) to get a paddle to allow you to leave the island. The critical step is to get a plank, as a proper axe is required to make one. Once you have a plank you can make a paddle even with stone tools.

November 04, 2021, 11:14:31 AM
Re: Larger raw material batches The Njerpezit Cooking mod contains recipes that are tailored to allow you to fill a pot (while allowing you to cook less, so you don't have to wait until you've got a full pot's worth of food).

Thus, I don't think it's a problem to up the maximum volume of recipe ingredients.

November 22, 2021, 11:27:32 AM
Re: help with hunting and trapping There are several ways to go about it, and my strategy differs from the one used by Shrimp.

If you start in autumn you ought to be able to find berries with limited effort. Berries aren't particularly good for staving off starvation, as picking and eating berries constantly just slows down the rate at which you starve (although I've see the claim that you can actually hover on the starvation threshold indefinitely on berries alone).
However, berries are good bait for birds, i.e. in lever traps and snares. Note, though, that an autumn start means little time to prepare for winter (my characters start in "spring")...

Personally I tend to travel a for the first few hours to locate a decent spot for an early game camp (close to water, good terrain for hunting nearby), after which I set up lever traps around the camp, with the traps being placed in lines. I then expand this to similar trap line sites a few tiles away.
Once this has been set up, I check the traps once per day, processing the birds (and occasional hare) I might catch as I go. Note that you may want to skip skinning/tanning some of the time, as that's very time consuming (although it does train an important skill).
Once this baseline has been set up, I then try to roam around in search of "real" prey by zooming out, move one tile, zoom in, turn 180 degrees, zoom out, turn 180 degrees, move another tile....
This allows me to find tracks and an occasional bird that I can throw rocks at (they rarely hit, but sometimes you can down a bird and kill it).
When hunting elk/reindeer, open terrain is the best, so you can follow tracks and then see the animal at a large distance and move directly towards it, thus moving a shorter distance than the animal did. Once I scare it so it runs, I follow, try to track it, and when catching up I check its status. Once it shows signs of tiring, I then start to run towards it as soon as I catch up to get it to flee, at which time I immediately returns to walking speed. It's possible to gradually tire the animal so it builds up more and more fatigue for each encounter, until it gets completely out of breath, at which time you can walk up to it and bash it to death.
If you can get an animal to run back and forth along a bend in a river, you can tire it fairly quickly, and that works with animals such as hares as well.
Note that the above tactics are by no means guarantees of a kill: animals get away more often than not, although many attempts to get the same animal over days may eventually succeed.

When you manage to kill a large animals and it's too warm to dry the meat (one advantage with the "spring" start is that you can dry meat during the early phase, and thus build up a small backup stash of fairly non perishable food), I typically keep some of the meat raw (for later roasting) and roasts the rest. Once the hide has been processed, it's typically time to sleep, wake up, process the hide a second time, but then it's off to the nearest village to barter roasted meat for preserved food and/or useful items (keeping 20-30 cuts for near term consumption).

I don't fish much with my characters, but haven't used the new fishing system to any extent.

While it's somewhat annoying that you may have to bash an unconscious bird in the head a lot of times to kill it, note that each attack is a valuable skill training attempt, so I consistently use blunt attacks (even with spears) against all non dangerous targets.  Blunt attacks before the animal is unconscious cause the least damage to the skin, and once it's knocked out attacks should be aimed at the head (and they never miss), which doesn't degrade the skin.

If you see a wolf: back away and leave. If you see a bear: back away and leave. A pack of wolves is extremely dangerous, while a bear is "just" very dangerous. I never attack either animal if I have a choice.

Another early character trick: you can opportunistically steal the kill from a predator either by scaring away e.g. an owl from a bird it killed, or getting a few cuts from a kill they've left behind. It's not glorious, but it's some valuable cuts of meat.

November 27, 2021, 11:12:53 AM
Re: help with hunting and trapping Like LoLotov, and unlike Tinker, I try to sacrifice daily. This includes trying to adjust eating so just a little bit of a cut is left and sacrifice that bit, using bark to tan so (bird) fat can be used for sacrifices (or bait), sacrifice stale food, etc.

I initially engaged in Tinker's strategy of never ever running, but have modified it to run when catching up to prey that's at least a little tired to get them to bolt as quickly as possible and keep them on the fatigue losing track. As soon as they run it's back to walking, so it's 10 tile spurts very infrequently (I also run when robbers are detected so I can zoom out and escape, but that's a completely different situation).

November 28, 2021, 11:18:28 AM
Re: What do you use your leather for these days? Mostly nothing, but note that shoes now get worn through walking, so you'd need to replace those. If you're role playing you may want to use leather footwear during the warmer parts of the year (which doesn't rule out buying these, rather than crafting them).
November 29, 2021, 09:43:15 AM
Re: Losing Braincells While Trying to Find Camouflaged Reindeer The forest cover quest is the worst of them all, in my view. It just gives you a large area, without any context (terrain), and you can easily pass by tracks at a fairly short distance without being able to see them (especially with spruce hiding most of everything), and the tracks can only be seen in reasonable light conditions, which aren't available for much of the day for large parts of the year. The robber quest doesn't specify any terrain either, but in that case you have both tracks and the robbers themselves (which are always more than one), which reduces the risk of missing them when visiting their tile quite a bit.

Explicitly telling the NPC that you give up speeds up getting a new quest, as the game doesn't have to time out the quest before generating a new one (or maybe even start the cool down counter).
The only quests I've had in parallel with other quests are the ones with a very long expiration time where it can take months to actually be able to perform the quest (e.g. acquire wealth to be able to afford a silver item and then actually find someone [typically a trader] to sell you one, before finally being able to perform the quest itself).

December 03, 2021, 11:07:22 AM
Re: Losing Braincells While Trying to Find Camouflaged Reindeer I've had new footprints appear once when I had to sleep while in the area. In the morning there were fresh footprints that weren't there the day before, so it is possible for new footprints to be generated, but it's also very easy to just miss the ones that are there because something obscured them, or you just passed a couple of tiles too far away from them.
December 04, 2021, 10:22:41 AM
Mangled hand prevents stone throwing [3.71] I created a character who'd been injured by Njerps and left for dead (starting scenario), leading to a mangled left hand. I found a rock and equipped it in the available hand, noticing that a second rock couldn't be equipped (as expected). When encountering a bird I tried to throw the equipped rock at it, but received the message that I couldn't use the left hand for throwing, which doesn't make sense as the rock ought to have been equipped in the working hand. I then tried the unequipped rock and was met with the same message (which is otherwise reasonable, as the working hand ought to be occupied by the equipped rock). After unequipping the equipped rock I could throw a rock, but I wasn't prepared to accept that unreasonable additional difficulty of having thrown rocks take twice as long to throw, so I just ditched the character and created a new one. Unfortunately, this means I don't have a save with which to demonstrate the issue.
December 05, 2021, 03:44:54 PM
Re: Punts on Dogs (or other pack animals) I believe a punt is a rather small craft, not a full fledged canoe. After all, it seems to be designed to be carried between waterways as needed, and if a human can carry it, so should a bull.
I agree a dog carrying it is questionable, though, even if it is rather light, since it's probably too large to fit onto the dog.

December 23, 2021, 10:54:04 AM