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Re: Wolfpack guarding traps aka what the hell do I do now!? Wolves have no trouble getting past fences, but they prefer to go through openings if there are any, so passive trap fences generally work well against them as long as they're not attacking.
November 09, 2020, 12:14:28 AM
Re: Do livestock animals follow the player character unleashed? I haven't heard of it being changed, so I expect them not to follow (and while I think they'll be lost, I don't think it's in thought [@Privateer ;) ]).
November 09, 2020, 08:56:39 AM
Re: Wolfpack guarding traps aka what the hell do I do now!? Not specifically, but I haven't had any problems with catching various wolves in bear traps, and big wolves are still a lot smaller than bears.
I mostly don't bother with the medium size trap unless I'm pestered by a medium size predator (smaller than wolves).

Thus, I'm fairly sure I've caught big wolves in the traps, but haven't looked for the size specifically.

November 09, 2020, 11:29:23 PM
Re: Buff up the elks, add swimming and jumping over fences Traps, alone, in lines, or as part of fences:

Summarizing the above:

1. Only pit traps really make sense in fences.
2. Only pit traps are usable for catching reindeer and elks.
3. Snares can work without bait (although I suspect it's just birds in that case, not hares?)
4. Traps apart from the cases above don't trap anything unless baited (except in freak cases)
5. Trap lines aren't a thing (although as far as I understand it, a line of snares still makes some sense if there's an implicit "fence" of twigs and the like between them). In general, animals just avoid the obstacles and pass through the free space in between them.
6. Larger animals tend to just pass over/beside traps too small for them, and would trigger them only very rarely (and then typically "from the outside", and so won't get harmed).
7. Fences aren't actually hard obstacles to reindeer or elks. Given enough incentive, they'd jump over, but why waste energy on a jump when there's an easy opening? When pursued, jumping a fence may be considered a better option than running along it. A fully fenced in farm plot area may well be enticing enough to warrant a jump.

Game (current):
1. Any kind of trap works in fences.
2. Trap lines are a great way to keep unwanted animals out of places you don't want them (such as your farm plots or your homestead), and, in fact, is the only one unless you're willing to build a full scale house wall around the area.
3. Trap lines usually keep animals of sizes other than the target one out, even though they wouldn't have much trouble passing through in reality. There are occasional cases where e.g. elks pass through snare trap lines, but I'm not sure I've seen e.g. badgers cross them.
4. Bear traps are alternatives to pit traps, with the advantage of not needing to be able to dig (frozen or unsuitable ground), but the disadvantage of requiring ropes.
5. Traps in trap lines trap animals of their target size, not letting any through.

Possible game changes (discussion points, rather than actual suggestions):
1. Pit traps being the only "catch all big game" choice.
2. Bear traps in trap fences keeping reindeer and elks from crossing (the fence going right up to the trap).
3. Wolf traps in trap fences keeping reindeer from crossing (?), as well as bears, unless the bear decides to smash the fence to get through (so it definitely won't go unnoticed). Elks would just pass over.
4. Elks and reindeer given the option to jump fences, but only doing it when there's enough incentive.  This has the problem of there not being any way to keep them out of anywhere short of a wall (neither palisades nor moats exist).
5. Reducing trap lines from being blocking lines to being a handy way to ensure humans detect them, but otherwise work as stand alone traps. Again, there's the problem of the lack of alternative ways to keep animals out. While elks and reindeer are mostly a nuisance in the wrong place, big predators are a dangerous threat that can't be kept out with fences.
6. Baiting required to stand a reasonable chance to catch anything unless it's part of a trap fence, unless the trap is a snare.

There are a lot of possible discussion points not listed above...

Swimming animals:
I agree almost all animals should try to escape by swimming rather than stupidly run back and forth along the water line. It would make the initial game a lot harder, though, as starting characters generally lack the tracking skill to chase animals to exhaustion, and typically don't have either the means or the skill to cripple them from a distance (after which they'd still fail to track them). Thin ice should probably keep them from trying to get away through water, while ice that's almost thick enough ought to make them hesitant, but taking the risk when there's no escape route (rather than running back and forth). On the one hand, it can be easier to catch them by drowning, but on the other hand it's a risky pain to recover the carcass. There's probably a need to consider game balance carefully.

November 16, 2020, 12:08:47 PM
Re: Harvesting(edited:boiled down to harvesting, ignore redundant leather discus.) I agree the current harvesting being "cut in adjacent, but not current, tile and then pick it up by either grab remotely or move and pick up" is annoyingly cumbersome, so that a "cut and pick up" action would be very welcome (and lead to fewer instances of forgetting to pick the plants up).

Agriculture, as it currently stands, is definitely too secure. Apart from the occasional badger (which can't be kept out with a fence) and elk/reindeer (which can be kept out) you're guaranteed to get a good harvest, which doesn't exactly mimic history, where famine due to a bad or completely failed harvest was a constant threat. I believe that kind of misfortune is in the development plans, though.

December 09, 2020, 12:10:18 PM
Re: Njerpez War camp? I would at least have started by scouting from a water craft, in which case both dogs and companions would be more of a hindrance than help.

Anyway, thanks for showing the war camp indication (and sorry for your character, who'd apparently lived at half pace, with two unreal years passed over four real ones).

December 10, 2020, 12:05:12 PM
Re: seal-catching and dangers of entangling into a net I can imagine two real life issues with pit traps vs seals:
1. A lot of rock shore, so you can't dig into it.
2. Seals don't venture far away from the shore, and probably don't like climbing, so a pit would probably get filled with water from below fairly quickly (especially if the soil is mostly sand rather than mostly clay).

(And my spring stranded character didn't get any seals or land animals before getting of the single tile island after 2-3 months. Must have been rather tired of roasted pike, with one bird after a month and 4 more in during the rest of the period as the only relief. Injuries healed just quickly enough to win over starvation, allowing for a first pike at a starvation of 13).

December 11, 2020, 12:38:20 AM
Re: Harvesting(edited:boiled down to harvesting, ignore redundant leather discus.) I don't have a problem with sandbox games being "unbalanced", requiring players to set up house rules of they want to live on the edge. Nor would I have anything against a setting that allowed pest/drought/frost/excessive rain/... misfortunes to be toggled off for those who'd want to have a secure vegetable supply to allow them to focus on whatever project they want to engage in.
December 12, 2020, 08:52:47 PM
Re: Hills too much flora? Human cultivation of plants have changed the plants to be more productive, but at the cost of requiring more baby sitting in the form of weeding and supply of nutrients (in the UrW setting the nutrients are provided by the ash from the previous plant cover), resulting in them not being particularly competitive in the wild.

Sure, you can gather a lot of stuff from the forest, but it won't be any of the cultivated plants.

December 13, 2020, 11:28:37 AM
Re: Seasoning thread No, dried mushrooms and berries are mod items (e.g. from the Njerpezit Cooking Mod). I wouldn't mind them as vanilla items that could be used for seasoning, though.
December 18, 2020, 02:03:47 PM