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Title: AI Response to Killing Villagers
Post by: caius on December 04, 2017, 07:17:37 PM
An interesting thread is going on in Gameplay Questions -> Psychic enemies (started by PoisonPen - http://www.unrealworld.fi/forums/index.php?topic=945.0 (http://www.unrealworld.fi/forums/index.php?topic=945.0)) .  It has to do with village NPC responses to a player who kills NPCs.  PoisonPen is arguing the game mechanic is broken because he can't snipe from safety (a mischaracterization of his post, but go read it and the responses). 

I'd recommend that the AI be adapted so the villagers behave somewhat rationally when a NPC villager is killed.  I recommend there be two phases of villager reaction when when a NPC villager is killed. 

First, if a player attacks, the village can gang-up on them as the AI currently has it.  However, if the NPC villager is killed, I recommend the villagers respond differently than by staying aggressive to eventually become breathless and easy to pick off one-by-one.  The villagers could respond to a death by:

Second, there needs to be longer-term consequences for killing NPC villagers. 

I believe a player's behavior and attitude about killing villager NPCs would change if there were more risk to it.  Players wouldn't be able to have a "safe" area if they might encounter roving bands of warriors/hunters/adventurers who are tracking them down.  I also imagine that in real life, if a rogue hermit was wandering into Iron-age villages and killing everyone, the word would have gotten out and a coalition of villages might send a party for vengeance. 
Title: Re: AI Response to Killing Villagers
Post by: PALU on December 04, 2017, 08:17:32 PM
While I agree the idea to burn fools who try to make a stand in a building is a good one, the credit should to to taptap, not me.

Also, I've never actually had any character attack any village: Njerp villagers attacked my character on sight, so wiping out the village is a purely defensive action of fending off a large wave of attackers who attacked unprovoked (and I've even tried to let fleeing Njerp civilian run, but they eventually turn around and attack again).

And yes, killing enough "civilized" (i.e. non Njerp) civilians should have dire consequences, and man hunting parties would be a good implementation of consequences, especially if they can locate and ransack/attack/destroy the player character's homestead. Getting attacked while asleep in the bed, or even better, having the homestead burned down and the door barred should drive home the message that rampaging man slaughter has consequences.
Title: Re: AI Response to Killing Villagers
Post by: LoLotov on December 06, 2017, 04:34:16 PM
I'd be happy just to see NPCs with dogs in general; good flavor and adds a little extra challenge to trying to sneak up on someone/murder them.
Title: Re: AI Response to Killing Villagers
Post by: PALU on December 06, 2017, 05:04:53 PM
Apart from the dog(s) being additional opponents, the sneak part won't be an issue because the dogs won't consider you to be hostile until you attack (the same way a Njerp can walk past you 6 meters behind your back when you're hiding without the dog raising the alarm: has happened to my character).