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Title: Cheesemaking
Post by: koteko on August 30, 2017, 03:16:55 PM
NOTE: not tested yet! I'm putting it here to self-motivate to finish it soon, now that I've posted it :D

Taking inspiration from this website (http://www.katajahovi.org/en/ironage.html):

All the milk was made into cheese or sour milk Uusivirta writes that people in ancient times ate cheeses cooked from sour milk as their everyday food. For feast they cooked cheeses using eggs. To sour milk for to make cheese there are several ways; wild plants (for example nettle) and the stomach of certain animals (Uusivirta, Rautavaara, Israelsson). Traditional sour product is also quark, spaghanum. Butter was made by processing the milk by hand in Iron Age, since we did have no churns in Iron-Age Finland.

and to make better use of nettle (otherwise never preferred to Hemp in agriculture) and salt (never preferred to smoking/drying), I set off to make a simple setting-appropriate cheesemaking recipe.

The idea is the following: first you need "rennet" (only vegetable-based here), which will spoil after a few days. The rennet allows fast curdling of the milk, thus giving you "cheese".

.Nettle Rennet. *COOKERY* /30/ %10% |1| [effort:1] :148:
{*nettle leaves} #1# [remove] [boil]
{Water} #1# [remove] [boil]
{Salt} #0.1# [remove] [boil]

.Sorrel Rennet. *COOKERY* /15/ %10% |1| [effort:2] :148:
{*sorrel leaves} #1# [remove] [boil]
{Water} #0.1# [remove] [boil]
{Knife}<Small knife>
{Wooden bowl} '+as support'

.Fresh Cheese. *COOKERY* /15/ \1d\ %10% |0| [effort:1] :148:
{Milk}    #5#    [remove] [roast]
{*rennet} #0.3#  'Rennet for curdling'  [remove] [roast]
{Salt}    #0.1#  [remove] [roast]
{Bandage} '+to drain the whey' [remove]
{Pot} '+to boil the milk'
{Wooden bowl} '+to mould the cheese'

.Wrapped Cheese. *COOKERY* /15/ \30d\ %10% |-1| [effort:0] :148:
{Fresh Cheese} [remove] [roast]
{Nettle Leaves} #1# '+as wrapping' [remove] [roast]


PS: here (https://wildlettucegal.wordpress.com/tag/how-to-make-nettle-rennet-cheese/) there's the full process with pictures! (only for nettle rennet)
Title: Re: Cheesemaking
Post by: koteko on August 30, 2017, 07:23:42 PM
I've improved it a bit, by separating rennet-making from cheese-making. Quantities are more or less based on online recipes. (salt is a bit more, but I think it's important to include salt in such "advanced" cooking, to make trade-trips meaningful).

Title: Re: Cheesemaking
Post by: koteko on August 30, 2017, 08:43:48 PM
I've shamelessly taken the "it-egg" and "it-bread" tiles to make "it-fcheese" and "it-wcheese" respectively. My art skills are non-existent so there is that.. but they should suffice.