Woollen footrags

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Woollen footrags
Linen footrags.png
Basic Info
Weight: 0.2 lbs
Trade Value: 8
Clothing Type: Footwear
Body Part: Feet
Armor information
Warmth: 4
Tear Protection: 2
Edge Protection: 2
Squeeze Protection: 1
Point Protection: 1
Blunt Protection: 2
Average: 2

Footrags are square, rectangular, or rarely triangular pieces of cloth that are wrapped around the feet. Being made of wool, these footrags are warm and good for keeping ones feet warm through the cold, dark winter of UnReal World.

In the real world

Apart from being cheaper than socks, they are also easier to make, improvise and repair, and they dry faster. These superior properties delayed the adoption of socks in many armies, causing an immeasurable amount of blisters and an unimaginable amount of hatred in soldiers' minds.

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