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Basic Info
Type: Land reptile
Regions: '
Terrain: '
Skin: {{{skin}}}
Weight: '
Speed: '
Movement Types: Walk
Health: '
Hunting Information
Best Weapon: '
Trap Type: '
Bait: '
Armor Protection
Average: '
Warmth: '
Tear: '
Edge: '
Squeeze: '
Point: '
Blunt: '
Butcher Yield
Butcher: {{{butcher}}}

Snake is a very rare, nocturnal creature. It can only be met during dark hours. It has 2 body parts - head and tail, and some unique combat descriptions. It can be skinned and cut up for meat like any other animal. Its skin becomes leather when tanned, and cutting it for meat usually gives you 1 cut of snake meat.

The snake can attack you if you go near it and its bite can be deadly.

Real life context

The exact species of snake is unclear (or not meant to be clear), but here are two common Finnish snakes:

The grass snake is also known as tarhakäärme in Finnish.