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Basic Info
Weight: 6 lbs
Trade Value: 336
Flammable: No
Combat Information
Skill Required: Shield
Blunt Damage: 2
Edge Damage: N/A
Point Damage: N/A
Attack Bonus: Little
Defense Bonus: Decent

A Roundshield is one of two shield types available in UnReal World. Its constructed of wood and some metal and is the larger of the two types.


The Roundshield has somewhat better combat performance than a Buckler, but is still rudimentary in combat. It is also twice as heavy, but worth once it can be afforded.

The Roundshield is generally used as a companion weapon in hand-to-hand combat, in tandem with a one-handed sword, impact weapon, spears and similar.


Like the other shield type, the Buckler, it needs to be traded.

Real life context

Most shields were manufactured from wood, with a thin outer layer of leather, hide, and later, metal. For more comfortable holding, the center-grip configuration of round shields necessitated a small hole at the centre of a shield, covered by a dome-shaped metal boss on the outer side of the weapon. (This gives many round-shaped historical shields their typical appearance, with a prominent boss on the outside.)

Historically, larger shield types retained wood or similarly lighter substances as their main construction material, as they would otherwise run into major weight issues if built entirely from metal, particularly pre-industrial steel. For extra stability and durability, most round shields had their edges covered in a hoop of reinforced material, either rugged leather, or a thin metal hoop. URW's roundshields reflect this traditional design, widespread in many different cultures. Due to their simple and versatile design, round shields appeared in a large number of cultures across the world, with multiple basic variations depending on the period and region of origin.