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Basic Info
Weight: 30
Trade Value: 96

A punt is a lightweight boat, more portable than a raft

Acquiring a punt

It weighs 30 lbs and must be traded for.  Fishing shops frequently stock punts.

  • Recorded purchase at 37 Elk Cuts.
  • Update v3.18 To Purchased a Punt for 70 Roasted Stag Cuts
  • Update v3.40 To Purchased a Punt for 40 Roasted Bear Cuts

Using a punt

  • Watercraft cannot land on land which is already occupied by an item. It can be helpful to make use of the [;] key, which allows you to pickup items adjacent (including diagonal) to your current location, thereby clearing the desired landing. Furthermore, by doing this you can avoid having to step off your watercraft when grabbing items up to two spaces away. This can be especially useful for collecting stones, food from cellars, etc.

Carrying capacity

Due to a bug, all watercraft in version 3.16 could hold an infinite amount of items, but this has since been remedied to the following default stats: A punt can't carry more than 6000 pounds (since at least ver. 3.17). A raft holds up to 15 800lbs (since at least ver. 3.18).

Either way, the carrying capacity of both watercraft types is still high enough to make the carrying of items back from a raid or woodcutting trip much easier.

Real life context

  • Punt - English Wikipedia article on the typical modern form of a punt, often flat-bottomed and constructed from planks rather than carved from a trunk, but otherwise functionally identical (mostly propelled with a punting pole).
  • Dugout / Monoxylon - Article on dugout wooden boats (i.e. monoxylons) throughout the globe and throughout history.
  • The birth of a dugout canoe - A traditional dugout boat, similar to the more robust and broader dugout punt of the game.