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Leather is made by tanning the fresh skin of animals like birds, pigs, dogs, cows and some of the other animals. You can also obtain leather from skins that would be finished into furs by choosing [D]e-hair (for rawhide/leather) before you start to tan them.

Availability and trading

You can acquire most leather on your own, by active hunting (hunting trips) or passive hunting (traps).

Leather by itself is not worth very much. If you plan to trade leather, it is best to first turn it into some form of clothing, such as leather belts.

Leather provides more damage resistance than fur, but is not as good at keeping warmth.

Acquiring leather

Leather bearing animals include:

Creating leather from fur

To create leather from fur, you must first clean the skin as per normal, and then 'D'ehair the skin via the 'H'ideworking menu. This requires open water for soaking, and takes 6 days for a 10lbs reindeer skin.


There are five qualities for leather, arranged from best to worst:

  • superior
  • fine
  • decent (just reads "leather" in-game, the average/default quality")
  • harsh
  • ragged


Leather appears to have around the same value as fur.

As of UrW 3.60 and noted in its changelog, higher quality armour and clothing, made from higher quality leather and furthers, has greater protective and warmth values.

Leather items

Items that require leather for crafting:



Utility items

Note: Either leather or fur can be used for cords and bandages.

Clothing items

Armour items


URW Game Encyclopedia description

The official URW in-game encyclopedia (accessed by the F1 key) describes leather thusly:

In clothing leather is used mainly for shoes, boots and belts. It's also used to complete some other garment for example with bands and thongs. More commonly leather is used in making of numerous pieces of equipment.


Leather clothing items, armour items and other leather items in the game.

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