Lamellar hauberk

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Lamellar hauberk
Lamellar hauberk.png
Basic Info
Weight: 35 lbs
Trade Value: 3040
Flammable: No
Clothing Type: Torso armor
Body Part: Shoulders, Thorax, Abdomen, Hips, Groin, Thighs
Armor information
Warmth: 2
Tear Protection: 8
Edge Protection: 9
Squeeze Protection: 4
Point Protection: 5
Blunt Protection: 5
Average: 5.5

URW Game Encyclopedia description

The official URW in-game encyclopedia (accessed by the F1 key) describes hauberks thusly:

A coat made of mail or lamellar. Hauberks cover the shoulders, thorax, abdomen, hips groin and thighs. Long hauberk is lengthened to cover the knees and also has short sleeves to protect the upper arms. The skirt is usually split to facilitate mounted use.

The official URW in-game encyclopedia (accessed by the F1 key) describes lamellar armour thusly:

Lamellar is eastern armour type used by Njerpezit. Lamellar armours are made of square or rectangular iron plates tightly fastened to each other with leather straps passed through openings along the edges of the plates. Lamellar technique is used mainly to create cuirass and hauberk type armors, but it's also suitable for some spot protection pieces like shin guards and forearm guards. Lamellar armour offers better protection than mail, especially in case of blunt attacks.