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Basic Info
Type: Land Bird
Regions: '
Terrain: '
Skin: {{{skin}}}
Weight: '
Speed: '
Movement Types: Walking, Flying
Health: '
Hunting Information
Best Weapon: '
Trap Type: Light lever trap, Loop snare
Bait: '
Armor Protection
Average: '
Warmth: '
Tear: '
Edge: '
Squeeze: '
Point: '
Blunt: '
Butcher Yield
Butcher: {{{butcher}}}

A capercaille is a small game animal.

It is a form of grouse. Its carcass yields 5-8 capercaille cut, 1 fat, and ~0.2 lbs of hide that, when tanned, becomes 0.18 leather (about 1/3 of a pound in calculation for creating crafts.)

Real life context

The capercaillie is also known as the "wood grouse" and is the largest of all grouse species. The species is famous for the complex and ostentatious singing of male capercaillies during the mating season.