Broad Axe

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Broad Axe
Broad Axe.png
Basic Info
Weight: 5.5 lbs
Trade Value: 240
Flammable: No
Required By: "Käpälälauta"-fox trap, Alder, Grainflail, Paddle, Pine Tree, Rowan, Shortbow, Ski stick, Skis, Slender Tree Trunk, Slender tree trunk, Spruce Tree, Wooden Stake, Wooden bowl, Wooden cup, Wooden mug
Combat Information
Skill Required: Axe
Blunt Damage: 5
Edge Damage: 6
Point Damage: N/A
Attack Bonus: Very Little
Defense Bonus: Very Little

The broad axe is the axe best suited for carving logs from tree trunks and finishing the walls of a cabin.

URW Game Encyclopedia description

The official URW in-game encyclopedia (accessed by the F1 key) describes the broad axe thusly:

The broad axe has a very heavy blade. It is specially designed for cutting the sides of a round log to make high-quality wall-logs.

Real life context

Cultural lore