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Basic Info
Type: Land Mammal
Regions: '
Terrain: '
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Weight: '
Speed: '
Movement Types: Walk
Health: '
Hunting Information
Best Weapon: '
Trap Type: '
Bait: '
Armor Protection
Average: '
Warmth: '
Tear: '
Edge: '
Squeeze: '
Point: '
Blunt: '
Butcher Yield
Butcher: {{{butcher}}}

Pigs are an excellent source of meat and can be treated as a 'walking larder' in preparation for winter, as they represent meat that will never rot. A pig costs 38 meat cuts (2 cuts and 2 wooden bowls - this information maybe dated since wooden bowls get downgraded in value; in Version 3.14 a pig costs about 42 torches), the same as a sheep or a ram.

When culled, it produces about 109 cuts (pounds) of meat, 3 pounds of skin and about 0.2 pounds of fat. The skin takes 1 day to be tanned, becoming leather. Small pigs can carry 79 lbs.

Boar or Sow CarryLoad Big/Average/Small lbs #ArrowCost Big/Average/Small
Boar 256/200/? 66/?/?
Sow 256/178/154 66/46/?

Wild Pigs/Boars

Wild pigs (wild boars) can be found, and they are usually solitary, shy animals (sometimes found in groups of 3-5). They provide the same amount of meat, fat and skin as their domesticated counterparts, although they are very rare.

They usually will flee from the player, but sometimes, if you get too close (or just random) they will attack you.

URW Game Encyclopedia description

The official URW in-game encyclopedia (accessed by the F1 key) describes the wild boar thusly:

The boar is a very uncommon species living in the south-eastern part of The Unreal World. Boar's weight is about 125 kg. Males have small but sharp fangs.

Real life context

Pigs (domesticated from boars):

Wild boars:

The Latin species name scrofa means literally "sow".