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I have a 60% skill in both axe and sword skill.So should i use my masterwork battleaxe or a masterwork battlesword?
I almost every time do a counterstrike as i find it more apealing to have a chance to damage both you and your enemy than dodging.
I know spears are good for counter strike as they are longer.So is battlesword better for countering than a battleaxe as i persume that it is longer than a battleaxe (probably as it is stated in urw wiki that it is a long two handed sword).i had really good expirience with a battleaxe,but i really cant make up my mind.

A battleaxe has a good attack bonus,while the battlesword has a tremendous attack bonus by the way.i dont use a shield although i know it can be used with a battleaxe.


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I believe the long of the weapons is represented in the attack properties and bonus so that's all you need to check.
And I think that battleaxe is a two handed weapon with a big penalty on one handed use, so using a shield with it is not recommended.


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So should i use a battlesword?

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I think the answer to the question could also be; should you use edge or point attack against your opponent, judged by their clothes and armor? The battleaxe delivers a great amount of edge damage, but the point damage from the sword can make it useful against certain types of armor, for example mail, where the sword probably would be better.

You can use shield with both of them, however both the battleaxe and twohanded-sword will get a penalty from not using both hands.


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phoenixshenanigans makes a very good point.

Perhaps in a vacuum the battlesword is better, my experiences with it and a high sword skill leave me getting a fatal wound (missing limb) on my opponents within a few swings and that is not while using counterstrikes in which case you are probably more likely to get a hit in (often while getting hit yourself). Personally I prefer a broadsword and roundshield to a battlesword. I have not used the battleaxe so can't give an opinion there, but my thoughts are that it will be just as punishing to get hit by one as a battlesword.

To state some useful info:

Blunt Damage:    6
Edge Damage:    9
Point Damage:    6
Attack Bonus:    Good
Defense Bonus:    Little
Weight:    4 lbs

Blunt Damage:    5
Edge Damage:    8
Point Damage:    4
Attack Bonus:    Remarkable
Defense Bonus:    Little
Weight:    8 lbs

I think the remarkable bonus to attack with the sword will result in more successful hits on your opponent than the battleaxe on average, while the battleaxe may do more damage. Take the weight of the two into consideration as well.
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I think you are looking at old values, Battleaxe doesn't have point damage anymore.