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Last night I got the Bird Thief quest, did the spell, and went back to camp to work on my cabin. I completely forgot about the quest and happily worked on my cabin until I got the message "Bird thief quest has expired and is removed from the quest journal" after about two weeks*. Considering that the quest was practically done - all that was left to do was to go talk to the quest giver for my reward, a reminder before the quest expired would have been nice. (The expiry date might be in the quest log, but it's not much use, if one's forgotten about the quest.) I'd also think the quest giver would remember that I did the spell for him and that a person from a neighboring village came to confess the crime for a bit longer than a few weeks. Perhaps the quest timer should be reset for this and similar quests to a couple of months (up to 6?) after the quest has been done, but there's waiting before the reward.

The hint could be either a blunt "The bird thief quest will expire in three days" or a more subtle "You feel like you've forgotten something".

*I'd done stuff before moving to comb the forest as I wasn't actually looking for a quest at the time.

I also read about someone trying out a new swimming spell and ending up drowning when the spell wore off. (I read about it in Steam's 'stupidest thing you've done' thread. It was there for a reason.) Some kind of hint about the spell's effect wearing off might be in order. Something like "You wonder how much longer the spell will last" after about 66 % to 90 % of the spell's duration the first time you cast the spell, and "The spell's effect will wear off soon" at about the 80 % mark in consequent times.

Maybe these are already in the game, and I and the swimmer both managed to miss the hints  ::)


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I thought I‘ve seen a quest expires soon message before but maybe I‘m just dreaming it. Didn‘t get quests recently so I have no way to test it again. I think the bird thief quest gave me a warning 3 days before it expired? I never actually was able to finish it, because the questgiver always kept saying that we need to wait till it expired :( It was the only quest I got in the area I lived (5 times in a row) so I just ended up not even trying anymore.


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I searched the msglog.txt for bird and quest but there's nothing about it expiring before the expiry note. I also scrolled a couple hundred lines before the message and didn't spot anything. Maybe it's related to quest phase, and the message doesn't spawn after the spell's been done.