Topic: Nomad villages are broken in beta version (3.50)  (Read 81 times)


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It seems that villages of tribes that use kotas are broken. No items spawn inside kotas and even on wold map their villages are marked as shelters with tribespeople wandering around. It seems that village items appear only in wooden cottages.
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yes, all owl tribe villages seem to have this.  when first spotted on the world map, they appear as a normal village.  when you walk over the village tile, you are transported to the village as normal with the message "you shake the pine needles from your shoulders..."

however, on subsequent visits the village icon is gone and replaced with either a kota or a shelter icon or both.  walking over it no longer automatically takes you to the village, instead you get the message "there is a kota here", "there is a shelter here" etc.  i also often get a string of messages telling me i have found human tracks, reindeer tracks etc. sometimes it even treats it as an encounter - "you have encountered an owl tribe maiden"


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Yes, it seems like all kota villages are broken like described. Northern villages where there are wooden buildings alongside with kotas do work.
Related to replacing kota floors with a tile of their own instead of using generic 'inside of a building' tile. Quick fix possibility is in the air.
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