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Can you live selling agriculture plants.i know you can feed yourself but i want to trade my spare beanss peas and not the type that just survives and keeps satisfied with that.i want to increase my "wealth"(having a lot of tools,spears,swords,silver jewelry,furs,armour...).you can call it as securing yourself if things dont go well.maybe you will say there are other better ways to make/harvest to trade    off but everyone can take an axe,split boards and trade the boards endlesly.ive been a tanner (made furs and traded them) and been a raider (which is best but it lowers the URW population to extinction).

Can you trade you agro products and have a good living?
Is making flour from grains really worth it?Does it raise the price much?
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I checked with the UrW Object Browser, and plants don't have value. Barley flour has value of 4.38 and rye flour 3.96. Didn't spot other flours. So not that much compared to that of club/staff/javelin all of which have value of 2.


Edit: I did some quick experiments by buying village produce:
  • Turnips have a value of 0.5.
  • Goods of value 12 were "halfway there" for a 6 lbs bag of peas or an 11 lbs bag of broad beans. So 1 lbs of peas has value of about 4, and 1 lbs of broad beans has value of about 2.2.
But these prices are only valid when buying stuff from villagers. It's possible that villagers won't buy player produced agricultural produce.

So if you've got some of your own produce hanging around, you could try trading it and let us know, how it works :D
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Building on what Ametsala said, if you could manage to produce around 400 turnips I'm sure you could buy a few select items from a nearby village. I often cook upwards of 200 stag cuts which a quick check of a wiki is stated to have around 1(?) value each, and I will usually use them buy a few furs if I can. It may not be a quick income but you could survive and along the way gain access to the items you need/want. That is, if your harvest is good.