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What is a item dissapearence bug?

I read somewhere that when item number reaches 1600 on one tile something bad will happen.
I have 3500 branches on one tile.does it count like branches in my case where there is one stack and 3500 items or when there are 1600 stacks on one tile?

What is this bug,What disappears,how it happens?


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The game can only track a certain number of items inside an area, a branch or 10,000 branches on one space count about the same
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I.e. it's not actually items, but items stacks that's the issue, so things that stack are not a problem unless you deliberately spread them out, but if you're an obsessive collector who has a habit of murdering lots of civilians and emptying their villages of goods you may get in trouble as the clothes of the victims tend to get worn by your attacks, and thus won't stack (usually). Farm plots can also be a bit problematic if they're numerous and close to your homestead.

Your branches are thus considered to be one stack.


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Thanks but what happens?
How many items can you have (unstacked) before this bug happens?
Does one area count as on world tile?
How to avoid this?


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The first thing happening is that tracks start to disappear prematurely, since they are among the least important things. I believe I've seen that.
Later you're supposed to get a warning, but I've never seen that one. Eventually things start to disappear, starting, I think, with the "least important" ones.
I think the stack limit for item disappearance is 3000, but I'm not certain.

Based on how homesteads seem to interact with villages and villages with each other, I suspect one "area" in the world tile you're in and a ring of probably one, but possibly two tiles outside of that. This is guesswork, though.

Avoiding it is easy, as it's hard to get it in the first place:
- Place your farm plots a little bit away from your homestead (900 tiles is at least 900 items when crops grow).
- Stack things that are stackable (within reason: there is no reason to be obsessed with it, as a few dozen "extra" stacks aren't much). If killing a lot of Njerps, recycle their clothing into bandages (or other things you're probably using regularly). Clothing rarely stack because they're in varying state of wear, while bandages do. Weapons likewise don't stack, again due to wear. If using a metal crafting mod I'd recommend recycling weapons into iron, otherwise selling those (if villagers have anything to offer) is a good idea. If nothing else, weapons can be sold for fur that can be sold to traders for trinkets.
If you're an obsessive hoarder, consider setting up multiple stashes. You should, e.g. be able to dump stuff into one stash until you get a warning, at which time you'd start to fill up the next one.
- Excessive construction can presumably get you into trouble as each wall is one or two stacks of logs, floor/ceiling tiles contribute, fence tiles are made up of one or a few stacks, etc. I haven't had any problem with surrounding my homestead completely with bear trap arrays, though.


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Is this anything a normal player even have to worry about or is this a late game hoarding problem?

I save everything in and around my house. I have huge piles of items all over my 5x5 or 6x6 cabin.
I have 2-3 cellars filled with tons of dried, smoked and roasted food.
I have stacks with 3k+ branches, tons of firewood, woodblocks, logs and all kinds of stuff.

All I can remember I have seen vanish is spoiled food that I threw around on the ground, about 10 of those and a small stack of spoiled food vanished when I was gone and came back a day later. I thought it was animals, could that have been the bug?


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wild animals ate your food.

a stack of 3k branches counts as 1 item for the purpose of this. you need over two thousand different piles to encounter the bug and the game will warn you long before items start disappearing (at around 1600 different piles). it's a late game problem and as long as you listen to the messages (which will be frequent and impossible to miss) and move some of your stuff to a new place (make a second cabin at least 3 worldmap tiles away, store half your stuff in one place half in the other), you'll be fine.


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1600 different piles?!  Wow, that is so much stuff!
Is that 1600 as in 1600 visible piles (1 for each square) or 1600 different items piled up in a lower amount of squares?

Anyone got a screenshot how it looks like when you are close to the limit?  Must be so much clutter! :D


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Each stack of the same type of item is counted as one stack when they're stacked (i.e. UrW says "1600 branches", but if you then put a e.g. 5 decent elk hides on top of it, and you had taken different amount of hide from each elk skin, you end up with 6 stacks (one for the branches and one each for each of the hides). If the hides had been of the same quality and size they would stack into a single stack, i.e. 2 stacks total.
The same goes when building walls. A wall without shutters is counted as one or two stacks, depending on whether the wall is built from one or both of the kinds of logs in the game. The logic is the same for fences, where each quality level of stakes used in a segment makes its own stack.
Stacks are stacks only if displayed as such by UrW, so meat left to spoil in the cellar remain in the stacks they were in when they were put there, but if you pick them up and drop them they stack into a single stack per species.
And yes, 1600 is a lot of clutter, but excessive building can get you there, as can a lot of farming. I've never seen the warning personally, though.