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How do i build a larger kota?
The only one i can build is the one that has 4 free space inside it.its so small i cant even see thing that i drop in it.i try to build a larger on but i cant as the framework is not large enough.i saw northern tribes kotas and they are far larger than my small tent and can host entire families.

Can someone post me instruction how to build large kotas (largest available).In words would be ok but if you can post in pictures or a video i would be very thankful.

Sorry for bad english.THANKS!!!!


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You can build a kota as big as you want if you build a lot of frames and have enough fur/hides for walls/flooring.

In my diagram, I put a box around the tiles representing the dimensions of a one-square interior kota and x is the tile you build the frame on. I colored the floor sections in grey and walls in orange. You'll need to build your frames apart by 1 or 2 tiles depending on the dimensions you want and all you need to do is build walls at the outside edges of the frames. I remember seeing somebody's picture of their livestock kota fence on one of the pages on the old forum's What's Going On In Your Unreal World? thread. It's a really good idea because predators can't break kota walls.
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You can actually build a larger kota but it requires the construction and deconstrution of several different frames to get the outer walls and floors in place.  The key is putting doors at the corner junctions where you normally wouldn't be able to build a straight kota wall:

I guess you might be able to expand the kota beyond the 9x9 for exterior size in one dimension and connect the wall sections with doors instead of a corner construction.


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Hey, someone took inspiration from my fortress!  ;D

For regular kota, you can have a 5x5 layout: the frame in the very centre, a 1-tile walkway around that, and a layer of wall/door on the outside.

For oversized kota buildings, think of it as very slowly painting your kota into existence from one side to the other. Plan out the trail your frame will go to build your kota and build the floors and walls around and behind (but not in front! frames can't go on floors) the frame, moving it one square away each time. You will always end up with one ground space when your kota is done.

For walls, you can go two ways about it. Contiguous walls (like in the old post) take more time, but are prettier. You'll build 3 wall sections every time you lay a frame. Don't build corner walls and move the frame just enough to continue the wall with another 3 walls. Repeat as needed.
If you don't care about aesthetics, you can build the corner walls and save time on assembling/disassembling the frame.

Whatever you do to get your oversized kota, there's one thing to remember: never build a wall next to a frame unless you want the frame to stay.

Edit: Pictures!

These are the standard kota layouts. You'll probably never see #3 in villages.

This is how to build a 7x7 kota (5x5 floor space). Lighter blue and yellow are where you will build walls and floors relative to where the frame (dark green) currently is; dark blue and yellow are previously-built walls and floors. The thin lines are the floor coverage of the framework.

This is how to build a kota wall:
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