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I just saw probably the weirdest thing I've ever seen in this game... I started a new guy on Not All Who Wander Are Lost, marked the location of my dead father as is my wont. Played through to about the beginning of my first winter, and am now on the Salt From the Coast objective. Went to hit up the old homestead on my way to Driik, but spotted a village nearby, and stopped to buy a dog to haul my trade goods. Dog acquired and leashed alongside my trusty draft pig, I decided to check out the rest of the town's goods. First house I checked that had anything had a bunch of food and yadda yadda, but also a pile in front of the fireplace of a bunch of mixed men's and women's clothes, some armor, TWELVE HUMAN BONES COMPRISING THREE INDIVIDUALS, AND FOUR MORE HUMAN BONES FROM FOUR INDIVIDUALS. There were also two of the dogs that had been for sale locked inside, and I know dogs eat bones now. Another house across the town had another person's set of bones in a similar set up, sans dogs. Anyone else seen anything like this..? Seems like some pretty good world generation to mark this town as also having been hit by whoever killed my papa and kidnapped my mama.

Thinking about it, there were like three villagers, but plenty of dogs and food... were they generated as having stolen this whole town by murdering the occupants? Much like myself all those times... is this the game's revenge? The dark mirror held up to my actions in this innocent world I've sought to corrupt through bloodshed and avarice? We'll never know.
Iiiiii juuuuust want to set the woooooooorld onnnn fiiiiiiiiireeeeeee.... Iiiiiiii don't want to start a flame in your heeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaarrrrrrrrrrrt.
And with your admissiiiiion you feeeeel the same, I'llllll have reached the goaaaal I'm dreamiiiing offfff, believe meeeeee


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@LoLotov must be cannibals. Best to be safe and kill everyone, plunder the goods and burn it all down.  :-X

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It's early Center month, and it should go without saying that the weather has gotten perilous. Thankfully, I have warm fur clothing now. Bear fur! Not a full set, but enough for green warmth everywhere but head/face and neck. Drying and stockpiling huge amounts of fish really paid off. (It also cost me some other items, including a couple things I was more reluctant to part with, but it was worth it.)

Still nothing in my traps, not even the heavy deadfall trap I set up by fresh elk tracks (which was awhile back, and there's no sign of the elk anymore), until I caught sight of a lynx on the other side of the fence while fishing. Sure enough, the next morning, it was caught in a trap. Its skin is harsh quality (oops -- maybe throwing that axe at it was a bad idea), but it should still be worth a lot, as long as it doesn't get damaged more during tanning. (And winter furs are worth more, right?) I'm going to try and finally buy that silver bracelet from the nearby village so I can do the spirit of the forest quest, which has been on my quest list for three months now.

(EDIT: Seems I can't get the bracelet without giving up my hunting knife. Time to go do some bulk crafting, I guess.)

@LoLotov My goodness! I've never seen that before!
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Its skin is harsh quality (oops -- maybe throwing that axe at it was a bad idea), but it should still be worth a lot, as long as it doesn't get damaged more during tanning.
Cool! Should still be worth 50% of a standard lynx fur, which is indeed still a lot. so definitely worth tanning.