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My newest guy, who has been able to get nothing better than a harsh skin or fur from the few squirrels, hares, and birds he'd trapped, recently chased down a lynx. One arrow rendered it unconscious and then it was clubbed to death. I had a Companion who claimed he had moderate hideworking skills, so, I told him to skin and butcher it. He couldn't do any worse than me!

Anyway, he produced a SUPERIOR skin! I rested up for every step in the tanning process, stripped down, and used his assistance. In the end, I got a Superior lynx fur!

This guy, whom I play as an indentured servant who was marooned in the deep forest far from home when his new master died from a fire (Not all who wander), has had some fortunate occurrences.

In the first village he found, he was asked to supply branches for fires and got the '5 squirrels' reward. Then he found a drowned bear which he skinned. He got the meat and some harsh bear fur armor from the skin.

Soon after, he found a wounded adventurer whose reward was a hidden treasure on an island. Coincidentally, he'd just gotten the 'Punt' quest. Using that punt, he found the island, recovered the rich reward, and turned in the punt. And now he has that excellent Lynx fur.
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Just as winter is setting in a dog came and was eating the hare bones outside. I tried to rope the dog but it just growled and eventually ran away. The next day as I check my trap fence I find the dog in a pit trap and try to rope him once again. Still no luck, so eventually I'm forced to turn him into dog steaks. Just as I'm skinning the hide an arrow flies by, then another, then I see a man on the other side of my game fence shooting arrows at me. I leap the fence, he strikes with a knife, I counter blow with my axe and down he goes.

Now I have a nice new northern bow, arrows, and a hunting knife.

edit : And a corpse I'm not sure what to do with?